Highlights and Best Moments: Gallo Estrada vs Chocolatito Gonzalez 3 in Boxing
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Thank you for following the rebroadcast of the fight between Gallo Estrada and Chocolatito Gonzalez.
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By majority decision, Gallo Estrada won by a 115-113, 116-112 and a 114-114 draw. Victory for Mexico.
11:48 PMa year ago

12th round

Both boxers came out to win, exchanged punches and with more energy Gallo Estrada, but now awaits the decision on the cards.
11:43 PMa year ago

11th round

Chocolatito continues with this winning inertia and has continued cornering Gallo against the ropes, but that's what the fight has been left with the ineffectiveness of Gonzalez and the mobility and counterpunching of Estrada.
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10th round

Little by little Gallo began to lose mobility due to the blows he received, although he had a dose of luck when Chocolatito slipped and fell, so he had a few extra seconds.
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9th round

Once again, the two fighters exchanged blows again, where Gallo Estrada, despite being against the ropes, came out on top by answering with a one-two that also hurt Chocolatito.
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8th round

El Gallo was no longer so mobile and Chocolatito now hit him directly in the face, although the Mexican answered in the same way seconds later.
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7th round

It seems that Chocolatito has changed his strategy because his corner asked him to attack more and now he has done some damage on the ropes against Gallo.
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6th round

Good lateral and waist movement has shown the Gallo that, when he wants to, seems to have a greater effectiveness against a Chocolatito that tries but does not see where.
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5th round

Chocolatito was more proactive, but every time he tried to throw a punch, Gallo, with a good guard, managed to respond in the same way. Very close fight at the moment.
11:08 PMa year ago

4th round

Intense fight where Chocolatito has managed to put Gallo against the ropes, who has managed to get out well.
11:03 PMa year ago

3rd round

Gallo Estrada with his left hooks and also El Chocolatito with his hard jabs have gradually ignited the fight.
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2nd round

More emotions began to arrive, where Chocolatito was more daring, scoring more goals, although not all of them necessarily against the Gallo's humanity.
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1st round

Few emotions and a round of full knowledge between Gallo and Chocolatito. More activity is expected for the second.
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The fight between El Gallo and Chocolatito begins.
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Step into the ring

El Gallo Estrada comes out to the arena and enters the ring where his best scenes in his career are displayed.
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The anthems of Mexico, Nicaragua and the United States are playing in a great boxing evening that is expected.
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The billboard

This was today's intense card that will close with the fight between Román González and Juan Estrada. Nicaragua vs Mexico.
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This is how Chocolatito is prepared

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Now comes the main event between Gallo Estrada and Chocolatito Gonzalez, where each has one win in their run in this series.
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Martinez won by majority decision after defeating Carmona. Triumph for the Mexican.
10:13 PMa year ago

In this moments

The twelfth round between Martinez and Carmona is already underway, where the former seems likely to prevail by unanimous decision on the cards.
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The third fight of a great duel is about to take place when Chocolatito Gonzalez faces Gallo Estrada and here we will have the details of the fight. We begin with the coverage through VAVEL.
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What time is Gallo Estrada vs Chocolatito Gonzalez 3 fight for Boxing 2022?

This is the start time of the game Gallo Estrada vs Chocolatito Gonzalez of December 4th in several countries:

Argentina: 1:00 AM on Star +

Bolivia: 12:00 AM on Star +

Brazil: 1:00 AM on Star +

Chile: 1:00 AM at Star +

Colombia: 11:00 PM at Star +

Ecuador: 11:00 PM on Star +

United States (ET): 11:00 PM on DAZN

Spain: 5:00 AM on Star +

Mexico: 10:00 PM on Star + and ESPN

Paraguay: 1:00 AM on Star +

Peru: 11:00 PM on Star +

Uruguay: 1:00 AM on Star +

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Last fights Gallo Estrada vs Chocolatito Gonzalez 3

This bout will define who is the better boxer between these two great athletes. The first time they faced each other happened on November 17, 2012 with Chocolatito winning by unanimous decision and the second one happened just last year, on March 13 with a split decision win, so it is very even the record between these fighters.
9:48 PMa year ago

Do not underestimate him

Gallo Estrada's trainer, Alfredo Caballero, said that this time they will not underestimate Chocolatito as they did in the second fight and explained the reason for his words.

"They are the two best fighters at the moment in bantamweight. We will not underestimate Chocolatito. In the second I assure that we underestimated him," he reiterated. "Maybe because on that occasion we were in the super flyweight division, the last one was a light flyweight, but this time we are not going to underestimate him," he said in an interview with Izquierdazo.

9:43 PMa year ago

Comparison between Gallo and Chocolatito

This is the comparison between Gallo Estrada and Chocolatito Gonzalez:

Total landed 314 391

totals launched 1212 1317

Percentage 26% 30%

Punches landed 17 39

Jabs thrown 395 434

Percent 4% 9%

Power landed 297 352

Power thrown 817 883

Percent 36% 40%

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How does Chocolatito Gonzalez arrive?

Nicaraguan-born Roman Alberto Gonzalez Luna has fought a total of 54 fights, winning 51 of them and 41 by way of chloroform, in addition to 3 defeats. The most recent time he stepped into the ring was on March 5 of this year when he defeated Julio Cesar Martinez by unanimous decision.
Foto: Telemundo
Image: Telemundo
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How is Gallo Estrada doing?

Mexican Juan Francisco Estrada, born in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico, has fought a total of 46 fights, with 43 victories, 28 of them by knockout and only three defeats. The last fight was last September 3, when he defeated Argi Cortes by unanimous decision.
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Now they fight

It should be noted that this fight was scheduled to take place at the beginning of the year, however, due to scheduling issues and also because of the Covid-19 suffered by Gallo at the beginning of the year, the long-awaited trilogy between these two great boxers had to be postponed.
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The Kick-off

The Gallo Estrada vs Chocolatito Gonzalez 3 fight will be played at the Desert Diamond Arena, in Glendele, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 23:00 pm ET.
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