Highlights and Best Moments: Covington vs Masvidal in UFC 272
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Thank you for following the rebroadcast of the Covington-Masvidal fight at the UFC 272 show.
2:04 AM2 months ago

Final result

After a five round unanimous decision, Covington has defeated Masvidal to take the victory.
1:59 AM2 months ago

5th round

In the last five minutes Covington dominated from start to finish, put Masvidal on the ropes, but will win the fight by unanimous decision in a few minutes.
1:54 AM2 months ago

4th round

Masvidal was again on the ropes against a Covington who looked determined to knock him out with punches left and right but, once again, managed to resist and, in fact, threw a right hook that knocked his opponent down.
1:49 AM2 months ago

3rd round

Covington regained the lead of the fight and submitted in a couple of minutes against a tough Masvidal who never let up and, at the end, threw a right hand that was forceful in the face of his opponent.
1:44 AM2 months ago

2nd round

Masvidal was more cautious, defensive and intelligent, which caused him to throw some punches at Covington that hurt him and also caused him to fall to the ground in a surprising way.
1:39 AM2 months ago

1st round

Covington dominant, cornered Masvidal, but never let himself fall 100 percent on the canvas and in the final seconds had the ability to get up and throw some punches.
1:34 AM2 months ago


The fight between Covington and Masvidal begins.
1:29 AM2 months ago

Makes its appearance

Colby Covington makes his presentation amidst whistles and applause at the Las Vegas Arena. He is ready to enter the octagon.
1:24 AM2 months ago

Already entered

Jorge Masvidal is currently making his presence felt in the Arena in search of victory.
1:19 AM2 months ago

Minutes away

The main bout will be between Covington and Masvidal.
1:14 AM2 months ago

Final result

By way of unanimous decision, Rafael dos Anjos has defeated Renato Moicano.
1:09 AM2 months ago

5to round

Moicano had his best episode, where he knew he had to go all out, but Dos Anjos held him back and kept throwing some right hands that were going to cause damage to his opponent's face.
1:04 AM2 months ago

4th round

Dos Anjos, once again dominant, put his opponent on the canvas, but in the last seconds he managed to shake him off and finish the round on his feet for the fifth period.
12:59 AM2 months ago

3th round

Dos Anjos came close to ending the fight with a flurry of punches that the referee did not stop and Moicano managed to come out on top despite all the blood on his face.
12:54 AM2 months ago

2nd round

Dos Anjos connected a couple of times with Moicano, where he also sent him to the ground, but once again couldn't finish him off and left him still in the fight.
12:49 AM2 months ago

1st round

Dos Anjos outboxed Moicano, where he threw him around for most of the round, but was unable to submit him or do more damage to get the win.
12:44 AM2 months ago

Next fight

Brazilian Rafael dos Anjos is already preparing to face his compatriot Renato Moicano in a few minutes.
12:39 AM2 months ago

The fight is over

By unanimous decision, Bryce Mitchell defeated Brazilian Edson Barboza.
12:34 AM2 months ago

3rd round

Despite the blood already on his face, Barboza resisted on his back and on the canvas, but it is almost a fact that Bryce Mitchell will take the win.

In the end, they remained talking in an act of solidarity between the two fighters.

12:29 AM2 months ago

2nd round

Bryce Mitchell tried to submit Barboza who, against the canvas, again resisted as well as he could, however, he will have to improve a lot in the third round if he wants to think about the victory.
12:24 AM2 months ago

1st round

Bryce Mitchell sent Barboza to the canvas on a couple of occasions, but the Brazilian reacted well to survive the first five minutes.
12:19 AM2 months ago

Next fight

In the featherweight division, Edson Barboza will face Bryce Mitchell in a few more minutes.
12:14 AM2 months ago

2nd round

Holland landed a hard punch to the face that sent Oliveira to the canvas and finished him there to secure the victory.
12:09 AM2 months ago

1st round

Oliveira dominated Holland for all five minutes and, at the end, attempted a choke but did not have enough time as the bell rang for the end of the period.
12:04 AM2 months ago

Spivac's victory

11:59 PM2 months ago

To minutes

At welterweight, Kevin Holland will face Brazilian Alex Oliveira. In minutes they will jump to the octagon.
11:54 PM2 months ago

It's over

Sergey Spivak dominated Greg Hardy from start to finish and the referee had to stop the fight, which didn't even last three minutes for the former NFL player.
11:49 PM2 months ago

The stellar lineup begins

With a total of five fights, the main card will begin with Sergey Spivak taking on Greg Hardy.
11:44 PM2 months ago

First results

These were the results of the first round of the card:

Featherweight: Umar Nurmagomedo defeated Brian Kelleher by submission.

Flyweight: Tim Elliott defeated Tagir Ulanbekov by unanimous decision.

Lightweight: Ľudovít Klein defeated Devonte Smith by split decision.

Light Heavyweight: Dustin Jacoby defeated Michał Oleksiejczuk by unanimous decision.

