Highlights: Mexico City Capitanes 96-101 Greensboro Swarm in NBA G-League
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Thanks for following this game with us!

Thank you for joining us in the broadcast of the Capitanes CDMX 96-101Greensboro Swarm game, we are waiting for you at VAVEL for more broadcasts.
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Next Game!

These teams will meet again tomorrow at the Greensboro Coliseum at 7 pm (ET).
10:17 PM5 months ago

The game ends!

The game ends with victory for The Swarm by a score of 101-96.
10:11 PM5 months ago

4Q | 0:29

Time out, the game is here and there with constant fouls.
10:03 PM5 months ago

4Q | 1:07

The Capitanes try, but there is only 1 minute left and the possibility seems more and more distant.
9:58 PM5 months ago

4Q | 3:02

Time out Swarm, we could see the last of the Greensboro starters.
9:56 PM5 months ago

Great job Howard!

Great performance by Jordan Howard for the Captains, he already leads the offensive statistics of his team:
9:54 PM5 months ago

4Q | 5:32

Joe Chealey's triple to separate the advantage to 14 points.
9:47 PM5 months ago

4Q | 8:13

Timeout Greensboro, the Captains cut the distance to 10 points and the locals stopped the game.
9:44 PM5 months ago

4Q | 9:45

Garly Sojo with the triple and the distance is cut to 15 points.
9:39 PM5 months ago

Steal and Bucket!

The Cameron McGriff steal and dunk with great force:
9:37 PM5 months ago

The 3rd one is gone!

The third quarter ends with an advantage of 20 points for The Swarm, very badly for the Captains.
9:32 PM5 months ago

3Q | 2:54

Great third quarter for Greensboro, they move away by 16 points and make the game comfortable for the last period.
9:25 PM5 months ago

3Q | 4:16

Stealing and shooting by Cameron McGriff, the locals go up 14 points.
9:22 PM5 months ago

3Q | 6:03

Time out Capitanes, The Swarm goes 7 up and those of Mexico City stop the game.
9:15 PM5 months ago

3Q | 9:28

Cameron McGriff with the double to regain the lead in the game from The Swarm.
9:07 PM5 months ago

Sojo from 3!

Great performance from Garly Sojo coming off the bench for the Capitanes:
8:55 PM5 months ago


We go to halftime with a 2-point advantage for the Captains.
8:41 PM5 months ago

2Q | 5:36

Time out Swarm, better the Capitanes, force the time out of the premises that already lose by 11.
8:34 PM5 months ago

2Q | 8:44

Jordan Howard with the floater, a 4-point lead for the Captains.
8:30 PM5 months ago

2Q | 11:48

Triple of LiAngelo Ball and the home team are separated by 8.
8:28 PM5 months ago

Spin by Jaimes

Fabian Jaimes with the spin and first 2 points for the Mexican:
8:25 PM5 months ago

End of the first

The first quarter ends with a 4-point advantage for the locals.
8:23 PM5 months ago

1Q | 1:17

Tyree White with the dunk and The Swarm is separated by 5 again.
8:18 PM5 months ago

1Q | 3:30

Spin from Fabian Jaimes and the Capitanes take the lead on the scoreboard.
8:15 PM5 months ago

1Q | 5:13

Tyler Davis ties the game from the free throw line.
8:12 PM5 months ago

1Q | 5:52

Time out Capitanes, those of Mexico City reduce the advantage, but slow down the game to make defensive adjustments.
8:11 PM5 months ago

1Q | 6:28

Rigoberto Mendoza scores a counterattack layup and reduces the difference to 1 point.
8:09 PM5 months ago

1Q | 7:40

Joe Chealey receives the foul and free kick with a 7-point advantage to the locals.
8:03 PM5 months ago

The game start!

Tyler Davis wins the jump and the game begins.
7:56 PM5 months ago

Capitanes starting 5!

After the loss of Alfonzo McKinnie, this is the lineuo for the team of Ramón Díaz Sánchez:
7:49 PM5 months ago

The Swarm starting 5!

