Highlights: Stephen Thompsons vs Kevin Holland in UFC Live Fight
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Thank you so much for watching UFC Fight Night on VAVEL. Have a great night everyone and see you next time.
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Thompson is the big winner of the night after technical knockout against Holland in the fourth round of the fight.
1:25 AM2 months ago


Situation from the third to the fourth round did not change much. Thompson looking for more strikes, but Holland being more efficient and hitting more, in addition to the two takedowns.
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Duel extends to the fourth round. Holland with 100% of significant strikes and two takedowns, but Thompson with more strikes overall.
1:11 AM2 months ago


Second part of the duel remains balanced, but with Holland with a slight advantage in the number of blows and a takedown.
1:04 AM2 months ago


First round with Holland leaving more for the attack and landing more blows in total, in addition to time control. Balanced confrontation at this point.
12:50 AM2 months ago


Thompson x Holland fazem a última luta da noite.
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In the last Holland clash, defeat by submission to Chimaev on September 10, 2022.
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In the last fight, Thompson was defeated by unanimous decision against Muhammad on December 18, 2021.
12:47 AM2 months ago

Thompson v Holland

Age: 39-30

Knockout wins: 5-4

Average significant hits: 3.9-3.7

Victory by submission: 0-3.

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Thompson x Holland make the main and last fight of the UFC Fight Night.
12:44 AM2 months ago

Rafael dos Anjos!

12:43 AM2 months ago

Victory of Rafael dos Anjos

Rafael dos Anjos defeated Bryan Barberena by submission in the second round and won the last fight on the main card.
12:33 AM2 months ago


The penultimate fight of the night is disputed and with many blows. Second round going on and both athletes looking for victory.
12:21 AM2 months ago

Penultimate fight of the night

Bryan Barberena and Rafael dos Anjos make the penultimate fight of the event.
12:12 AM2 months ago

Matheus Nicolau win

Matheus Nicolau beat Matt Schnell by TKO in the second round, with little more than a minute left for the end.
11:58 PM2 months ago

Fifth fight

Matheus Nicolau and Matt Schnell will have their fifth fight of the night.
11:51 PM2 months ago

Go ahead

The night's event is moving forward and the preliminary card is reaching the final stretch.
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Less than a minute into the fight, Sergei Pavlovich defeated Tai Tuivasa via TKO in the first round.
11:32 PM2 months ago

Fourth fight

tai Tuivasa and Sergei Pavlovich make the fourth UFC fight of the night. Follow everything here at VAVEL.
11:22 PM2 months ago

Victory for Roman Dolidze

Another technical knockout in the night. Roman Dolidze defeated Jack Hermansson in the second round to end the match.
11:08 PM2 months ago

Third fight

Jack Hermansson and Roman Dolidze make the third showdown of the night.
11:00 PM2 months ago

Eryk Anders win

Eryk Anders won the bout via TKO in the second round with two minutes and 15 seconds remaining.
10:51 PM2 months ago

Second fight

Eryk Anders and Kyle Daukaus have their second duel of the night.
10:36 PM2 months ago

Phil Rowe win

Phil Rowe defeats Niko Price via TKO in the third round with one minute and 34 seconds remaining.
10:30 PM2 months ago

First fight

Niko Price and Phil Rowe face off in the first main card match.
10:12 PM2 months ago

Main card

Welterweight (up to 150 lbs): Stephen Thompson vs Kevin Holland
Welterweight (up to 77.1 Kg): Bryan Barberena vs Rafael dos Anjos

Flyweight (up to 56.7 kg): Matheus Nicolau vs Matt Schnell

Heavyweight (up to 120.2 kg): Tai Tuivasa vs Sergei Pavlovich

Middleweight (up to 83.9 kg): Jack Hermansson vs Roman Dolidze

Middleweight (up to 83.9 kg): Eryk Anders vs Kyle Daukaus

10:11 PM2 months ago


Angela Hill beat Emily Ducote and ended the preliminary card of the night.
9:51 PM2 months ago

more winners

Preliminary card arrives in the last fight of the night, but before that, Clay Guida beat Scott Holtzman.
9:21 PM2 months ago


There are four fights left for the end of the preliminary card. The main one is scheduled to start at 00h.
9:14 PM2 months ago


The first part of the event has already started and there have been five fights, with the victories of Yazmin Jauregui, Francis Marshall, Natan Levy, Jonathan Pearce and Michael Johnson.
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Stephen Thompson vs Kevin Holland

Cartel: 16-6-0 x 23-8-0

Country: United States x United States

Height: 1.82cmx 1.90cm

Weight: 77.1kg x 77.1kg

Wingspan: 190.5 cm x 205.74 cm

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Main card - 11:00pm

Preliminary card - 8:00pm

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Speak up, Stephen Thompson!

