Goal and best moments Vitória 0v1 Porto for the Primeira Liga
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Thank you very much for following Vitória and Porto at VAVEL. A great Sunday to all and until next time.


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Vitória 0-1 Porto.
3:03 PMa month ago

90+7' Yellow

Bruno Duarte was fouled hard and received a card.


3:01 PMa month ago

90+5' Change in Porto

Enter: Fábio Cardoso

Out: Octavio.

2:59 PMa month ago


A fan invaded the pitch and tried to attack the Vitória players. Security came in and took care of the fans.


2:56 PMa month ago

90+2' Yellow

Diogo Costa took a card for delaying the replacement.


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Let's go to 96 minutes.


2:55 PMa month ago

90' Mudança no Porto

Entered: Eustaquio

Out: Joao Mario.

2:54 PMa month ago


After a beautiful exchange of passes in the attack, Pepê passed it to Galeno, who freed, inside the area and facing the goal, isolated the ball.


2:52 PMa month ago


Luís Esteves was missed and received a card.


2:50 PMa month ago


Pepê cleared the mark at the entrance of the area and finished weakly. Varela held on tight.


2:47 PMa month ago

82' Changes in Vitória

Entered: Nelson da Luz, Borevkovic and Luís Esteves

Departed: Rafa Soares, Janvier and Jorge Fernandes.

2:45 PMa month ago

80' RED

Estupinãn was fouled hard and received a yellow card. The second. You are expelled.


2:40 PMa month ago

74' Change at Vitória

Entered: Bruno Duarte

Out: Bamba.

2:39 PMa month ago

72' Yellow

Janvier held Pepê and received a card.


2:38 PMa month ago


Zaidu got up in the area and Pepe went up alone to head. Varela held on tight.


2:34 PMa month ago

68' Changes in Porto

2:32 PMa month ago

66' Change at Vitória

Entered: Geny

Out: Ruben Lameiras.

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Taremi charged in the right corner and goalkeeper Varela made a great save.


2:25 PMa month ago


Taremi was released, won the mark and was brought down by Varela. It's another penalty committed by Varela. Incredible.


2:20 PMa month ago


More open game. Vitória try to attack more often and Porto explore counterattacks.


2:11 PMa month ago


Pepê was launched, beat the defender with a header and released the bomb, but the ball caught the net from the outside.


2:08 PMa month ago


Vitória 0-1 Porto.
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1:51 PMa month ago


Vitória 0-1 Porto.
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Let's go to 49 minutes.
1:46 PMa month ago


Rafa Soares found Rochinha free, who finished from the middle and the ball went close.


1:43 PMa month ago


After a foul charged in the area, the ball left the second post for Estupinãn, who, free of marking, headed out. Almost a draw for Vitória.


1:41 PMa month ago


After a mistake in Vitória's ball out, Taremi received a sugary pass at the entrance of the area, but the Porto striker finished very badly and missed a great chance for the second goal from Porto.


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1:40 PMa month ago


Taremi charged in the left corner and goalkeeper Varela fell to the right. It's Porto's goal. 15th for the Iranian striker in the Primeira Liga.


1:36 PMa month ago


Taremi won from the mark inside the area and was brought down by the goalkeeper. Penalty for Porto.


1:34 PMa month ago

29' Yellow

Otávio stopped Vitória's counterattack and received a card.


1:33 PMa month ago


João Mário crossed into the area and Taremi swung a bicycle. The ball had direction of the goal, but it exploded in the marking.


1:31 PMa month ago

28' Recovered

Pepe was answered and the referee authorized the restart.


1:29 PMa month ago

25' Stopped!

Pepe headed the ball and then had a head-on collision with the tag. The Porto defender took the worst and is lying on the lawn.


1:28 PMa month ago


Fábio Vieira took a free-kick in the area and Pepe went up to head it wide.


1:25 PMa month ago


After lifting in the area, Taremi fixed his head to Zaidu, who amended a strong first-time shot, but the ball went too high and went out without danger.


