Highlights: China 1-2 Sweden in Beijing 2022
Denmark vs China. Source: Olympic Games Beijing 2022


11:13 AM4 months ago

End of the match

It's all over. Sweden gets a very important victory against China to have options to pass the round. The Chinese suffered a comeback and are complicating the pass.
11:11 AM4 months ago

Time is running out for China

Less than two minutes and China can't score. The Swedes only think about defending. This is yellow...
11:05 AM4 months ago

Five minutes to go

Five minutes left in the match. Sweden looks like it's going to make it. China are not giving up. What minutes we have left...
10:59 AM4 months ago

Intense moments

The match has turned into a maelstrom. China tries but can not against a Swedish that is commanding the match. Less than ten minutes.
10:51 AM4 months ago

Less than fifteen minutes

China is running out of time. Less than fifteen minutes left in the game and they are still trying. Sweden, for the moment, is holding on to the result.
10:42 AM4 months ago

The last period begins

China has twenty minutes to "almost" eliminate the Swedes from these Olympic Games. For the moment, Lundberg's team is winning. Will they hold on?
10:29 AM4 months ago

End of second period

The second half ends. Sweden has managed to turn the game around, scoring two goals in these twenty minutes. We go into the final period. China 1-2 Sweden
10:23 AM4 months ago

Less than five minutes

Less than five minutes left in the second half. Sweden has turned the game around in less than two minutes. 1-2.
10:17 AM4 months ago

Sweden's goal

In less than two minutes, the Swedes turned the score around. Josefin Bouveng scores to put her team ahead. China 1-2 Sweden.
10:14 AM4 months ago

Sweden wants to bounce back

Watch out, Sweden does not stop at a draw. The Swedes want more. They are getting dangerously close to China's goal.
10:11 AM4 months ago

Gooooool by Sweden

Sweden goal. Wikner-Zienkiewickz scores from a free kick. Ulf Lundberg's players tie the match.
10:09 AM4 months ago

Free kick for Sweden

Zhinxin Liu fouls the Swedish player. Sweden can score on this occasion. 1-0.
10:07 AM4 months ago

Sanction for Lowenhielm

Sweden's captain was shown the yellow card, which means she will be suspended for two minutes. Still 1-0
10:04 AM4 months ago

Second period starts

After the rest time, the players are ready to play again. The Swedish must press to get something positive out of this match. The second half begins. 1-0.
9:48 AM4 months ago

End of the first period

The first minutes come to an end with a narrow 1-0 victory for China thanks to a goal by No. 17 Kang Mulan.
9:45 AM4 months ago

Sanction for Bergstrom

The Swedish player was penalized for two minutes for tripping the China player. China 1-0 Sweden
9:34 AM4 months ago

Sweden tries

The Swedish don't give up and try to score the equalizer, but the Chinese are very well positioned. The score is still 1-0.
9:28 AM4 months ago

Goooool for China

In the 5th minute, Kang Mulan scores to put his team ahead thanks to Lin Jiaxin's pass. China takes the lead. China 1-0 Sweden.
9:15 AM4 months ago

The meeting begins

The referee blows the starting whistle for the start of China vs Sweden at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games
9:12 AM4 months ago

The players jump in

Both teams take the court. The anthems are playing. This is about to begin. Who will win? we'll see in a few moments.
9:10 AM4 months ago

Situation in Sweden

For their part, the Swedes have a very difficult time advancing to the next round in these Olympic Games, as they have lost both matches they have played. They need to beat China to stay in contention
9:05 AM4 months ago

Less than ten minutes

Less than ten minutes left for the start of this great match between the Chinese and the Swedes. Follow the broadcast on VAVEL.
9:01 AM4 months ago

China's situation

By beating the Swedes, the Chinese can practically advance to the next round, as they have two wins and one loss. This is the last match for the Chinese national team.
8:54 AM4 months ago

Group B match

Denmark beat Czech Republic 3-2, after tying in the first two halves. A Danish goal in the third period gave Denmark the win.
8:48 AM4 months ago

Referee of the match

The referee for the match will be Finland's Nurmi. She will be accompanied by Switzerland's Wiegand, Finland's Heikkinen and Austria's Kainberger.
8:45 AM4 months ago

