Highlights: United States 1-2  in Davis Cup 2020
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4:50 PM2 years ago

Transmission ends

Our transmission of the match between the United States and Italy ends, we look forward to seeing you in the next opportunity.
4:44 PM2 years ago

The match is over

The United States took advantage of the doubles game to reduce the difference in the series and have a chance against Colombia.
4:22 PM2 years ago

The end of the meeting is near

The United States continues to save the break opportunities they have against them and are one game away from winning the match.
4:17 PM2 years ago

New breakage

The United States wins one more game on their opponents' serve, increases the advantage and gets closer to the victory of the match.
4:13 PM2 years ago

Confirms the advantage

The American pair came on fire in the second set and take a 3-1 lead in the scoreboard.
3:58 PM2 years ago


Very quickly in the second set, the U.S. takes advantage of a break opportunity in the second set, goes up and serves to confirm the lead.
3:54 PM2 years ago

The United States comes back to life

The American couple takes the first set in a very disputed tie-break where there were mini breaks on both sides, in the end the Americans take the set with a score of 7-5 in the tie-break.
3:44 PM2 years ago


The first set of the third game of the series is defined by tie-break.
3:43 PM2 years ago

They are very evenly matched

The two pairs reach the tenth game of the set tied at 5 and without any difference.
3:21 PM2 years ago

Sixth game

The Italian pair struggles to hold their serve, but manage to level the set 3-3.
3:03 PM2 years ago

Second game

Both pairs are solid in the serve and do not give each other advantages.
2:53 PM2 years ago

Third game begins

Third game of the series kicks off against the United States.
2:51 PM2 years ago

The third game is coming

To close the series and for the United States to increase its chances of advancing to the next round, the doubles match will be played. For the United States, Rajeev Ram and Jack Sock will face Fabio Fognini and Lorenzo Musetti of Italy.
2:29 PM2 years ago

End of match

2:20 PM2 years ago

Match ends

The United States player received big blows at the end of the first set and failed to react in the second set, thus Italy took the match.

Jannik Sinner takes the match with a 2-6 and 0-6 score and gives Italy the second point to take the series.

2:07 PM2 years ago

Fourth game

Jannik Sinner sigue demostrando que es superior a su rival, el marcador del segundo set está 4-0 a favor de Italia y se aproxima el segundo partido para Italia.
1:58 PM2 years ago

Breakthrough opportunity

John Isner had in his hands the chance to win a game on the Italian's serve, but Jannik Sinner had an incredible serving game and lifted a 0-40 to take the game.
1:51 PM2 years ago

First game

The beginning of the second set does not change much and starting the second set the Italian player already has a break in favor.
1:47 PM2 years ago

End of first set

Jannik Sinner is very strong with his serve, took advantage of two breaks to John Isner and takes the first set by a score of 2-6.
1:44 PM2 years ago

new advantage

The player from Italy breaks John Isner's serve again and the first set is 2-5.
1:39 PM2 years ago

Sixth game

Janick Sinner continues to make his serve games strong and the score is 2-4 in favor of Italy.
1:31 PM2 years ago

Fourth game

Italy confirms the break and very early in the second game begins to direct the first set.
1:28 PM2 years ago

Italy goes up

Very early in the game Italy gets a very important break in the series, goes 2-1 up and Jack Sinner serves to take advantage of the break.
1:21 PM2 years ago

First game

American John Isner suffered to keep his first service game of the match, which lasted 10 minutes.
1:15 PM2 years ago

Start the match

Start the match between John Isner and Janick Sinner that can define the Davis Cup series.
1:09 PM2 years ago

The second game is prepared

Players John Isner and Jannik Sinner are already on the field of play to start the second match.
12:55 PM2 years ago

Next match

The next game in the series will have John Isner battling to stay with the game and bring the United States to life for the doubles match.
12:50 PM2 years ago

Second set definition

The Italian Lorenso Sonego takes the second set and the match after taking advantage of a point with the opponent's serve and defending all the points with his service.
12:45 PM2 years ago


Ray Opelka and Lorenzo Sonego reached the decisive game 6-6 and the second set is defined in a tie-break.
12:40 PM2 years ago

Definitive moment

In the second set neither of the two players has broken and they arrive tied 5-5 at the final moment, both have to take care of their serve in these games.
12:35 PM2 years ago

Eighth game

The American suffered again with his serve in the seventh game, but he stays with the game and they reach the ninth game tied.
12:30 PM2 years ago

Sixth game

The two tennis players return to the middle of the set equal to 3 games.
12:25 PM2 years ago

Fourth game

After the break that the Italian achieved in the first set, he has been more confident with his serve.
12:20 PM2 years ago

Second set start

In the first two games of the second quarter, the superiority of the two players with the serve is again shown.
12:15 PM2 years ago

First set

Lorenzo Sonego takes the first set of the match against Railly Opelka by a score of 6-3.
12:10 PM2 years ago

Ninth game

Lorenzo Sonego confirms the break and the Italian player begins to show another face.
12:05 PM2 years ago

eighth game

The Italian achieves a very important break that can be definitive in the first set.
12:00 PM2 years ago

Order of the day

11:55 AM2 years ago

Seventh game

The Italian suffers again with his serve, but with a mentality he does not give his rival break opportunities.
11:50 AM2 years ago

Sixth game

We reached the middle of the first set with a great superiority in the serves of the two players.
11:45 AM2 years ago

Fifth game

Lorenzo Sonego suffered with his serve, but he was able to stay with it to go up 3-2.
11:40 AM2 years ago

Fourth game

The American has shown a great level and does not give the Italian opportunities to score points with his serve.
11:35 AM2 years ago

Thrid game

The superiority of the players with their serve continues to be noticed and Italy goes back to the top.
11:30 AM2 years ago

Second game

Raily Opelka keeps his serve and equalizes the set.
11:25 AM2 years ago

First game

Lorenzo Sonego takes advantage of the support of his people and keeps the first game of the match.
11:20 AM2 years ago


It is the first meeting between these two singles players.
11:15 AM2 years ago

Ready for the match.