1:17 PMa month ago


Fábio Vieira received in the middle, fixed it and finished with his left foot, but the ball went out without danger.


1:15 PMa month ago

12' Yellow

Estupinãn put his hand on the ball inside the offensive area, tried to trick the referee and received the first card of the game.


1:12 PMa month ago


Porto pressures Vitória, who only defend themselves.
1:05 PMa month ago


Pepê received a great pass between the markers inside the area, but the Brazilian finished wrong and the ball went out. What a chance Porto missed.


1:04 PMa month ago


Otávio tried the pass, but the ball stayed in the hands of the goalkeeper.
1:02 PMa month ago


Vitória 0-0 Porto.
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Teams on the lawn

The game will start.
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20 minutes to the start of the game. You follow everything at VAVEL USA.
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When is the Vitória vs Porto game and how to follow LIVE?

Championship: Premier League

Location: D. Afonso Henriques Stadium, Guimarães, Portugal

Time: 2pm

Where to watch: OneFootball and Star+

Real time: VAVEL USA.

12:42 PMa month ago

How and where to watch Vitória x Porto and​​​​​ live

In addition to real time here at VAVEL USA, the match between Vitória x Porto live will be broadcast on OneFootball and Star+.

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Speak, Sérgio!

“It will be competitive, historically it is always a difficult duel. Whenever there is this game, the fervor of fans on both sides comes out. We're going to catch a Vitória at a good time, with interesting players and a coach who has made an interesting technical journey. It remains for us to know the advantages of the opponent and realize that we have the quality and value to go to Guimarães to win the game, which is what we want and we don't think about anything else. A lot of our preparation work is about what we can do to win the game”, said the Portuguese coach about tomorrow's confrontation.
Photo: Publicity/Porto
Photo: Publicity/Porto
12:32 PMa month ago

Speak, Pepa!

“It's indescribable to have the support we have when we open the doors to training, as happened this week. We have great ambition, we always work to make our fans happy. They want to win as much as we do, we know they like the team to give everything on the pitch. Fans like to see themselves in the team and that has happened. We are not afraid of making mistakes. On the other side is a very strong team, which will push us back in some moments of the game, but we have to be very competent in the four moments of the game'', said the Vitória coach in relation to the support of the fans for Sunday's game. .
12:27 PMa month ago

Sergio Conceição

Currently in Porto, Sérgio Conceição has already been in charge of Vitória de Guimarães during the 2015-16 season. There were 31 games, eight wins, 10 draws and 13 defeats.


12:22 PMa month ago

Between technicians

The two coaches have faced each other 10 times in history. Sérgio Conceição has a much superior track record.

9 wins for Sérgio Conceição

0 draw

1 victory for Pepa.

12:17 PMa month ago


In the last 20 games, Porto came out as the winner in the vast majority.

15 port victories

3 draws

2 victories of victory.

12:12 PMa month ago

Probable Vitória

Bruno Varela; Maga, Borevkovic, Mumin, Rafae Soares; Alfa Semedo, Tiago Silva, Nicolas Janvier; Ruben Lameiras, Rochinha, Óscar Estupinán.


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How does Vitória arrive?

Like Porto, Vitória also has a good season, but based on their reality. The team from Guimarães occupies the sixth position with 39 points and fights for a spot in the Conference League. In the last 10 games, the team led by Pepa won five games and lost another five.
12:02 PMa month ago

Probable Porto

Diogo Costa; João Mário, Mbemba, Pepe, Sanusi; Otávio, Grujic, Vitinha, Pepê, Fábio Vieira; Evanilson.
11:57 AMa month ago

How does Porto arrive?

Absolute and undefeated leader! The team led by Sérgio Conceição won 76 points in 28 league games and has six points more than second-placed Sporting. After the elimination to Lyon in the Europa League, the team reacted quickly and achieved two straight victories.

Overall, in the last 10 games, Porto won six matches, drew three and lost just one, against Lyon, in France.

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Hello fan! Stay tuned in the situations of each team for the confrontation soon. Follow the details, lineups and news as it happens live here on VAVEL USA small screen.