Goals and Highlights: Olympic Russian Comittee 30-25 France in Women's Handball in Tokyo Olympics
Photo: ROC


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The French are celebrating VERY hard for gold on the court!
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France gets one more goal in the end, going 30-25! It's all over!
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France gets six back on the line and now has a 28-24 on the scoreboard.
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France is managing to keep the gap at six goals, but now takes two minutes off for an athlete and seven meters converted by Ilina! 28 to 23!
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ROC again had six at the line, when French went up, won a seven-meter and Pineau scored, making it 27-21!
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France gets six on the line again as ROC reaches the 20th goal. Now Makeeva draws a foul and gets two minutes. Seven meters beaten by Pineau, who makes it 25-20 for France!
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On Ilina's shot Darleaux came out in X and made a BEAUTIFUL save, saving France!
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Two minutes for Ugolin, for bringing down Ilina on the finish.
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France continues to maintain their six-point lead, now having 24-18 on the scoreboard, on another goal by Valentini!
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Daenau conseguiu um lindo giro na marcação, fazneod mais um para a França. Após isso Darleaux fez outra grande defesa e a França conseguiu mais um gol! 22 a 16!
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France gets six in a row again as well as ROC, the score is 20-16 and Darleux just made a save!
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And right after that France is down one for two minutes. The score remains the same.


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ROC is once again one player down, just as France is 18-16 up!
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The ROC gets six in a row again when they get a goal, cutting France's lead to 16-15!
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For a hard foul, ROC is down a player for 2 minutes at the moment. France attacks and we have 16 to 14 for the French!
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And on the first chance of the match Deuna was held, earning a seven yarder, which Pineau made once again! 16-13 to France!
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The ball is already flying once again for the gold medal match, and it's off to the ROC!
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Teams on court

The players from ROC and France are on the court once again to start the second leg!
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The first half comes to an end with a short-lived 15-13 victory for France!
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ROC is back to having six players in the lineup as they take another goal. 14-11 to France!
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With 40 seconds left with one remaining, France earned a seven-meter on Flippes' finish, plus two minutes out for the ROC athlete. Pienau hit it over the goalkeeper, making a beautiful goal! 13 to 10 and France has six on the line once again!
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Deuna blocked a shot with a nasty foul and received two minutes for it. ROC with one up and suffering a 12-9 at the moment!
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Now a spectacular shot! France got the goal and right after that the ROC came out fast, sending it into the empty French goal. but Leynaud was inbound and he deflected it away! The play was practically repeated and ROC scored their ninth goal, conceding another soon after. 11 to 9 at the moment for France!
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Two quick runs and two goals. France in front with a 9-7! After that the French player was given two minutes off.
2:18 AM2 years ago


Dmitrieva received in front of the defense and got the finish, turning the match around! We are 7 to 6 to ROC now.
2:15 AM2 years ago


Now who had seven meters was ROC on a hold on Dmitrieva. Ilina hit it and brought the score down to 6-5!
2:13 AM2 years ago


ROC went down and decreased, but France had another seven meters, converted by Pineau. 6 to 4 at the moment.
2:12 AM2 years ago


Deuna attempted the finish and was held, earning a seven yarder. Pineau hit and made it. 5 to 3 for the French!
2:11 AM2 years ago


Just as ROC gets back to having six players in the lineup, France scores the fourth goal and turns it to 4-3!
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Two minutes for the ROC athlete for a foul on Flippes' finish. In the seven meters Deuna did and tied the match 3-3!
2:06 AM2 years ago


With two goals in a row, the last one being from Vyakhireva, ROC goes ahead and shoots up the scoreboard, now having a 3-1 lead!
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On Lassource's shot, another seven meters for France. that Pienau played into the legs of goalkeeper Kalinina! The match remains 1-1!
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The ball is already flying for ROC and France and we have a seven-meter already in the beginning, which Pineau scored, opening the score to France!
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Bojan Lah will be the referee for the match, assisted by David Sok.
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National anthems

Now the national anthems of ROC and France are played.
1:55 AM2 years ago

It will start!

The players appear on the court to start the match!
1:41 AM2 years ago

Bronze medal

In the Bronze medal match, Norway scored a significant victory over Sweden with a 36-19 win!
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The players warm up on the court for the gold medal match!
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The girls of France for the match!

1:16 AM2 years ago

French team

The French squad for the match is: Mink, Leynaud, Foppa, Sercien-Ugolin, Edwige, Coatanéa, Pineau, Darleux, Nocandy, Lassource, Niakaté, Valentini, Flippes, and Zaadi.
1:11 AM2 years ago

ROC team

The ROC squad for the match is: Vyakhireva, Sem, Gorshkova, Vedekhina, Kuznetsova, Fomina, Bobrovnikova, Dmitrieva, Ilina, Makeeva, Kalinina, Sedoykina, Managarova, and Skorobogatchenko.
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Now begins the broadcast of the women's handball gold medal match at the Olympics between ROC and France!
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Bronze medal

Norway and Sweden will face each other at 10pm this Saturday in the bronze medal match!
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Quarter and semis - ROC

In the quarterfinals, ROC beat Montenegro, 32 to 26. In the semis ROC beat Norway in a tight 27-26 score.
8:08 PM2 years ago

Quarter and semis - France

In the quarterfinals France faced the Netherlands and won comfortably, 32 to 22. In the semi-finals France beat Sweden, 29-27.
8:03 PM2 years ago

Group B

In group B the qualified teams were Sweden and ROC, both with seven points, as well as France, with five points, and Hungary, with four points.
7:58 PM2 years ago

Group A

In group A the qualified countries were Norway, which passed with 10 points, the Netherlands, with eight points, Montenegro, with four, and South Korea, which ended the group stage with three points.
7:53 PM2 years ago

Group phase - France

France, on the other hand, opened the group phase with a 20-29 victory over Hungary. In the second round they were beaten by Spain, 28-25. In the third round France drew 28-28 with Sweden and in the fourth came the defeat to ROC. Finally, France beat Brazil 29-22 in the last round.
7:48 PM2 years ago

Group phase - ROC

The Russians opened the group stage by drawing with Brazil 24-24. After that they were beaten by Sweden by 36 to 24. In the third round came the first victory, against Hungary, 38-31. Against France, Russia won 28-27 in the group phase, closing it with another victory, this time over Spain, 34-31.
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