Report: Moon Knight will be the latest Marvel-Netflix collaboration

Report: Moon Knight will be the latest Marvel-Netflix collaboration

Moon Knight aka Marc Spector could be a very good show on Netflix

Max ONeill

There is a report circulating that Marvel MAX character Moon Knight will be getting his own series on Netflix, further distinguishing the movies light tone from the Netflix shows grittier, darker tone. Moon Knight will probably come after the Iron Fist first season, as Moon Knight is a member in some iterations of the comics of the Defenders so Netflix and Marvel might want to include him in that mini-series.

Moon Knight made his first appearance in the Marvel comic universe in Werewolf by Night #32 in August of 1975. The writers of that comic were Doug Moenich and Alan Zelenetz. The pencillers for that first issue were Bill Sienkewicz, Kevin Nowlan and Bo Hampton.

Moon Knight’s real name is Marc Spector and he was born in Chicago, Illinois. His father who was a rabbi left Germany when Hitler invaded Czecholovakia.  Moon Knight is part of the Earth 616 universe. Spector’s mother died shortly after he was born, and he became a boxer in his youth. A transformative moment in Marc Spector’s life was when his father came into the ring to try to stop him and Spector punched his father. The next morning Moon Knight joined the US Marine Corps. After that he became a field op for the CIA. After that was over he became a straight up assassin.

He became Moon Knight after one of his bosses mortally wounded him in the desert. His partners laid him beneath the idol Khonshu, after that his spirit encountered Khonshu who promised to save his life if he promised to serve it. In recent years after the Siege of Asgard comic, Steve Rogers aka Captain America recruited Spector for the Secret Avenger. In the 2012 comic Avengers v. X-Men, Moon Knight took the side of the Avengers with Falcon and the She-Hulk against the students of the Jean Grey school.

Moon Knight’s abilities include super athlete, master martial artist, skilled acrobat, gymnast and detective. He is also a pilot, marksman, superhuman strength senses and ability. One note about Moon Knight is his split personality disorder, that gives him telepathic immunity, an adaptive personality, resistance to pain, and he can induce fear into villains.

In yours truly’s opinion the show could be very good, it’s definitely the new Guardians of the Galaxy, where the casual fan has no idea who Moon Knight is and it turns out to be amazing. Yours truly is also worried that Marvel is getting a little too cocky that they can’t fail. Marvel might think they can take any character nobody has ever heard of and still make it great. This series could be really good though, it will definitely be very dark.

One actor that could be very good as Moon Knight is Taron Eggerton who played “Eggsy” in the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service early this year. He was really good in that role and could be very good as Marc Spector, Moon Knight. The only thing that might prevent him from being the role is he might be too big of a star by then. Another option could be Paul Dano who was amazing as Eli Sunday in There Will Be Blood. Dano was also in Prisoners, which was reviewed very well. He could use a big superhero type movie on his resume in the coming years.