The League: Season 7 Episode 6 “The Beer Mile”
Photo created by Vahan Shakhpazyan/VAVEL USA

The League: Season 7 Episode 6 “The Beer Mile”

The League returned with an all new episode Wednesday night, as Pete is looking to run a beer mile, while Andre and Meegan are having trouble over Andre's fantasy football team.

Vahan Shakhpazyan

Pete is running a beer mile, Kevin is wondering who is defecating on his lawn, and Andre and Meegan are fighting for control over Andre’s fantasy football team in this week’s episode of The League.

As Pete announces that he is attempting to run the beer mile, Taco approaches him and offers to train Pete. Taco apparently won the competition five years ago but was disqualified for doing drugs before, during, and after the competition.

With extreme training Pete feels ready for the beer mile until stomach discomfort forces him to ditch the race to find a nearby bathroom.

Meanwhile, Kevin is extremely curious about his gardeners’ ability to not use a bathroom during work, and when he finds a sample of manure on his lawn, he immediately suspects his gardeners for making the mess.

Kevin attempts to confront his gardeners about the feces, but instead, he mistakenly offers them to use the bathroom inside the house. But when things get uncomfortable, Kevin is forced to tell his gardener, Ernesto, to stop using their house bathroom and finally confronts him about the stool on his lawn.

Furious that he is accused of defecating outside "like an animal", Ernesto quits his job as a gardener. However, when Pete’s stomach was rumbling, he ran to the McArthur house, looking to use their toilet, but Kevin and Jenny were not home as they were in attendance for the beer mile.

Running out of options, Pete decides to pop a squat behind the bushes and begins to defecate on Kevin’s lawn while Ernesto witnesses the entire situation and attacks Pete, enraged that he was blamed for defecating on Kevin’s lawn when in reality it was Pete.

All the while, Andre and Meegan, who are facing Jenny in their weekly fantasy matchup, are having issues over Andre’s fantasy football team. Andre will not allow Meegan to make decisions for him when it comes to his team, but Meegan is itching to gain power of Andre’s team.

Looking for advice, Meegan asks Jenny, who used to share a team with Kevin, how she can charm Andre into giving up control of his team. Ultimately, Meegan makes an enormous final cut on Andre’s team by starting Mike Evans at the flex position instead of Andre’s choice of Brandin Cooks without Andre’s consent.  

When Andre finds out that Meegan secretly put Evans in his lineup instead of Cooks, he explodes since Cooks is having a much better week than Evans. Eventually, the two argue to the point where they break up over fantasy football.

Ruxin was once again given very little screen time and did not have much significance in the story. He did, however, have a couple of moderately comedic lines.

It was a rather interesting episode but consisted of very few laughs. The League will return with an all new episode next week on FXX.

Episode 7.6 Overall Grade: 7/10