Maya Reveals Her Feelings To Lucas. Recap Of Girl Meets Texas - Part 2
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Maya Reveals Her Feelings To Lucas. Recap Of Girl Meets Texas - Part 2

After months of waiting, fans of Girl Meets World finally saw Maya express her true feelings to Lucas.

Peyton Wesner

"How do you feel about him Maya?"

After last night's "edge of your seat," thrilling episode of Girl Meets World, Girl Meets Texas - Part 2 slowed the tempo while setting the table for Part 3 to answer the question fans have been seeking: Will Lucas and Maya connect as a couple?

To begin the second night of the weekend event, Lucas wonders out loud (to Farkle, Pappy Joe, and Zay) "Riley and I are brother and sister now. What does that even mean?" While no one has a response for him, Riley and Maya come out onto the patio with the boys. But something is clearly different, Riley is no longer nervous to be around Lucas since she now has a brotherly relationship with him. Still puzzled, he asks Riley "What is going on right now?" Yet, no satisfying reply is given to him as she explains that they will be the best of friends and care about what each other says for the rest of their lives (which Lucas thinks is already the case). Barring Lucas' puzzlement, the viewer understands that Riley is attempting to switch places with Maya in the hope that it propels Lucas and Maya to become a couple. 

Later in the evening, more and more comprehension of the situation comes when Riley calls him "Huckleberry" and explains that she doesn't want the typical boyfriend/girlfriend relationship that includes dating, breaking up, and a complete destruction of friendship.

Things further complicate themselves during Maddie and Tae's performance of "No Place Like You" as the three awkwardly listen to the terrific love song. 

After the music performance, the kids return to Pappy Joe's house to enjoy a bonfire together. While basking in each other's company, Riley tells Maya there is nothing she could do to damage their sister-like friendship. Essentially, what Riley was alluding to was she will not be upset if Maya pursues a relationship with Lucas.

Almost immediately after her heart-felt comment, she tells Lucas, "Maya likes you. She has been hiding it this whole time. That is why she couldn't watch you at the rodeo." Following Lucas asking Riley "What are we?" and getting the answer of "I told you what we are.", Lucas inquires with "What if that is not what I think we are?" Riley, who is sticking with the brother/sister relationship for Maya, says "Well, you better start thinking of us like that." before taking Farkle out for ice cream.

With just Lucas and Maya left by the fire, the latter continues to refrain from admitting her affection with the prior. In addition, Maya explains to him how she had kept the secret of believing Lucas and Riley were like brother and sister. 

Listening but going back to the original point, Lucas asks, "Why do you make fun of me?" Maya still sticking with her original answer starts firing reasons at him until Lucas grabs her face and pulls it towards him as if they were going to kiss.

Maya, puzzled by what is occuring, breaks back and presents the question "Why did you do that?" The Texan returns with "I don't know. I just wanted you to stop. Please don't tell my 'sister.'" This answer leads to Maya finally revealing her feelings that she likes Lucas and he is a good guy.

Texas' Romance in the Air

While Lucas is confused at what Riley meant earlier in the evening (Part 1), Zay adds comedic relief by elaborating on a bad experience he had with a girl from Texas named Vanessa. Ironically, he happens to run into his former crush when at a local restaurant. Very humorously, Maya and Riley both pretend to be his boyfriend, resulting in Zay being nothing less than baffled. Nevertheless, Vanessa tracks down Zay at the group's bonfire and says she misjudged him and would like to buy him ice cream (something she turned down when they were younger).

Find out how this amazing three-night event will conclude tomorrow evening at 8:30 PM EST on Disney Channel.