“I think it’s good. What's number 1, how is my body doing? "I don't take much punishment in the fight game. I've been knocked out once in my entire career, my entire fighting career with kickboxing and MMA combined." that after that people already know. they said: ' I need to retire. I'm like, what? If I'm getting knocked out consistently, then let's think about it. Taking punishment is a bad thing. This is a big deal, and I don't take many punishments. But also how my body is feeling. How are you feeling and how are you doing? my recovery.”

“As long as I am feeling healthy and not taking too many punishments, I will continue to do what I do,” You've been part of my camp since day one and probably know me more than myself and as a fighter. I want to keep fighting, and sometimes we're going to overlook the fact that maybe we shouldn't. So ;o, when he says it's over, it's over.

4:35 PM2 months ago

Hey Kevin Holland!

“We are two people who like to watch fights, go there and stay there. and fight," Holland told UFC.com.“"They can see us fighting the kind of fights we like to fight.”

“I respect his attitude, his personality, how he is doing. I'm happy all the time because I'm such a good guy and so positive,” Holland said of Thompson. “ What kind of person are you? gift for everyone in your life.  It's good to be a good person, it's good to be a good person. I can't be a good person. Don't be me because you don't.   both.”

“'Wonderboy' It's kind of been on the radar since forever. Even when I was at middleweight, I was like, 'If I go down to welterweight, this is the right weight. one of those fights I would love to do,'" Holland said.“'Wonderboy' was one of the reasons I was willing to drop to 170lbs when I wasn't really into this whole weight loss business.  It's a beautiful fight to have, a legend of the sport, he's the best. A magnificent person, wonderful fighter, beautiful striking, but beautiful striking is not always the case. effective.''

“When it comes to putting people to sleep... I do it really well.”

“What can I say, I’m here in Orlando, sun shining, doing my thing. I know I deserve to be here,” .  I'm here to pay my taxes and bring someone down at the same time.”

“I got a fat paycheck and a lot of bling bling,” Holland chuckled.“Its been a weird, crazy week.”

“Man, the “Wonderboy” shows how much he is.  You are talented.  You have to look at your karate background. and kickboxing to really understand how good he is,” know what I mean?"

“I think he is. I'm thinking of retiring from this fight,”

“I have more MMA fights than him, he has MMA less fights than me. I'm younger, I'm handsome.  only my turn.

4:30 PM2 months ago

Main Card

Welterweight (up to 77.1 Kg): Stephen Thompson x Kevin Holland

Welterweight (up to 77.1 Kg): Bryan Barberena x Rafael dos Anjos

Flyweight (up to 56.7 kg): Matheus Nicolau x Matt Schnell

Heavyweight (up to 120.2 Kg): Tai Tuivasa x Sergei Pavlovich

Average weight (up to 83.9 Kg): Jack Hermansson x Roman Dolidze

Average weight (up to 83.9 Kg): Eryk Anders x Kyle Daukaus

4:25 PM2 months ago

Preliminary Card

Welterweight (up to 77.1 Kg): Niko Price x Phil Rowe

Strawweight (up to 52.1 Kg): Angela Hill x Emily Ducote

Lightweight (up to 70.3 Kg): Clay Guida x Scott Holtzman

Lightweight (up to 70.3 Kg): Michael Johnson x Marc Diakiese

Featherweight (up to 65.7 Kg): Darren Elkins x Jonathan Pearce

Lightweight (up to 70.3 Kg): Natan Levy x Genaro Valdez

Featherweight (up to 65.7 Kg): Marcelo Rojo x Francis Marshall

Strawweight (up to 52.1 Kg): Yazmin Jauregui x Istela Nunes

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Photo: Publicity/UFC
Photo: Publicity/UFC
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The game will be played at Amway Center

The Stephen Thompsons vs Kevin Holland game will be played at Amway Center with a capacity of 17,030 people.
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