League of Legends Worlds: Flash Wolves Survive, Trail Series 2-1 To Origen
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League of Legends Worlds: Flash Wolves Survive, Trail Series 2-1 To Origen

The Flash Wolves survive another game as they take down Origen in game 3 of the best of 5.

Mitchell Evans

The Flash Wolves showed they can defeat Origen and they won't back down easy. Flash Wolves took game 3 with clean play and smart plays to make the series 2-1.

Flash Wolves (Blue Side)

Gnar, Reksai, Viktor, Caitlyn, Morgana

Origen (Red Side)

Darius, Gragas, Orianna, Jinx, Tahm Kench

The beginning of the game started with Origen and Flash Wolves both trading turrets. Origen took down top and Flash Wolves took down bot to start the early game of game 3. SoaZ picked up first blood when Karsa oxerextended into turret range and SoaZ pulled him back into the turret and grabbed first blood. Flash Wolves did pull a 4-man dive onto the tier-2 turret in bot lane, but ultimately they traded turrets because Niels took a huge wave top and grabbed their tier-2.

Flash Wolves did a much better job in this game of controlling the creep score advantage. They grabbed a 3,000 gold lead at 29 minutes and though it was still early in the game, they look solid but have a lack of an engage in their composition that could hurt them.

Flash Wolves started a Baron and Origen came up to threaten it. Niels would kill Steak with Jinx ult and tried to kill baron himself but NL took Baron with just a Q from Caitlyn. they would eventually strategically take down the inhibs and used really smart play to push for the win.

Flash Wolves now have shown they can take down Origen's late-game style. Origen decided not to go to Anivia and it looked shaky. Origen didn't have much engage in fights other than Gragas and it really looked like Origen wanted to do stuff but couldn't do anything. We'll see how Origen responds in Game 4 to the Flash Wolves' strong play. Origen may need to completely switch up some of their champions in top and mid to create more engage but still keep that alte-game stronghold.