Ten Great Moon Knight Moments
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After years of telling people and writing articles about how great a character Moon Knight is, this writer gets news that Moon Knight could be the next to join Daredevil, Punisher, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage on Netflix. Who is Moon Knight is what the people are collectively asking. Moon Knight is Batman with multiple personalities who will kill you. There is even a scene in Dark Knight where Bruce Wayne was unshaven, beaten, limping, and had isolated himself from everyone. This looked exactly like the first two issues of Moon Knight "The Bottom". Anyway, for those of you who don't know who Moon Knight is, here are ten really great Moon Knight moments that will hopefully get you on the Moon Knight bandwagon.

1. Spider-Knight:

It was only a little bit.
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As it was mentioned earlier, Moon Knight has multiple personalities in his head. At one point one of them was Spider-Man. Not only did he dress up as Spider-Man, but he fought, talked, and acted like Spider-Man. In one particular battle, he dressed as Spider-Man and fought some strippers. It didn't work out to well for him.

2. New Suit:

Styling and profiling and killing people.
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After years of fighting in a costume and becoming a pariah, Moon Knight decided it was time for a change. Not just in the way he did things, but in his look. So since Moon Knight was a wanted man, but still needed the police at times, he decided to wear a three piece suit and have a limo drive him around. Since Moon Knight is a wanted man, a detective he helped out started calling him "Mr. Knight". It's a really nice suit, but it must get dirty so quick when he fights in it.

3. Protector of the Travelers:

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Sometimes he's the avatar of vengeance and sometimes he's the god of the moon. In this particular incarnation, Moon Knight protected those who traveled at night. This was probably the coolest job he had. Moon Knight spent his nights protecting the common person. The people who were just trying to make it home. Whether it be from work or just leaving to get somewhere. Moon Knight watches over them. And if you were hurt or killed, you were dang sure avenged. And it wasn't just the world of the living. Moon Knight also protected those in danger while they were sleeping and also the dead.

4. See if it works:

I don't think Moon Knight is intimidated, Tasky.
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Moon Knight was down, but not out. Threatening the people he cared about did nothing but pump him up for revenge. Not something you want to do to a guy you want to kill. So Taskmaster was sent to kill him and failed. Moon Knight confronts him in his full costume and even though Taskmaster beat Marc Spector, Tasky was now fighting Moon Knight. Taskmaster kept shooting Moon Knight with arrows threatening to kill him. With Taskmaster's sword placed directly in his face, Moon Knight just says "See if that works this time". Taskmaster all but poops himself he was so scared. This was one of the few times Taskmaster looked scared.

5. Beats Deadpool bad:

Someone Moon Knight can't kill. Not an advantage for Deadpool
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Deadpool has been beat before. Every hero and villain has been beat before. But Moon Knight put Deadpool in the hospital. How does Moon Knight put a guy with a healing factor in the hospital? While they didn't show the action, seeing Moon Knight smile after he found out Deadpool couldn't die, one would assume that the beat down that Deadpool got was epic, brutal, and down right ugly.

6. Spector VS Stark

Quick and simple. Tony Stark told Marc Spector to not even bother trying to sign up to be a hero. Before he left, Stark asked what Captain America looked like when he saw him. Spector replied "He looked like Captain America. You just look like an @$$-hole".

7. Count Nefarious:

Count Nefarious has; super strength, super speed, invulnerability, eye beams, and he's immortal. Nefarious is in Thor's level in terms of his villainy. Moon Knight is a guy with some cool weapons. Did Moon Knight care? Not even a little. Moon Knight still went right at him and fought him directly. It was a sight to behold. But it's a good thing that he called the Avengers. All the courage in the world isn't going to block laser beam eyes.

8. Face...off

It was Moon Knight's final fight with his nemesis Bushman and it looked like Bushman was going to win and kill Moon Knight after he had thrown him off a building and Moon Knight hit every fire escape on the way down. As Moon Knight laid there, Bushman walked towards him slowly and then Moon Knight threw his crescent moon shurikens at Bushman's face and floored him. Once Moon Knight got close enough, he used one of his shurikens to peal Bushman's face off of his head.

9. Moon Knight and Khonshu:

Easily the most disfunctional relationship between avatar and deity. One minute they love each other and have a great working relationship, then Marc foresakes him, then loves Khonshu again, and then hates him, repeat cycle. Sometimes Khonshu is serious and god like and sometimes he's goofy and spiteful and wants nothing but blood and rage. Either way, it makes for a hilarious team up.

10. Man of the people kinda sorta:

Moon Knight stops a sexual assault and in the middle of pummeling these guys to a pulp, he turns to the woman and puts his bloody club to her and asks if she wants a piece of the action. When she refuses he strugs it of and says "More for me" and keeps the beating going. Best part of Moon Knight at this time is that he would mark a person every time they committed and violent crime. Some people never learned and were marked over and over. Eventually they all learned their lesson.