10:48 PMa month ago


10:24 PMa month ago

4Q 0:51

Christian Wood misses a three-pointer. Alperen Sengun gets a rebound on defense.
10:19 PMa month ago

4Q 2:58

Foul committed by LeBron James. Fred VanVleet scores a technical free throw. Jalen Green scores a 1-of-2 free throw. Jalen Green scores a 2-of-2 free throw.
10:16 PMa month ago

4Q 4:05

Alperen Sengun loses the ball : doubles. Substitution: Enter Jabari Smith Jr. in place of Cam Whitmore. Lakers call a timeout.
10:08 PMa month ago

4Q 6:24

Rockets call a timeout. Substitution: Enter Jeff Green in place of Jalen Green. Substitution: Enter Cam Whitmore in place of Jabari Smith Jr. Substitution: Enter Jae'Sean Tate in place of Alperen Sengun.
9:56 PMa month ago

4Q 12:00

Start of the fourth quarter D'Angelo Russell misses a three-pointer. Jalen Green gets a rebound on defense. Jalen Green misses a three-pointer. Max Christie gets a rebound on defense.
9:51 PMa month ago

3Q 3:06

Anthony Davis scores a three-pointer. Rui Hachimura assists. The Rockets call a timeout.
9:50 PMa month ago

3Q 5:48

Jae'Sean Tate misses a layup. Anthony Davis gets a rebound on defense.
9:32 PMa month ago

3Q 9:52

Foul by Jae'Sean Tate. LeBron James misses a free throw 1 of 2. Lakers get a rebound on offense.
9:15 PMa month ago

2Q 2.23

Fred VanVleet misses a three-pointer. The Lakers get a rebound on defense.
9:10 PMa month ago

2Q 3:50

Jabari Smith Jr. misses a three-pointer. Max Christie gets a rebound on defense.
8:58 PMa month ago

2Q 8:02

Lakers call a timeout. Substitution: Enter Jabari Smith Jr. in place of Dillon Brooks.
8:47 PMa month ago

2Q 10:07

Austin Reaves converts a two-point shot. LeBron James assisted.
8:36 PMa month ago

1Q 1:09

Cam Whitmore misses a three-pointer. Amen Thompson gets an offensive rebound.
8:31 PMa month ago

1Q 2:02

Jarred Vanderbilt steals the ball from Amen Thompson.
8:30 PMa month ago

1Q 3:21

Anthony Davis converts a two-point shot. D'Angelo Russell assisted.
8:30 PMa month ago

1Q 6:09

LeBron James converts a two-point shot. Anthony Davis provided the assist.
8:19 PMa month ago

1Q 9:22

D'Angelo Russell converts a two-point shot.
8:14 PMa month ago

1Q 11:40

Foul committed by Anthony Davis. Jalen Green scores a 1-of-2 free throw. Jalen Green scores a 2-of-2 free throw.
7:48 PMa month ago


In a couple of moments we will start with the rebroadcast of the duel between the Rockets and the Lakers, duel corresponding to the NBA 2023-2024 regular season.
7:48 PMa month ago


This is the Staring Five that the Lakers send to the court to face the Starting Five of the Rockets in Houston, USA. 
7:47 PMa month ago


This is the Staring Five that the Rockets send to the court to face the Starting Five of the Lakers in Houston, USA. 
7:38 PMa month ago


LeBron James has joined another select group and will share the court with familiar faces at this season's NBA All-Star Game.
James becomes an All-Star for the 20th time, being named a starter in the game after the voting results were revealed Thursday night. The milestone marks the first time anyone has reached such a milestone in league history.
7:22 PMa month ago


Jaime Jaquez Jr.'s anticipation has come to an end. The Miami Heat's Mexican forward is off the injured list and will be available to play in the team's next game, scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 27, as visitors against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. Triple J' had not been on the court since January 14, when the Heat defeated the Charlotte Hornets 87-104. On that occasion, Jaquez Jr. suffered a left thigh strain that kept him out of action for six games.
7:18 PMa month ago


The most exciting season of the year, the playoffs with their series of thrilling games, will begin on April 20. Although there is still more than half of the regular season left, intriguing questions are already arising, such as whether the Nuggets will be able to break the champion's curse. Since 2019, the defending champions have failed to advance past the second round of the playoffs.
7:10 PMa month ago


