Comic Book Wednesday "Old Man Logan" Review
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Comic Book Wednesday "Old Man Logan" Review

A review on Mark Millar's "Old Man Logan" story.

Mark Lynch

It's been decades since the villains took over the world. They finally came together and took out all the heroes of the planet piece by piece. But they didn't kill them all. Logan, the hero once known as Wolverine, has not popped his claws since that tragic day when the villains took over. What the villains did to him to make him become a pacifist was a mystery Logan kept close to the chest. All we know now is that he now lives on a farm with his two kids (Scotty and Jade) his wife Maureen, and is no longer The Wolverine.

After years of never being late paying his rent to the Hulk (Yes, that Hulk), Hulk sends his kids to teach Logan a lesson. When they show, Logan pictured how easy it would be to go back to his old self and gut them with ease. But that's no longer how he does things. So Logan takes his punishment and the Hulk's beat Logan down in front of his family and tell him double next month or else. Later that night while Logan is in bed healing from the beating he received, Logan and his family are visited by a blind Hawkeye who tells Logan he has a way for him to make the money he needs to pay rent and then some. Logan is hesitant but realizes that since his farm isn't producing any crops and his animals can't be sold, he doesn't have a choice. Logan and Hawkeye get in the Spider-Buggy and make their way to the capital of the Country. The Red Skull's quarter.

Red Skull and his "Trophy Room"
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Along the way the duo come across some things that will make Marvel fans jams drop. Spider-Man's great grand daughter who is Hawkeye's ex wife, the Baxter Building crushing the dead giant body of Loki, and, my personal favorite, Las Vegas now being called "Hammer Falls". Hammer Falls is now a place where people go and pray to Thor's fallen hammer Mjölnir in hopes that the heroes would rise up again and take the world back. It is also the place where Thor was defeated and killed.

Writing: 8

Mark Millar took a beloved character and made him even more interesting. Logan has always been more than known for his claws and killing people, but now he isn't that guy. From the outside looking in, most people would be confused to why anyone would want to read a book where Wolverine doesn't fight. But the story is so good that you won't even realize Logan hasn't so much as punched anyone. But don't fret. He will fight eventually. Just keep reading the book. When you find out why Logan has not popped his claws or fought anybody in decades, it will make perfect sense and may even hit you in the heart a bit. The only complaint is that we never get to hear more about how the villains took over. There seems to be a ton of really good battles that we may never see. Also, the "Old Man Logan" story is very similar to Millar's "Wanted" story.

Eventually, Wolverine comes back. How it happens you'll have to read to find out.
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Art: 9

Steve McNiven's art is almost always very crisp and "Old Man Logan" is no exception. The way McNiven drew a beautiful post apocalyptic sets the tone for every part of the story. The world had to look different than what we have seen and it certainly does. The dry landscapes, the beaten down buildings, and even Logan looks like a guy who has seen his fare share of trials and tribulations. He's no longer slimmer with black hair. Now he has a buzz cut and looks like a farmer who doesn't get to the gym. It was an amazing piece of work from page one to the final "Giant Sized Old Man Logan".

In Conclusion:

"Old Man Logan" is a must have for any fan of comic books. We are given a look at  a world that was never supposed to happen and it is both beautiful and scary. Millar took Logan and broke him down to his last bit. It is a wonder to see. 

Side note, Old Man Logan might be the theme for the final "Wolverine" movie. For more, check out these links.

If you're curious about how the U.S. was broken down.
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