Goals and Highlights: Spain 5-14 USA in Olympic Women's Waterpolo Final
Photo of the Russian Olympic Committee vs the United States in Women's Waterpolo for the Olympic Games // United States Waterpolo Team


4:39 AMa month ago


The Americans win their third consecutive gold medal, and once again beat the Spaniards in an Olympic final. The silver goes to Spain and the bronze goes to Hungary. That's all for today, until next time. Stay informed in VAVEL.
4:36 AMa month ago

End of the match

End of the match, the United States is proclaimed Olympic champion in women's Waterpolo, after beating Spain 5-14. Miki Oca's players get a well deserved silver medal.
4:28 AMa month ago

30'| 5-14

Great shot by Seidemann, who manages to score the fourteenth goal for her team.

On the next play, the Spaniards scored their fifth goal through Elena. Spain 5-14 United States.

4:23 AMa month ago

27'| U.S. goal

Musselman scores, yet another goal, for the United States. The Americans already smell the gold. Spain 4-13 United States.
4:15 AMa month ago

24'| 4-12

Two more goals for the United States in the last minute of the third quarter. The eleventh goal was scored by Haralabidis and the twelfth by Fischer. Spain 4-12 United States. The third quarter ends.
4:12 AMa month ago

21'| Gilchrist goal

The United States scores the tenth goal through Gilchrist, making it a six-goal difference. Spain 4-10 United States.
4:04 AMa month ago

18'| 4-9

The United States scored two more goals, the eighth by Alys Williams and the ninth by Fischer. Spain 4-9 United States.
4:02 AMa month ago

Second quarter ends

The second quarter ends with 4-7 for the United States, the third quarter is about to begin. The players are getting ready for the third quarter.
3:59 AMa month ago

15'| 4-7

After Spain scored the third goal, the Americans scored the seventh goal thanks to Musselman, who had numerical superiority. In the next play, the Spaniards reacted with a goal by Maica García, 4-7.
3:56 AMa month ago

14'| Goal by Bea

Bea scores after a great long-range shot to cut the gap for the Spaniards. The score was 3-6. Miki Oca's team reacts.
3:53 AMa month ago

13'| Goal by Maica

Spain scores the second goal of the match, a good combination by the Spaniards that puts the distance at four goals. Spain 2-6 United States.
3:51 AMa month ago

10'| Goal by Gilchrist

Gilchrist scores the sixth goal for the United States, which puts a five-goal difference with the Spanish. Miki Oca's team does not react.
3:47 AMa month ago

9'| First goal of the second quarter

Fischer scores the fifth goal for the United States, who are being very effective. The score remains 1-5.
3:46 AMa month ago

8'|Third and fourth goal for the U.S.

With one minute left, the Americans scored the third goal through Musselman. With seconds left, Fattal scored the fourth goal. Spain 1-4 United States. End of the first quarter.
3:42 AMa month ago

6'| Spain goal

Roser Tarrago scores the first goal for Spain. Miki Oca's players close the gap, 1-2.
3:39 AMa month ago

5'| Goal by Steffens

Krikorian's players scored the second, taking a two-goal lead.  On the next play, Spain hit the post. 0-2 for the Americans.
3:34 AMa month ago

1'| U.S. goal

First goal for the Americans thanks to a shot by player number 12, Alys Williams. Krikorian's players start winning, 0-1.
3:31 AMa month ago

The match begins

The final kicks off at the Tatsumi Waterpolo Center, the players swim towards the ball, the first possession goes to United States. Who will win the gold medal?
3:26 AMa month ago

Introductions of the players

The presentations of the 24 players begin, first Spain, then the United States. The anthems of the finalists are played, this is about to begin.
8:05 PMa month ago

The fight for the bronze medal

The bronze medal match will feature Hungary vs the Russian Olympic Committee, who will play on Saturday, August 7 at 13:40 local time (06.40 Spanish time) at the Tatsumi Water Polo Center.
8:00 PMa month ago

Spain looks for revenge

The Spaniards want to avenge that 2012 final at the London Olympics, where they lost the gold to the United States after losing 8-5.
7:55 PMa month ago

The reigning champions

The United States wants to repeat the feat of Rio 2016 and London 2012, where they took gold after beating Italy and Spain, respectively. Now in Tokyo 2020, it wants to seek its third consecutive gold.
7:50 PMa month ago

Where is it televised?

The match will be televised on RTVE, RTVE Play, Eurosport and Eurosport Player at 09.30 Spanish time.
7:45 PMa month ago

Hours and Location

The women's water polo match between Spain and the United States corresponding to the Olympic final will be played on Saturday, August 7 at 16:30 local time (09:30 Spanish time) at the Tatsumi Water Polo Center.
7:40 PMa month ago

Photo of the United States WaterPolo Team

U.S. women's Waterpolo team at the Olympics // Source: U.S. Women's WaterPolo Team
U.S. Women's Waterpolo team at the Olympics Games // Source: U.S. Women's WaterPolo Team
7:35 PMa month ago

USA semifinal match

The Americans faced the Russian Olympic Committee in the semifinals, where they won 11-15, after coming from behind against the Russians who were winning in both the first and second quarters.
7:30 PMa month ago

Photo of Spain Waterpolo

Spanish women's waterpolo team at the Olympic Games // Source: Olympic Games
Spanish women's waterpolo team at the Olympic Games // Source: Olympic Games
7:25 PMa month ago

Semifinal match of Spain

In the semifinal match the Spaniards faced Hungary, where they won 8-6. In a match where Spain was ahead in the scoreboard during the whole game.
7:20 PMa month ago

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