Highlights: Semifinal and Final short track speed skating in Beijing 2022


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That's all for today. Fontana and Ren managed to beat their opponents to win the Olympic gold medal in two thrilling finals. Until next time, stay tuned on VAVEL
9:25 AM4 months ago

Ren, Olympic champion

The Chinese wins in the final and claims the gold medal in a spectacular fight with Liu Shaolin. The Hungarian has been cautioned with a yellow card for which he is penalized. The podium is as follows:

1. Ren. China

2. Li. China

3. Liu Shaoang. Hungary

9:22 AM4 months ago

The winner is being reviewed

Liu Shaolin wins in the final but is being reviewed. Ren is second. Let's see what happens...
9:19 AM4 months ago

Stop the final

The final has been stopped due to ice breakage. It is being fixed. The skaters will start again.
9:18 AM4 months ago

Men's Olympic Final

The men's 1000m final begins. The participants are:

Liu. Hungría

Ren. China

Li. China

Liu Shaoang. Hungary


Wu. China

9:08 AM4 months ago

Men's B Final

De Laat wins the B final and takes sixth place in these Olympic Games.
9:03 AM4 months ago

Fontana Olympic champion

The Italian takes the gold medal after a great overtaking of the Dutch Schulting. The podium is as follows:

1. Fontana. Italy

2. Schulting. Netherlands

3.  Boutin. Canada

8:56 AM4 months ago


Seregina beats her rivals with a time of 42.972 and takes sixth place in these Olympic Games.
8:52 AM4 months ago

Women's B Final

Let's go to the women's B final.

Seregina. Russia

Charles . Canada

Jaszapati . Hungary

8:43 AM4 months ago

Liu and Lee

Liu and Lee advance to the Olympic final. Wu and Heo advance to the B final. Everything is now ready for the men's and women's finals.
8:42 AM4 months ago

Second men's semifinal

The second semifinal will consist of:

Liu. Hungary

Lee. Republic of Korea

Liu Shaoang. Hungary

De Laat. Netherlands

Heo. United States

Wu. China

8:38 AM4 months ago

Ren and Li

Hwang has been penalized, so Ren and Li pass to the final. The Korean is out of the Olympic final for an overtaking with contact.
8:33 AM4 months ago

Schulting, Zhang and Jaszapati

The last finalists are in. Schulting, Zhang and Jaszapati are through to the Olympic final. Now the men's semifinals begin.
8:31 AM4 months ago

Second semifinal

In the second semifinals will participate:

Schulting. The Netherlands

Jaszapati. Hungary

Zhang. China

Qu. China

Desmet. Belgium

8:29 AM4 months ago

Boutin and Fontana

The first finalists are in. Boutin and Fontana go to the final A. Seregina and Charles to the B final.
8:22 AM4 months ago

First semifinal

The semifinals of the women's 500m are about to start. The first semifinal is formed by:

Boutin Kim. Canada

Fontana Arianna. Italy

Valcepina Arianna. Italy

Seregina Elena. Russia.

Charles Alyson. Canada

8:18 AM4 months ago

Last men's group

Hwang and Knegt advance to the semis. They are checking to see who comes in third. Now let's go to the women's semifinals.
8:11 AM4 months ago

Second and third male groups

Liu Shaoang, Liu, Akar and Ren qualified for the semifinals. In third place are Fercoq with 1:24.411 and De Laat who goes directly to the semifinals.
8:04 AM4 months ago

First male group

Heo and Wu qualify. After a review, Sighel and Pierre-Gilles are penalized. Park, who fell, advances directly to the semifinals.
7:56 AM4 months ago

Men's quarterfinals begin

The quarterfinals of the men's 1000m start at the Indoor Stadium of the Capital. The first group starts.
7:53 AM4 months ago

Last female group

After four starts Schultings and Qu move on to the next round. Martina Valcepina and Santos penalized. Kikuchi is in third place.
7:50 AM4 months ago

Third group of quarters

Fontana and Desmet straight to the semifinals. Prosvirnova has been penalized. The third classified is Zhang with a time of 54.211.
7:43 AM4 months ago

Second group of quarters

Jaszapati and Seregina are the qualifiers in the second group of quarters. The third classified is Biney with a time of 46.099. A good time to qualify.
7:38 AM4 months ago

First semifinalists

Boutin and Valcepina advance to the next round. The first group of the quarterfinals left Brunelle penalized. The third place finisher is Fan with a time of 1:03.594.
7:31 AM4 months ago

