Highlights: Women's
30 km Cross-Country Skiing Final in Beijing 2022
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That's all for today. Johaug gets the gold. Diggins gets the silver. And Niskanen the bronze. For its part, the Norwegian gets in these Olympic Games three gold medals. So here ends the retransmission while the athletes continue arriving. Stay informed in VAVEL.
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Andersson has missed it

Diggins takes silver with a time of 1:26.37. Andersson who dominated the entire race in third place finished eighth and Niskanen finished third and took bronze.
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Johaug, Olympic Champion

The Norwegian is Olympic champion. Johaug takes the gold after a sensational race. The final time is 1:24.54. Third gold in these Olympic Winter Games in Beijing.
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5 km to the end

5 km to go. The Norwegian has a big cushion over Diggins. The Swedish rider will have to sweat to stay in third place.
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Last lap

We entered the last 7.5 km with the Norwegian in the lead, who will take the gold medal unless something serious happens. Diggins is still in silver and Andersson in bronze.
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17,9 km

We reached 17.9 km. Johaug is still leading. Diggins, some 50 seconds behind, is in second place. Andersson has increased his distance to the first peloton to 30 seconds.
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Second round

Johaug continues at an impressive level. The Norwegian continues to lead. She is followed by the American Diggins with a difference of 27.0.
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Johaug at work

Great level that is offering the Norwegian skier. She is opening a gap between the leaders and is leaving the Swedish in more than 30 seconds.
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First round

First round won. She is now 64 ahead, as the Russian has dropped out. Three more laps to go. The leaders are still in the same positions.
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First withdrawals

The Russian Nepryaeva leaves the competition after initial problems. The Russian is the first to drop out of this final. We continue.
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Complete the 6.2 km

They are now 6.2 km into the race. Johaug is still on top with 18:00.06, the leaders are still the same. However, a distance of 15.03 is opening up with the leader.
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The peloton opens

There are already differences between the pelotons. The first peloton is composed of: Johaug, Andersson, Diggins and Claudel. The second peloton is at 05.3.
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Johaug takes the reins

The peloton has already covered 1,3 km. Norway's Johaug is in first place with a time of 4:10.3, followed by Andersson and Claudel. At the moment there are still many athletes in the first peloton.
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The final begins

The 30km women's cross-country skiing final gets underway. 65 athletes are looking for a place on the podium. Who will be the champion?
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The American has won a bronze medal at the Olympic Games. She took third place in the freestyle sprint.
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Ebba Anderson

The Swedish athlete in these Olympic Games only won the bronze medal in the 4 x 5km relay. In the 10 km cross-country skiing final she finished sixth.
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Less than half an hour

There are some favorites like Johaug or Nepryaeva but the rest want to give the bell and fight for a place on the podium of these Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.
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World champion

The 30 km cross-country skiing world champion is Norway's Johaug, who won four gold medals at the world championships held in Oberstdorf, Germany.
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Natalia Nepryaeva

Natalia Nepryaeva has won three medals at these Olympic Games. A bronze medal in the team sprint classic style. A silver medal in Skiathlon 7.5 km +7.5 km. And the gold medal in the 4 x 5km relay. In addition, the Russian participated in the 10 km in classic style but fell one place short of a medal.
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Who will win?

The participants will be looking for a medal in this demanding discipline. Today is the end of the Beijing Winter Olympics and they all want to win a medal for their country. Who do you think will win the final?
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The weather

The final was scheduled at 14.30 local time but due to the weather it has been changed to the current time, 11.00 local time. Let's see if the weather lets us enjoy the show.
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We are already here

Hello again. We are here again to follow the broadcast of this 30km women's cross-country skiing final. Follow the online broadcast on VAVEL.
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Stay tuned here to follow the women's 30km cross-country skiing final live.

In a few moments we will share with you information about the women's 30km cross-country skiing final live from Beijing. Don't miss any detail of the final with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
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Where to watch

This women's 30 km cross-country skiing final can be followed on TVE, Dazn and Eurosport. In the case of Dazn, the platform will reproduce the event by rebroadcasting the images and audios of Eurosport. The event will start at 11.30 local time at the Zhangjiakou National Cross-Country Skiing Center.
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Match Schedule

This is the time of the women's 30 km cross-country skiing final in different countries:

Argentina: 23:00 PM,
Bolivia: 22:00 PM.
Brazil: 23:00 PM.
Chile: 22:00 PM.
Colombia: 21:00 PM.
Ecuador: 21:00 PM.
USA (ET): 22:00 PM.
Spain: 04:00 AM,
Mexico: 21:00 PM.
Paraguay: 19:00 PM.
Peru: 21:00 PM.
Uruguay: 19:00 PM.
Venezuela: 22:00 PM.

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Yellow cards

Currently three contestants reap a yellow card before the start of the final. These contestants are: 
Finland's Kerttu Niskanen, Sweden's Jonna Sundling and Croatia's Vedrana Malec. These athletes will have to be careful in the final that will start soon.
4:41 PM3 months ago

Competition Jury

The jury of the competition is composed of: 
-The technical delegate of the International Ski Federation, the Swiss Seraina Mischol.
-The race director of the International Ski Federation, the French Pierre Mignerey.
-The assistant technical delegate of the International Ski Federation, Finland's Jussy Prykari.
-The assistant race director of the International Ski Federation, Michal Lamplot.
-Italy's Enzo Macor will serve as a member.
-Norway's Ella Gjoemle Berg will serve as a member.
Finally, the head of the competition Mingyan Yu will be present.
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Therese Johaug

One of the favorites to win this Cross-Country Skiing final is Therese Johaug. Who has two gold medals in these Olympics, one of them in 10km and the other in 15km. The Norwegian has participated in previous Olympic Games, where she has managed to get some medals. In 2010, Vancouver, she won gold in the relay event. And in the Olympics held in Sochi, in 2014, she won a silver medal in 10km and a bronze medal in 15km. In the last Olympic Games in PyeongChang 2018 he could not participate because of the anti-doping sanction. 
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Russia and Sweden

In addition, another two big teams participating are Russia and Sweden. This time the athletes will be working individually for a medal. The participants from each team are:
Russia: Nepryaeva N, Soria T, Rygalina A, Istomina M

Sweden: Anderson E, Kalla C, Sundling J, Ribom E

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Norway and the United States

Two major teams participating are Norway and the United States. This time the athletes will work individually to achieve a medal. The participants from each team are:

Norway: Johaug T, Weng Tu, Weng Lu

United States: Diggins J, Brennan R, Laukli S, McCabe N

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Participating countries

These are the 26 countries participating in this women's cross-country skiing final:
Russia, Sweden, Norway, USA, Finland, Austria, Norway, Germany, Canada, China, France, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Australia, Andorra, Croatia, Slovenia, Belarus, Greece and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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Competition information

Details about this women's 30km cross-country skiing final are as follows.
The course name is 7.5 km. The height difference is 82 meters. The maximum ascent height is 44 meters. The total ascent in the race is 293 meters. Finally, the number of laps of this final is four. Each lap has a length of 7509 meters. In addition, the competition will be held at the Zhangjiakou National Cross-Country Skiing Center starting on February 20 at 11:00 local time.
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Welcome to VAVEL

Welcome everyone to the online broadcast of the Olympic women's 30km freestyle cross-country skiing final. The final will be held at the Zhangjiakou National Cross-Country Skiing Center starting on February 20 at 11.00 local time, corresponding to the Beijing Olympic Winter Games.