Make your predictions

China vs Sweden will face each other in these Olympic Games to advance to the next round in the fight for the Olympic medal. Who will win?
8:39 AM4 months ago

We are here

Hello again. We are back to broadcast this China vs Sweden women's ice hockey game at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games. We will have the lineups shortly. Follow the broadcast on VAVEL.
11:22 AM4 months ago

Stay tuned for the China vs Sweden live stream

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups China vs Sweden live, as well as the latest information coming out of Beijing. Don't miss any details of the match with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage. 
11:17 AM4 months ago

Where to watch

China vs Sweden can be followed on TVE, Dazn and Eurosport.  In the case of Dazn, the platform will reproduce the event by rebroadcasting the images and audio from Eurosport.The event will start at 21.10 local time at Wukesong Sports Center. 
11:12 AM4 months ago

Meeting Schedule

 This is the start time of the game China vs Sweden of 7th February 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 09:10 AM,

Bolivia: 08:10 AM.

Brazil: 09:10 AM.

Chile: 08:10 AM.

Colombia: 07:10 AM.

Ecuador: 07:10 AM.

USA (ET): 08:10 AM.

Spain: 14:10 PM,

Mexico: 07:10 AM.

Paraguay: 05:10 AM.

Peru: 07:10 AM.

Uruguay: 05:10 AM.

Venezuela: 08:10 AM.

11:07 AM4 months ago

Possible lineups

Here are the possible lineups for China vs. Sweden in the women's ice hockey knockout rounds.
The Chinese coach will field Zhou Jiaying; Wang Yuting and Tú Baiwei; Lin Qiqi, Mi Le and Lin Ni.
The Swedish coach will field Peslarova Klara; Mlynkova Natalie, Mrazova Katerina and Vanisova Tereza; Cajanova Sara and Kolowratova Samantha Ahn.
11:02 AM4 months ago

Participation in the Olympic Games

For its part, China has made three participations. One in the Nagano 1998 Olympic Games, where they finished fourth, in Salt Lake City 2002, where they finished seventh, and they repeated this position in Vancouver 2010.
10:57 AM4 months ago

Participation in the Olympic Games

Sweden has two medals in this discipline. A silver medal won at the Turin 2016 Olympic Games when it lost to Canada. Consequently, it won a bronze medal at the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Games.
10:52 AM4 months ago

Group A and B matches

The matches for Monday, February 7, 2022 are as follows. On the one hand, Group A will see Russia take on Canada at the Wukesong Sports Center at 12:10 local time, and Switzerland will face Finland at the National Indoor Stadium at 21:10 local time.
Elsewhere, Group B will see China take on Sweden at the Wukesong Sports Center at 21:10 local time. The other match in this group is Denmark vs. Czech Republic at the Wukesong Sports Center at 16:40 local time.
10:47 AM4 months ago

Group B standings

Group B standings are currently as follows. In fifth place is Denmark, with zero points from two matches played. In fourth place is Sweden, level on points and games played with Denmark. China is in third position, with five points from three matches played. In second position is the Czech Republic, with six points from two matches. Finally, in first place is Japan, which has managed to collect seven points from three matches played. 
10:42 AM4 months ago

Sweden's last matches

Sweden's last match was against the Czech Republic on Saturday, February 5. The match ended with the score 3-1 against Sweden. 
The team had also previously played against Japan. The match ended with a score against Sweden, ending with 1-3 for Japan.
10:37 AM4 months ago

Last matches China

The last match that China played was against Japan, played last Sunday, February 6. The match ended with victories for the Chinese team, with 2-1 on the scoreboard. 
Previously the Chinese had played, in their first match, against the Czech Republic. The match ended with the score in favor of the Czech Republic, with 3-1 on the scoreboard. China's second match was against Denmark, in which China tasted its first victory in the competition with a 1-3 score in favor of the Chinese team. 
10:32 AM4 months ago

Welcome to VAVEL

Hello everyone. Welcome to the China vs Sweden women's ice hockey match of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, which will be played on Monday, February 7 at 21:10 local time. Follow the online broadcast on VAVEL