2022 Winter Olympics: Women's curling session 1 recap
Photo: Lillian Suwanrumpha/AFP via Getty Images

The women's curling tournament at the 2022 Winter Olympics got underway as ten teams look to begin their journey for gold in what is expected to be a wide-open tournament.

Team USA began with a convincing victory over the ROC. Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden also claimed wins while Canada and South Korea sat the opening session out.

The reigning world champions from Switzerland won after a mistake by Great Britain skip Eve Muirhead in the extra end.

Trailing 5-4 heading into the tenth, Swiss skip Alina Paetz tried to squeeze out an opponent stone from the button but it didn’t go far enough and resulted in a single point.

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Muirhead kept the front of the house open in the 11th to give herself the best chance of scoring. She needed to execute a full draw to the button and after a slight oversweep, she slid her shot too far.

  • Sheet B: Denmark 7, China 6

A remarkable draw by skip Madeleine Dupont on her last shot gave Denmark an opening game victory against hosts China.

The game was tied 3-3 after five ends and after the Danes blanked the sixth, a missed takeout attempt by the Chinese and a draw to the eight-foot by Dupont gave them three points and a 6-3 advantage.

Her draw in the ninth was heavy, giving China a steal of two to level the game at 6-6 heading into the final end. In that final end, Dupont drew through a small port to the button to wrap up the win.

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"The last shot ---- I didn't think it was there!", she said. "You know sometimes i'm wrong, and it's good to be wrong. 

"I think we've prepared the best possible way we could and I think we showed throughout the whole game. The feeling is just phenomenal, you cannot have a better start than this!"

  • Sheet C: Sweden 8, Japan 5

Defending champions Sweden faced off with bronze medalists Japan in a key early tournament showdown.

Swedish skip Anna Hasselborg made a perfect draw shot against three counters to cut Japan's lead to 3-2 after five ends.

Satsuki Fujisawa also faced the draw against four counters, but her stone didn't curl enough, resulting in a steal of three and a 5-3 lead for Sweden.

In the seventh, after a perfect corner freeze by Hasselborg to limit any possibility of a multiple score for Japan, Fujisawa was forced to take a single on a hit-and-stay to make the score 5-4.

In the eighth end, Hasselborg played a short runback to score three to extend the advantage to 8-4.

The Japanese had a chance to score four and tie the game after a missed Swedish hit in the ninth end, but Fujisawa’s final hit hung wide and they only scored one to make the score 8-5.

"I actually liked the way I threw it", Hasselborg said. "We just took too much ice and it's one of those things. It's a first game of the championship and you gotta learn the ice and figure it out.

"I really enjoyed the ice. I think we missed a couple of shots but we learned from them and it's way better to go out with a win and learn from a win than learn from a loss. It was a great battle."

Team USA had little trouble seeing off the ROC, breaking open the game with steals of four points over the fourth and fifth ends.

Trailing 6-1, the ROC managed to score two in the sixth to cut it to a 6-3 game. In the seventh, skip Alina Kovaleva made the draw to the tee-line perfectly and forced American skip Tabitha Peterson to play a short runback.

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She executed perfectly and secured three points. The ROC decided to concede following that shot.