Yee-haw! Recap Of Girl Meets Texas - Part 1
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Yee-haw! Recap Of Girl Meets Texas - Part 1

Tombstone the Bull! Judy the Sheep? Check out how Part 1 of Girl Meets World's three-day weekend event kicked off.

Peyton Wesner

"You signed me up to ride 'Tombstone the Bull!'"

In one of the most---if not the most---anticipated episodes of Girl Meets World, fans of the series were not disappointed when 9:00 PM EST rolled around, marking the end of Girl Meets Texas - Part 1.

Immediately, and to no one's shock, the scene of tonight's episode quickly shifted from the friendly confines of John Quincy Adams Middle School in New York City to Austin, Texas, for Lucas to participate in a bull-riding competition. Interestingly enough, Lucas was not the one to sign up for the event as Riley and Maya took the liberty of doing so for their friend. Why? Because Lucas' only other experience in a rodeo was not pleasant, considering he brought shame to his family name by only lasting two seconds on "Judy the Sheep.

Yet as the girls do not understand what they have signed Lucas up for, he and Zay, his life-long friend from Texas, allow the best friends to put the pieces of the puzzle together. What is the picture the pieces revealed? Lucas is going to ride "the most ferocious creature in all of creation," a bull named Tombstone.

After arriving in the capital of Texas and getting settled at the house of Lucas' famous Pappy Joe, the romantic drama between Lucas and Maya heats up with the prior mentioning how "good" the latter looks in her southern wardrobe. Later, Maya would portray her affection for Lucas by behind overwhelmed with fear when seeing the previous year's rodeo highlights. In fact, Maya's terror led her to say "I don't want you going anywhere near that bull" and "If you do this, I will never speak to you again.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves! Leading up to the rodeo, viewers begin to realize how dangerous "Tombstone the Bull" is. Whether he or she comprehended it from Cletus saying his farewells when learning Lucas is participating in the "main event" or Zay being brutally honest in saying "You're going to die," panic and apprehension started to fill fans. Nevertheless, one person had 100% confidence in Lucas: Riley. Riley, as usual, kept faith in her friend while boosting his confidence.

Lucas' time to beat was 3.7 seconds, and while all his friends as well as the  town looked on, he stayed on top of Tombstone for a record of 4.468 seconds! But, would he get up from his nasty fall? As Riley rushed into the ring to check on him, the hearts of Disney Channel enthusiast pounded loudly until Lucas comically said, "I stayed on for like thirty seconds." 

A Touching Moment

Following his impressive performance, Lucas approached the young boy, who was thrown off from Judy that day, and told him "You did good out there, alright. You tried hard. Tombstone is hard, but he is no 'Judy the Sheep.' Sometimes you get thrown, don't let it throw you." His words of wisdom were monumental in this journalist's eyes because it soared the boy's self-esteem and confidence. Moreover, the boy was from the rival family of Lucas, which further showed how genuine and kind the Texan is.

Love Triangle

In the closing minutes of Girl Meets Texas - Part 1, Riley tells Maya she knows the latter believes she love Lucas like a brother. Additionally, Riley finally grasps that Maya has feelings for Lucas, ultimately leading to Riley telling Lucas that she is his sister when he tells her "you are really important to me." The significance of this moment is clear, Lucas was attempting to start an exclusive relationship. But instead, he was left shell-shocked by Riley's feelings. Confused, Lucas turns to Maya after Riley thrusts her best friend forward by asking, "And how do you feel Maya.

To learn whether Maya will disclose her feelings to Lucas, tune into Disney Channel tomorrow at 8:30 PM EST for Part 2 of Girl Meets Texas.