Highlights: Canada 1-12 USA in World Baseball Classic
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With the victory, the United States reached the second positive result of the season with victories against Great Britain and Canada. The Canadian team continues with only one positive result, which was in the debut against Great Britain.
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USA 12-1 Canada.
11:27 PM12 days ago

Follow without score

Sixth entry continues without a score and the USA is carrying an advantage for the final stretch.
11:02 PM12 days ago

One more no score

Third, fourth and fifth entry and no score.
10:41 PM12 days ago

No score

No score again in the game's fifth inning as the USA held onto the lead by 11 points.
10:25 PM12 days ago

No scores

After two innings with scores, the third there were no scores and the USA leads 12-1.
10:15 PM12 days ago


USA reaches its 12th point in the game and is comfortably in the lead. Canada without reaction power.
10:07 PM12 days ago


USA leads by eight points in the third inning.
9:53 PM12 days ago

Big advantage

USA 9-1 Canada.
9:46 PM12 days ago

First point

Jared Young hit and Canada got to the first point of the game.
9:38 PM12 days ago

5 - 0

United States reaches five points in the game after Trea Turner scores.
9:27 PM12 days ago

3 - 0

Goldschmidt scores and the USA takes their third point of the game.
9:24 PM12 days ago

2 - 0

Betts and Trout scores for USA, which opens 2-0.
9:21 PM12 days ago


Mookie Betts leads the USA.
9:20 PM12 days ago


Lance Lynn will face Eduardo Julien to try to move forward in the confrontation.
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It's a World Baseball Classic on VAVEL.
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Julien 2B

Freeman 1B

O'Neill CF

Young DH

Lopez SS

Toro 3B

Naylor C

Clarke RF

Robson LF

9:03 PM12 days ago


Betts RF

Trout DH

Goldschmidt 1B

Arenado 3B

Tucker LF

Anderson 2B

Realmuto C

Turner SS

Mullins CF

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Canada's last head-to-head victory over the USA was on July 19, 2015, when it won 7-6.
8:03 PM12 days ago

Last duel

In the last confrontation, the USA won by 10 to 1, in June 2021.
8:02 PM12 days ago


In the last nine games between the two teams, the United States have won six times, while Canada has won three times.
4:00 PM12 days ago

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Speak up, Mark DeRosa!

"If that's where it needs to go, then every team, every country is going to want their so-called best players," DeRosa said.   how easy it was to put together a list.

"But I understand perfectly. Over 162 in the major leagues, you’ll be able to compete in the major leagues. You want your top players healthy, firing on all cylinders. É Big order to get these guys rolling."

"Major league clubs are going to have to be willing to be a little bit more... Okay, mentality-wise, with these guys playing,"

“I think one thing for people to understand, the fanbases to understand, and the teams to understand is that there is no difference. That’s the training team there;   a professional Major League Baseball coaching staff that knows how to keep its players just like regular training. team would," ''When we come in here, there is no shortage of skilled professionals to keep us where we need to be. They’re ready to do -- whatever program we have with teams of our own, they’re ready to put into action here."

"How did you learn? "How can you do that?" said DeRosa.    Can you ask these guys to go through 162 games and then get into serious competition like this?   Can you wait for the major league season to take a break? I thought about the All-Star break. So those four days off, when do you study? back from that first game, is it? like, 'Wow, I lost all calibration for the fastball'; and it takes almost a minute to get back to the second half.

"So asking these guys [non-WBC players] to shut it down for 2 and a half weeks, three weeks would be a crime. But I don’t know if there’s available. a perfect answer to that."

"Yes, we are going to try to beat this," leave healthy and ready for a major league season too.''

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Last games

In the last 10 games for the USA, there were eight wins and two losses.
3:45 PM12 days ago

How does the USA arrive?

The USA arrives for the confrontation with a victory in the first confrontation, where it beat the United Kingdom.
3:40 PM12 days ago

Speak up, Ernie Whitt!

"I'd like to score 18 points in every game we play," Team Canada coach Ernie Whitt said after the game. fighting, fighting back. But like Tyler [O'Neill] said, we had some great hitting. We crunched our hits. We took our walks. And we took advantage of some of the mistakes we made. they did. So it was cool to see.”

“I just treated that hit as normal, not the first of the game,” Julien said after the game.“My plan was to hit a fast ball in the zone. And I knew he had good change, and he threw the first pitch, a fast ball up, and I was lucky enough to get a good hit on him.

“Thereá   You need to kick the ball to the other side, and there are   You want to put the ball in space,” O'Neill said of his on-base approach on Sunday. wants to make pitches.”

"It definitely makes a difference," Whitt said of the disadvantageous schedule. With the restrictive rules for pitchers, it's a good idea. It's a tricky situation because we can't burn the pitchers we want to use against Colombia and Mexico”.

3:35 PM12 days ago

Last games

In Canada’s last 10 games, they only won three and lost seven.
3:30 PM12 days ago

How does Canada arrive?

 Canada; arrives for the confrontation with a victory, already which beat the UK 18-8.
3:25 PM12 days ago

World Baseball Classic

Photo: Publicity/World Baseball Classic
Photo: Publicity/World Baseball Classic
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The game will be played at Barreiros Stadium

The Canada vs USA game will be played at Barreiros Stadium with a capacity of 10.932 people.
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