2022 Winter Olympics: Mixed doubles curling session 13 recap
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The final session of round-robin play in the mixed doubles curling tournament took place at the Ice Cube at the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Italy completed an undefeated round-robin campaign, eliminating Canada in the process. Norway, Great Britain and the Czech Republic also were victorious.

Sweden sat the session out after completing round-robin play at 5-4. They qualified for the playoffs after Italy defeated Canada. Australia, who finished 2-7, also sat the session out.

Norway 6, Switzerland 5

On Sheet A, the team of Kristin Skaslien and Magnus Nedregotten locked up the second seed for the playoffs as they edged the already-eliminated Swiss.

Norway built a 3-1 lead through four ends, but the game went back-and-forth after that as the teams traded two-point ends in the fifth through seventh to leave the game tied at 5-5.

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Skaslien then delivered a perfect hit-and-stay with her last rock to give the reigning silver medalists victory and a 6-3 record. Switzerland, the 2018 Olympic silver medalists, finish at 3-6.

Italy 8, Canada 7 (9 ends)

On Sheet B, a millimeter ended the chances of Canada defending their title while Italy completed a perfect 9-0 round-robin schedule.

As they have done throughout the entire tournament, Stefania Constantini and Amos Mosaner built up a big lead, this one 4-2 at the halfway point.

John Morris and Rachel Homan rallied for two in the fifth and after Constantini missed on a triple takeout, Homan successfully played a draw for three and a 7-5 lead.

Constantini then stepped up and played a perfect draw for two to force an extra end and after drawing into the pocket around the button and after Homan looked to have matched her, two measurements gave Italy the point and sent Canada home.

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"We had a small chance to steal that game", Mosaner said. "I think we played a good extra end and in the end were a little bit lucky because they overswept the last shot.

"It was perfect. We were a bit lucky we won."

Great Britain 8, United States 4

Sheet C saw the reigning world champions Jennifer Dodds and Bruce Mouat emerge victorious in their final game before the playoffs against Team USA, who lost their final four games for a record of 3-6.

The Brits stole three in the first end when Vicky Persinger caught a front stone as she attempted to get into the house. Team USA stole a point in the sixth end to close the gap to 5-4.

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Persinger failed on a clear-out attempt in the eighth end to give Dodds and Mouat a final steal of two points and a 6-3 record going into their semifinal against Norway.

"We're really happy with how that game went", Mouat said. "It was really important for our momentum. Obviously, we've got a very tough game in the semifinal, but I think the energy will be really good.

"We're definitely looking forward to being in the Olympic semifinal."

Czech Republic 8, China 6

In the only game with no playoff or playoff seeding implications, the Czechs finished their Olympics with a hard-fought victory over host nation China.

The highlight of the match between Zuzana Paulova and Tomas Paul and Fan SuYuan and Ling Zhi was a four-point sixth end by the Czechs.

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Both teams finish at 3-6.