Rayn Opelka and Lorenzo Sonego are already on the court with the formal acts and the warm-up before the game.
11:10 AM2 years ago

How will the series be played?

The confrontation series is made up of 3 games, two singles and one doubles:
  • In the early hours Ryan Opelka will defend the colors of the United States against Italian Lorenzo Sonego.
  • In the second match John Isner will face Jannik Sinner who was the replacement for Mateo Berretinni in the masters tournament.
  • The day closes with the doubles confrontation, the United couple is made up of Rajeev Ram and Jack Sock against the Italians Simone Bolelli and Fabio Fognini.
11:05 AM2 years ago

Record - Italy

  • The Italian team has managed to reach the Davis Cup world group 29 times.
  • On 6 occasions he managed to reach the final and stay with the runner-up.
  • In 1976 Italy raised the only Davis Cup that it has managed to win.
11:00 AM2 years ago

Record - United States

  • The American team has participated 104 times in the final stage of the Davis Cup.
  • In 29 participations he reached the final and was defeated in the last game.
  • On 32 occasions he managed to become champion and these were: 1900, 1902, 1913, 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1937, 1938, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1954, 1958, 1963, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1990, 1992, 1995, 2007
10:55 AM2 years ago

Last confrontation

In 2019, the last Davis Cup confrontation was presented between the teams that face each other today.

The series turned out to be long and very even, the first game of the series was for Italy where Fabio Fognini defeated Reilly Opelka 6-4, 6-7 and 6-3, but the United States woke up with the second singles game with a victory of Taylor Fritz over Mateo Berretini and came back from the series with the American victory made up of Sam Querrey and Jack Sock against Simone Bolelli and Fabio Fognini.

10:50 AM2 years ago

Last participation - Italy

The Italian team was also part of group F of the Davis Cup in Madrid 2019 and was last in the group with two defeats, one against Canada and against the United States, with these defeats they did not have a chance to qualify for the best 8 in the championship.
10:45 AM2 years ago

Last participation - United States

The American team participated in 2019 where the new format of the championship was released in Madrid, the American team was second in group G where they shared with Canada and Italy, but did not manage to qualify for the direct elimination phase as one of the best seconds of the tournament.
10:40 AM2 years ago

Tune in here United States - Italy Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the most recent details of the USA vs Italy live stream, as well as the latest information coming out of the Pala Alpitour. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match.

10:35 AM2 years ago

How to watch United States - Italy Live Stream on TV and Online?.

If you want to see the United States vs Italy match live on TV, your option is: Win Sports.

If you want to watch it by streaming, your option is: Win Sports Online.

If you want to see it online, VAVEL US is your best option.

10:30 AM2 years ago

What time is United States - Italy match for Davis Cup?

This is the start time of the USA vs Italy series on November 25, 2021 in various countries:

Argentina: 12:00 hrs.

Bolivia: 11:00 hrs.

Brazil: 12:00 hrs.

Chile: 11:00 hrs.

Colombia: 10:00 hrs at Win Sports.

Ecuador: 10:00 hrs.

Spain: 17:00 hrs.

Mexico: 10:00 hrs.

Paraguay: 11:00 hrs.

Peru: 10:00 hrs.

Uruguay: 12:00 hrs.

10:25 AM2 years ago

Key player of Italy

The Italian Lorenzo Sonego stands out in the European team for his youth, but with the last-minute casualties in the European team, the player born in Turin in 1995 becomes a fundamental piece for the team in the final phase of the Davis Cup.
10:20 AM2 years ago

Key player of United States

John Isner is a North American player who was born on April 26, 1985, he is very important because of his height exceeding two meters, at the moment he is in position 24 of the ATP ranking and one of his best qualities is serving.
10:15 AM2 years ago


In Davis Cup the teams from the United States and Italy have met on 5 occasions, with 3 victories for the North American team and two for Italy.
10:10 AM2 years ago

Italy: to demonstrate the level despite the injuries suffered by the team

The team led by Filippo Volandri suffered some injuries from various team figures including Mateo Berretinni in the masters tournament that ended last week.
10:05 AM2 years ago

United States: to look for a surprise in the group

The team that will officiate as a local in tomorrow's series will have the challenge of facing Italy and giving the first surprise in the group that is with Italy and Colombia.
10:00 AM2 years ago

The match will be played at the Pala Alpitour

The Davis Cup series between the United States and Italy will be held at the Pala Alpitour stage located in the city of Turin-Italy.

The series that opens group F is composed of 3 games, two singles and one doubles and the winner of 2 games will approach the direct elimination phase of the competition where the 6 winners of the groups and the two best seconds of all pass the tournament.

9:55 AM2 years ago

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