Summary and highlights of Germany 82-69 Poland at Eurobasket 2022
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1:07 PM19 days ago

Thank you all.

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel with an exciting ending, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you.
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1:04 PM19 days ago

Q4 00:37

Basket for Johannes Thiemann that brings Germany closer to the third place 
12:59 PM19 days ago

Q4 1:31

Ponitka's triple to close the gap;
12:54 PM19 days ago

Q4 4:01

Dennis Schroder's triple to increase the lead to 9 points 
12:49 PM19 days ago

Q4 5:49

Johannes Voigtmann's triple to put the Germans up +4.
12:44 PM19 days ago

Q4 6:10

Aleksande Dziewa basket to bring Poland to within one point
12:39 PM19 days ago

Q4 7:35

Triple by Jakub Gatbacz to tie the game;
12:34 PM19 days ago

Q4 8:20

Nick Weiler's three-pointer to leave the lead at five points;
12:29 PM19 days ago

Q3 00:00

Maodo Lo missed on the buzzer in the last action of the third quarter;
12:24 PM19 days ago

Q3 00:33

Slaughter's three-pointer to bring Poland within five points 
12:19 PM19 days ago

Q3 2:05

Triple by Mado Lo despite a very forced throw 
12:14 PM19 days ago

Q3 5:34

Slaugther scores a three-pointer but Voigtmann replies in the next action.
12:09 PM19 days ago

Q3 6:01

Jakub Garbacz's three-pointer to bring Poland to within seven
12:04 PM19 days ago

Q3 6:43

Dennis Schroder scores both free throws;
11:59 AM19 days ago

Q3 8:44

Mateusz Ponitka reduces the gap to 11 points 
11:54 AM19 days ago

Q3 9:15

Andreas Obst baskets all three free throws to increase the lead 
11:49 AM19 days ago

Q2 00:00

Johannes Voigtmann misses at the buzzer before halftime 
11:44 AM19 days ago

Q2 1:56

Dennis Schroder's three-pointer to increase the lead even more;
11:39 AM19 days ago

Q2 3:00

Daniel Theis' three-pointer to put the German team 11 points ahead, which made the Polish coach stop the game;
11:34 AM19 days ago

Q2 4:02

Andreas Obst scores a three-pointer to make it +8 for Germany 
11:29 AM19 days ago

Q2 4:58

Basket by Michal Sokolowski to close the gap;
11:24 AM19 days ago

Here is Dennis Schroder's assistance


11:19 AM19 days ago

Q2 6:56

Mateusz Ponitka scores both free throws;
11:14 AM19 days ago

Q2 9:38

Niels Giffey scores the first basket of the second quarter 
11:09 AM19 days ago

1Q 00:00

Nick Weiler Babb misses the three-pointer at the buzzer in the first quarter 
11:04 AM19 days ago

Q1 2:02

Dennis Schroder's basket gives Germany a +7 lead and the Polish coach has stopped the game;
10:59 AM19 days ago

Q1 3:19

Franz Wagner puts Germany +4
10:54 AM19 days ago

Q1 4:35

Daniel Teis dunk to increase the lead to four points 
10:49 AM19 days ago

Q1 5:49

Michal Sokolowski ties the match 
10:44 AM19 days ago

Q1 6:48

Aj Matanza scores to bring the gap to two points 
10:39 AM19 days ago

Q1 8:30

Andreas Obst's first three-pointer to put the German team up +4;
10:34 AM19 days ago

All set

The players are listening to the latest instructions from their coaches before kickoff.
10:29 AM19 days ago

Bronze medal at Eurobasket 2017

The Spanish national team was the last team to win the bronze medal in 2017 and today Germany or Poland will revalidate it;
10:24 AM19 days ago

Summary of the last meeting between Germany and Poland

10:19 AM19 days ago

Poland's players are already on the court


10:14 AM19 days ago

Next Eurobasket

The next Eurobasket to be held in 2025 will be held precisely in Poland.


10:09 AM19 days ago

In search of the bronze medal

While Spain and France will fight for the gold medal, Germany and Poland will go for the bronze medal, which will be won by the winner of this duel;
10:04 AM19 days ago

1 hour

In less than 1 hour Germany vs Poland will be played, both the preview and the minute by minute of the match can be followed here on VAVEL 
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How to watch Germany vs Poland?

If you want to watch Germany vs Poland live on TV, your option is Mitele.

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

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What time is Germany vs Poland at Eurobasket 2022?

This is the kick-off time of the match in several countries:

Argentina: 8:15 hrs.


Bolivia: 10:15 hrs.


Brazil: 11:15 hrs.


Chile: 10:15 hrs.


Colombia: 10:15 hrs.


Ecuador: 10:15 hrs.


Spain: 17:15 hrs.


Mexico: 10:15 hrs.


Paraguay: 11:15 hrs.


Peru: 10:15 hrs.


Uruguay: 12:15 hrs.


England: 16: 15 hrs.


USA: 11:15 hrs.


Australia: 01:15 hrs.


India: 19:30 hrs.

9:49 AM19 days ago

Player to watch in Poland

Mateutsz Ponitka averages 14 points, 5'8 rebounds and 6'3 assists per game, being the most outstanding. In the last game he was not at his best and only scored 7 points, grabbed one rebound and had two assists.
9:44 AM19 days ago

Player to watch in Germany

Dennis Schroder, point guard of the German national team is one of the great figures of his country, he plays for the Houston Rockets of the NBA. Schroder managed to prove that he was one of the most relevant figures for his national team, averaging 18.0 points, 3.1 rebounds and 7.3 assists per game with the German national team. Dennis is one of the most experienced players for the Germans and is one of the team's offensive leaders. In his last game against Spain, he had a game-high 30 points, one rebound and eight assists.
9:39 AM19 days ago

How does Poland arrive?

The Polish National Team played five friendly matches before the start of the Eurobasket in which they played a total of 5 games where they only won two. They also played two qualification games for the next World Cup in which they lost against Croatia, but they overcame Austria. During the Eurobasket they beat Czech Republic, Israel and the Netherlands while they were defeated against Serbia and Finland. They finally qualified as third in Group D. In the round of 16 they defeated Ukraine, in the quarter-finals they upset the reigning champions Slovenia and in the semi-finals they were beaten by France.
9:34 AM19 days ago

How does Germany arrive?

The German team arrived at the Eurobasket after playing the DBB Supercup where they lost in the final against Serbia. They also won two friendly matches against Sweden and Slovenia in the qualification phase for the World Championship. In the Eurobasket they have played five games in which they have won against France, Bosnia Herzegovina, Lithuania and Hungary, while they were defeated by Slovenia. In the end they finished second in Group B. In the round of 16 they defeated Montenegro, while in the quarterfinals they defeated Greece, one of the great favorites. While in the semifinals they were defeated by Spain;
9:29 AM19 days ago


10 meetings between Germany and Poland with a balance of 6 victories for the German team and four for the Polish. The last time these two teams met was on July 3 in the qualification for the World Cup in a game won by the Germans by 93-83. They have only met once in the Eurobasket and that was in 1998 in the second phase of the group stage where Poland won 86-76.
9:24 AM19 days ago

Venue: The match will be played at the Mercedes Benz Arena, located in Berlin, which was inaugurated in 2008 and has a capacity for 16,000 people.

Photo: Dreams Time
Photo: Dreams Time
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Preview of the match

Germany and Poland to face each other for the bronze medal at Eurobasket 2022
9:14 AM19 days ago

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