11:39 PM2 months ago


Covington also arrived at the Las Vegas Arena a few moments ago:
11:34 PM2 months ago

Looking for spectacle

Masvidal stated that, in addition to looking for the win, he wants to put on a show so that the fans can have fun and enjoy the night:

"I believe that with whatever I do against this rat that I'm fighting, people are going to be excited. I'm a fighter, but I'm also going to entertain. I have to captivate people and their imagination, do things they've never seen before so they want to see their rooster, because he brings something the others don't," he said.

11:29 PM2 months ago


This day before the fight, Masvidal posted a video of his preparation leading up to the UFC 272 main event fight:
11:24 PM2 months ago

Latest news

The fight is over and the American Turner has just defeated the Australian Jamie Mullarkey.
11:19 PM2 months ago

Brazilian victory

Marina Rodriguez defeated China's Yan Xiaonan by decision:
11:14 PM2 months ago

Already arrived

Masvidal, a few moments ago, already arrived at the Arena where there is talk that it could be the last fight of his illustrious career:
11:09 PM2 months ago


Great lineup that we will have from UFC 272 and we will bring you every detail of what happens tonight. We start with the coverage of the event through VAVEL.
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To take into account...

Colby Covington, who will be looking for his 17th win, holds the fastest win in UFC history, but it's unlikely he'll be able to do it tonight.
10:59 PM2 months ago

No identity

While Masvidal replied that he has no identity and has only copied what he has done throughout his successful career:

"I can't stand this guy, I can't have him around. He's a fake and he's been copying my style, he's irrelevant and ignorant and when I look at him, I see a coward pretending to be brave. It's just another fight, but I'll celebrate after I knock him out," he declared.

10:54 PM2 months ago

You want to withdraw it

In intense pre-fight remarks, Covington assured that he will take the win tonight to end Masvidal's career:

"This will be the last fight of your career. Jorge, you are nobody. Show up tomorrow, I know you're scared.

I am the king of Miami. This PPV is going to show you who the real king is," he said.

10:49 PM2 months ago

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What time is Colby Covington vs Jorge Masvidal fight for UFC 272?

This is the start time of the game Colby Covington vs Jorge Masvidal of March 5th in several countries:

Argentina: 12:30 AM on Star +

Bolivia: 11:30 PM on Star +

Brazil: 12:30 AM on Star +

Chile: 11:30 PM at Star +

Colombia: 10:30 PM at Star +

Ecuador 10:30 PM on Star +

United States (ET): 10:30 PM on UFC

Spain: 4:30 AM

Mexico 9:30 PM on Fox Sports

Paraguay: 12:30 AM on Star +

Peru: 11:30 PM on Star +

Uruguay: 12:30 AM on Star +

10:39 PM2 months ago

Stellar lineup

Five fights will be the main event this Saturday, highlighting the fight between the North American fighters:

Welterweight: Colby Covington vs Jorge Masvidal.

Welterweight: Rafael dos Anjos vs Renato Moicano                

Featherweight: Edson Barboza vs Bryce Mitchell                     

Welterweight: Kevin Holanda vs Alex Oliveira                                   

Heavyweight: Sergey Spivak vs Greg Hardy

10:34 PM2 months ago

Preliminary card

Lightweight: Jalin Turner vs Jamie Mullarkey                

Women's Strawweight: Marina Rodriguez vs Yan Xiaonan              

Light Heavyweight: Nicolae Negumereanu vs Kennedy           

Women's Flyweight: Mariana Moroz vs Mariya Agapova

10:29 PM2 months ago

Early Preliminary Card

Featherweight: Brian Kelleher vs Umar Nurmagomedov        

Flyweight: Tim Elliott vs Tagir Ulanbekov                                

Light Heavyweight: Devonte Smith vs 'udovít Klein                

Light Heavyweight: Michał Oleksiejczuk vs Dustin Jacoby

10:24 PM2 months ago

From friends to rivals

Masvidal and Covington were friends and were training together for eight years, but now that is in the past and both fighters have stated that they will be looking to win at any cost:

"This is a blood feud. This goes back to a brotherhood. We were eight years together every day, side by side, we couldn't leave each other, best friends.

Now, we are the biggest bitter enemies. He is the only person on Earth I don't care about. Every time I see him, I want to send that guy straight to hell and luckily I can do it in the UFC octagon next Saturday," Convington stated a few days ago.

10:19 PM2 months ago

How does Jorge Masvidal fare?

While the 37-year-old veteran fighter, Jorge Masvidal, will dispute his 51st fight with a record of 35 wins, 17 by decision and 15 losses; curiously, he has two losses and they have been against Usman.
Photo: AS
Photo: AS
10:14 PM2 months ago

How does Colby Covington arrive?

The North American Colby Covington has disputed 19 fights with a favorable balance of 16 wins, eight of them by way of decision, for three defeats; highlighting that two of the last three lost against the Nigerian Kamaru Usman.
Photo: MMA
Photo: MMA
10:09 PM2 months ago

No title

It should be noted that UFC President Dana White, indicated that for this card there will be no title in dispute, so all fights will be given to only three rounds.
10:04 PM2 months ago

The Kick-off

The UFC 272 Colby Covington vs Jorge Masvidal fight will be played at the T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:30 pm ET.
9:59 PM2 months ago

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