With LiAngelo Ball and Arnoldas Kulboka starting off the bench, here's The Swarm:
7:45 PM5 months ago

Injury Report

No casualties due to injury are confirmed, although both teams are awaiting the report of inactive players. On The Swarm side, we will wait to see if Arnoldas Kulboka was loaned by the Hornets and by the Capitanes, we will wait to see if the new signing, Phillip Wheeler will be available for today's game.
7:39 PM5 months ago

Last minute signing!

With the losses of Gary Clark and Alfonzo McKinnie, the Capitanes team signed Phillip Wheeler at the last minute for the remainder of the season.
7:27 PM5 months ago

Getting ready!

The locals already warm up before their game today:
7:20 PM5 months ago

Last Capitanes lineup!

In the last game, that's how the Mexico City players came out: Alfonzo McKinnie, Justin Reyes, Jabari Narcis, Mike Torres and Rigoberto Mendoza.
7:11 PM5 months ago

The Swarm last lineup!

Xavier Sneed, Kai Jones, Vernon Carey Jr., Jalen Crutcher and James Bouknight were the players who started the last game of the Swarm.
7:06 PM5 months ago

Great News!

The Capitanes team received their second call-up of the season, this time, Alfonzo McKinnie was selected to join the Chicago Bulls of the NBA. The forward received a 10-day contract to try out with the Bulls.
7:00 PM5 months ago

Here we go!

We're just under an hour away from the Capitanes-The Swarm game kick-off at the Greensboro Coliseum. Both quintets will go out in search of victory. Who will make it tonight? Follow our coverage at VAVEL.
9:14 PM5 months ago

Stay with us to follow this game LIVE!

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Mexico City Capitanes vs Greensboro Swarm, as well as the latest information from the Greensboro Coliseum. Do not miss details of the game with the minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.
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Where to watch the game?

We remind you that the game will be broadcast on television through ESPN and streaming on Star +.
If you want to follow it online, VAVEL is your best option.
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Last games!

The Captains come from winning against the Birmingham Squadron by a score of 123 to 114, while Greensboro won against the Austin Spurs by a score of 105 to 96. These teams will meet for the first time in their history and we will see who takes the series. Those from Mexico City start as the favorites, but they are expected to have a close duel.
8:59 PM5 months ago

Arnoldas Kulboka, a must see player!

The Swarm forward is the team's offensive leader with 12.3 points per game. If the Lithuanian is well, the team is well and his actions are a great responsibility for the team to achieve results. This is one of the players who have a two-way contract, so his presence with the team is affected by his participation with the Charlotte Hornets in the NBA.
Photo: Greensboro Swarm
Photo: Greensboro Swarm
8:54 PM5 months ago

Alfonzo McKinnie, a must see player!

The Capitanes guard is leading the team and is already the leading scorer and rebounder with an average of 24.2 points and 9.3 rebounds per game. McKinnie has extensive experience in the NBA, which is why his contribution is of great importance for the Mexico City team. His great experience has helped him to be the Capitanes' player to follow and we will see if he manages to make the team come out with victory.
Photo: Capitanes
Photo: Capitanes
8:49 PM5 months ago

How does the Swarm get here?

Greensboro is in last place in the southern division with 2 wins and 8 losses, games against the Capitanes could mean a better finish to the tournament as qualifying looks far away. The Squadron has not shown a great level and was due since better results were expected with the incorporation of LiAngelo Ball, however these have not arrived.
8:44 PM5 months ago

How does the Capitanes arrive?

The Capitanes are one of the new teams in the G-League and they arrive at this game with the intention of taking the victory and approaching the first places in search of one of the tickets to the next round of the Winter Show Case. The team is giving its first impressions and although they have shown very good things, the results have not been given them being in the third to last place in the southern division.
8:39 PM5 months ago

Where's the game?

The Greensboro Coliseum located in North Carolina will host this duel between two teams that are fighting to get into the qualifying spots of the Winter Showcase. This stadium has a capacity for 23,500 fans and was inaugurated in 1959.
Photo: NBA
Photo: NBA
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Good day to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Mexico City Capitanes vs Greensboro Swarm game, corresponding to the regular season of the NBA G-League 2021-2022. The meeting will take place at the Greensboro Coliseum at 7 pm (ET).