After last year's disappointment, characterized by audiences at historically low levels, significant changes are anticipated for the All-Star Game, which will be held in 2024 in Indianapolis. Moving away from the recent format of captains picking their teams' players, which appears to have backfired, a return to the classic East-West showdown is expected. In addition, the NBA will impose the active participation of the stars in the competition, seeking to revitalize the appeal of the event.
7:05 PMa month ago


February 8 marks the deadline for NBA trades, known as the "trade deadline". This day is of great importance for teams, as it is the last opportunity to make trades and strengthen their squads for the final phase of the season. In addition, in recent years, the trade deadline has become especially attractive to fans due to the numerous stars who have changed teams on this date.
7:03 PMa month ago


The wait for the NBA is over, the best basketball league in the world is back, with the best players, the best baskets, the best plays, the best controversies and the best teams in the world's elite leagues. 
8:00 AMa month ago

Tune in here Lakers vs Rockets Live Score

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Lakers vs Rockets match.
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What time is Lakers vs Rockets match for NBA Game 2024?

This is the start time of the game Lakers vs Rockets of 29th January in several countries

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January 29, 2024

20:00 ET



January 29, 2024




January 29, 2024




January 29, 2024




January 29, 2024




January 29, 2024




January 29, 2024




January 30, 2024




January 29, 2024




January 29, 2024



7:50 AMa month ago

Keep an eye on this Lakers player:

LeBron James was selected as the first pick of the 2003 NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Since then, he has played for several NBA teams, including the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers. LeBron James is known for his versatility and ability to make an impact in all areas of the game. He can score, assist and rebound at an exceptional level. His size, physical strength and agility have made him a unique player in basketball history. LeBron James is considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and his impact on and off the court has left a lasting mark on the sport.

7:45 AMa month ago

Keep an eye out for this Rockets player:

Brooks played college basketball at the University of Oregon, where he excelled as a versatile small forward and scorer. After three seasons with the Ducks, he decided to enter the 2017 NBA Draft. He was selected in the second round of the 2017 NBA Draft by the Houston Rockets, and since then, Brooks has been a key player for the Grizzlies, earning a spot in the rotation and contributing on both the offensive and defensive end. Dillon Brooks is known for his intensity on the court, his ability to score from the perimeter and his defensive prowess.
7:40 AMa month ago

About the Stadium

The Toyota Center is a multi-purpose arena located in downtown Houston, Texas, United States. It is primarily known as the home of the Houston Rockets, the NBA team. The Toyota Center can hold over 18,000 spectators during sporting events and up to 19,000 for concerts. It opened on October 6, 2003 and has since become a focal point for sporting and entertainment events in the region. In addition to the NBA's Houston Rockets, the Toyota Center has been used as the temporary home for NHL (ice hockey) teams and has hosted NCAA games, wrestling events and more. In addition to sporting events, the Toyota Center has hosted a variety of concerts and live shows. Many world-renowned artists have performed here.
7:35 AMa month ago

They are also reeling

The Houston Rockets are also going through a tough time in the NBA regular season as they are currently outside the top 10 in the Western Conference and have one of the most significant negative records in the NBA as losses outnumber wins. Likewise, the Rockets are characterized by their home record of 16 wins and 7 losses, a situation they could take advantage of to win this game since the Lakers are one of the hardest teams to play against on the road.
7:30 AMa month ago

They have not discovered their full potential

The Lakers continue to struggle to reach their peak performance this season. Despite a promising start with some victories and the winning of the trophy in the NBA-In Season Tournament, the team was expected to maintain its momentum towards the top, given its outstanding performance both individually and collectively. However, the excitement of the championship proved to be short-lived, as the Los Angeles team has experienced a string of consecutive losses that have significantly affected the morale of the group. They currently sit in the middle of the table in the NBA's Western Conference and face the challenge of improving their position by picking up wins to return to the top of the standings. They also come into this game at a considerable disadvantage according to the statistics, as they have so far failed to get even half as many away wins compared to games played.
7:25 AMa month ago

The best emotions of basketball

The NBA courts are once again lit up with the best basketball in the world, the elite players of this sport return to dispute every ball with the greatest intensity with the goal of adding victories and at the end of the campaign, reach the playoffs to seek to position themselves in the fight to lift the coveted trophy. Likewise, with the In-Season Tournament tournament over, the teams will now have to concentrate on having a great performance for the rest of the campaign if they want to become champions.
7:20 AMa month ago

Kick-off time

The Rockets vs Lakers match will be played at Toyota Center, in Houston, California. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:00 pm ET.
7:15 AMa month ago

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