We are here

Hello again. There is now less than an hour left until the start of the women's 500m and men's 1000m semifinals at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games.
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Stay tuned for live coverage of the short track speed skating semifinals and finals

In a few moments we will share with you the qualified athletes for the semifinals of the women's 500m and men's 1000m short track speed skating live, as well as the latest information from Beijing. Don't miss any detail of the competition with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage. 
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Where to watch

These quarterfinals, semifinals and finals can be followed on TVE, Dazn and Eurosport. In the case of Dazn, the platform will reproduce the event by rebroadcasting the images and audio from Eurosport. The event will start at 19.30 local time at the Capital's Indoor Stadium. 
11:12 AM4 months ago

Current records (men's 1000m)

In the men's field, the current records are held by only one person. Korea's Daeheon Hwang holds the world's best time with 1:20.875 made on November 12, 2016. In addition, the favorite to win the gold medal also holds the Olympic record, with 1:23.042 harvested on February 5, 2022.
11:07 AM4 months ago

Current records (women's 500m)

The current records are led by Canada's Boutin and the Netherlands' Schultings. 
On the one hand, the Canadian holds the world record in this discipline where she ran a time of 41.936 on November 3, 2019. Boutin will perform this year in the first round of the Quarterfinals in search of a medal. On the other hand, the Dutchwoman set the best Olympic record on February 5, 2022 with a time of 42.379. Schultings will participate in the fourth group of the Quarterfinals.
11:02 AM4 months ago

Competition schedule

This is the start time of the men's and women's short track speed skating semifinals starting on February 7th, 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 08:10 AM,
Bolivia: 07:10 AM.
Brazil: 08:10 AM.
Chile: 07:10 AM.
Colombia: 06:10 AM.
Ecuador: 06:10 AM.
USA (ET): 07:10 AM.
Spain: 13:10 PM,
Mexico: 06:10 AM.
Paraguay: 04:10 AM.
Peru: 06:10 AM.
Uruguay: 04:10 AM.
Venezuela: 07:10 AM.

10:57 AM4 months ago

3 and 4 quarterfinals (men)

To complete the participants in the semifinals, the third group hosts China's Ren, Australia's Corey, Holland's De Laat, Hungary's Krueger and Turkey's Akar. Finally, in the fourth group will be the holder of the two current records, the Korean Hwang, the Hungarian Shaolin-Sandor Liu, the Dutch Knegt, the Chinese Li and the American Pivirotto.
10:52 AM4 months ago

1 and 2 quarterfinals (men)

The first group will feature China's Wu, Canada's Pierre-Gilles, Korea's Park, USA's Heo and Italy's Sighel. These quarterfinals will start around 19.44 local time. In the second group, the Hungarian Liu, the French Fercoq, the Korean Lee, the Canadian Dion and the Japanese Yoshinaga will participate.
10:47 AM4 months ago

3 and 4 quarterfinals (women)

To close this elimination phase and complete the semifinal group, Korea's Choi, China's Zhang, Russia's Prosvirnova, Belgium's Desmet and Italy's Fontana will face each other in the third round. In the fourth group will be the Olympic record holder Schultings of the Netherlands, China's Qu, Japan's Kikuchi, USA's Santos and Italy's Martina Valcepina.
10:42 AM4 months ago

1 and 2 quarterfinals (women)

The women's quarterfinals in the first and second rounds will feature the world record holder in the sprint. Boutin will be in the first round to qualify for the semifinals where she will face Italy's Valcepina, China's Fan, and two compatriots, Charles and Brunelle. This round will start around 19.30 local time.
The second group includes the Dutch Poutsma and Velzeboer, the Hungarian Jaszapati, the Russian Seregina and the American Biney.
10:37 AM4 months ago

How the Quarterfinals are organized

This round, for both women's and men's, is divided into four groups of five competitors who will seek a pass to the semifinals of this category at the Winter Olympics. The athletes who advance are the top two finishers from each quarterfinal. In addition, the two third fastest athletes in each group will also advance. In other words, ten competitors will participate in the semifinals in search of the gold medal.
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Welcome to VAVEL

Hello everybody. Welcome to the online broadcast of the short track speed skating semifinals and finals, both the men's 1000m and women's 500m, of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games. Twenty skaters will be looking for the gold medal at the Capital's Indoor Stadium. The quarterfinals start at 19.30 local time. Consequently, the semifinals will start at 20.13 local time. Finally, the finals at 8.46 p.m. local time.