Summary and highlights of Sweden vs Slovakia 4-1 at Beijing 2022
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Thank you all.

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel with an exciting ending, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. See you all again!
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Slovakia scores the first to close the gap; Slafvosky scores after Nemec 's assist;
6:51 AM6 months ago


Sweden scored the fourth to seal the game, the goal coming from Klinberg in an empty net;
6:40 AM6 months ago

Holm sanctioned

The Swedish player has been penalized with a two-minute penalty after grabbing an opponent's sticker
6:25 AM6 months ago

Four-minute penalty for Regenda

After the VAR review, the Russian and German referee decided to penalize Regenda for four minutes for charging with the high sticker;
6:22 AM6 months ago


Last 20 minutes of the Sweden-Slovakia clash
6:06 AM6 months ago

Second period ends

Sweden holds on to a three-goal lead that allows it to head into the third period with more peace of mind.
6:02 AM6 months ago

Two-minute ejection for Wallmark

The CSKA Moscow player who scored the second goal has been penalized, because he hit the ball with the stick.
6:01 AM6 months ago

Two-minute ejection for Nemec

The 17-year-old player from Slovakia has been sanctioned after tripping
5:59 AM6 months ago

Lennstrong and Kelemen sent off for two minutes.

Both opposing players were hooked and were penalized;
5:54 AM6 months ago

Two-minute Pudas ejection

Second penalty for a Swede, this time for Pudas for grabbing an opponent
5:37 AM6 months ago

Hrivik sends it out

In the last seconds of superiority, Hrvik was able to score, but the shot did not find the goal;
5:35 AM6 months ago

Two-minute penalty for Nordstrom

The scorer of the first goal is penalized two minutes for hooking, Slovakia will have the opportunity to reduce the deficit, having superiority.
5:33 AM6 months ago

Change in Slovakia's goal

Ramsay decides to change goalkeepers, so Ryban is placed under the goalposts.
5:32 AM6 months ago

The second period began

After this break, the players are already on the track of the National Indoor Stadium.
5:17 AM6 months ago

End of first period

The first 20 minutes ended with the Swedish national team in the lead.
5:16 AM6 months ago


Friberg scores after Holm's assist, the third with five seconds left in the first half 
5:14 AM6 months ago


Sweden scores the second, taking advantage of the superiority after the expulsions, Wallmark scores after Pudas' assist, the CSKA Moscow player's third goal in this tournament.
5:13 AM6 months ago

Rosandic is penalized for two minutes

Slovakia player sent off for two minutes for stopping play
5:12 AM6 months ago

Hrivik is penalized by 2 minutes.

The Slovakian player will be suspended for two minutes for hooking the opponent.
5:01 AM6 months ago


Sweden takes the lead after a combination of passes between Friberg and Bengtsson, which ended with Nordstrom's finish;
4:56 AM6 months ago

Ten minutes into the 1st period

At the midway point of the first half, the match was evenly matched, but Slovakia had more chances, nine shots, while the Swedes had only five.
4:50 AM6 months ago

1st Period

Brome's shot, but the Slovakian goalkeeper catches it. There is a time-out;
4:41 AM6 months ago

The match started

The first possession will be for the Slovakian team.
4:34 AM6 months ago

5 minutes

The two national anthems will be played before the game starts.
4:25 AM6 months ago

Attention with:

Lucas Wallmark scored two goals in the first game, the CSKA Moscow player has eight goals and eleven assists so far this season;
Source: Elite Prospects
Source: Elite Prospects
4:19 AM6 months ago

Candian Ramsey starts on line 1 with:

Tomek, Ceresnak, Cajkovsky, Jurco, Hrivik y Cehlarik 
4:18 AM6 months ago

We have the lineup of the Swedish team

Garpenlov decides to go out on line 1 with: Helberg, Bengtsson, Fantemberg, Klimberg, Lander and Brome 
3:55 AM6 months ago

After Latvia vs Slovakia

After Sweden vs Slovakia, Latvia vs Finland, another Group C match, will be played later in the day.
3:54 AM6 months ago

Group C

The group is led by Finland and Sweden, both with three points, while Latvia and Slovakia have zero points. Therefore, the two group leaders will face each other in this match.
3:40 AM6 months ago

1 hour

Sweden v Slovakia begins in 1 hour, both the match and the preview can be followed here on VAVEL
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How to watch Sweden vs Slovakia in Beijing 2022?

If you want to watch the match between Sweden and Slovakia live on TV, your option is Eurosport.

If you want to watch it on the internet,VAVEL;is your best option.

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What time is the match Sweden vs Slovakia ?

This is the start time of the match on February 11th, 2022 in several countries:

  Argentina: 04:40 hrs.

Bolivia: 03:40 hrs.

Brasil: 04:40 hrs.

Chile: 02:40 hrs.

Colombia: 02:40 hrs.

Ecuador: 02:40 hrs.

España: 9:40 hrs.

México: 2:40 hrs.

Paraguay: 3:40 hrs.

 Peru: 02:40 hrs.

Uruguay: 03:40 hrs.

Greece: 10:40 hrs.

 Serbia: 9:40 hrs.

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Sweden and Slovakia medal tally

Sweden is fourth in the medal table of the Olympic Games with seven medals, four gold, one silver and two bronze. Slovakia is in tenth place and has only one bronze medal.
9:17 PM6 months ago

Summary of the last Sweden vs Slovakia at the World Cup

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How does Slovakia arrive ?

Slovakia qualified for the Beijing Olympics after topping the group in a group where it was measured against Belarus, Austria and Poland. In the World Cup to be held in 2021 they finished fourth in the group stage, but were eliminated in the quarterfinals by the United States who won 6-1. In 2018 they finished fourth in the group stage and failed to qualify for the round of 16. In 2010 they were eliminated in the semifinals of the 2010 Olympic Games by Canada and finished the tournament in fourth place after losing to Finland in the bronze medal match.


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How does Sweden arrive ?

Last year Sweden disputed the World Cup where a defeat against the Russian Olympic Committee in the penalty shootout left them out of the quarterfinals finishing fifth with 10 points in the group stage. In the last Olympic Games held in 2018, Sweden finished first in the group stage, but in the quarterfinals they were eliminated in extra time by Germany. In 2014, they fell just short of gold after losing in the final to Canada. In the first match of the group stage they defeated Latvia 3-2.
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24 times have met the field hockey teams of Sweden and Slovakia, 15 wins for the Swedish team, 8 for the Slovakian and once the match ended in a draw.  The ú most recent match they met was in 2021 at the World Cup in the group stage where Sweden won 3-1 after overcoming the initial goal of Cehlarik. In a group stage where the Swedes were eliminated and the Slovaks qualified for the quarterfinals. In the last six últimas times the winner of this clash was Sweden and the última victory of Slovakia came in a friendly in 2015 where they won 3-1.


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The match will be played at the National Indoor Stadium in the city of Beijing. The stadium was inaugurated on November 26, 2007 for the 2008 Olympic Games and has a capacity for 18,000 spectators.
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Preview of the match

Sweden and Slovakia will face each other in the second match of the group stage of the Olympic Games held in Beijing. Both teams are drawn in group C along with Finland and Latvia, where the first team qualifies directly for the quarterfinals;
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