Comic Book Wednesday: X-Force Sex And Violence
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Comic Book Wednesday: X-Force Sex And Violence

A review and the brutal and sexy X-Force book featuring Wolverine and Domino

Mark Lynch

Sometimes with comic books, you don't want or need a deep story or a major blockbuster of good versus evil. There are times when all you want senseless violence, funny and witty one liners, and gratuatace sex scenes. If that is what you're looking for, than this is the series for you.

Right from the first page, you are given an idea of what this series is going to give you. We see a dirty sink with blood, a bullet, and a tooth all which came from Domino's body and this is only page one. Before X-Force's healer Elixir could heal Domino, Wolverine steps in and tells him not to heal her until her hears exactly why she needed an emergency healer. Domino tells Wolverine about a job she took that ended up with her finding out that there were women being trafficked. This caused her abandon the job she was hired for and obviously this did not sit well with her employers The Assassin's Guild. A group you do not want to turn against (as if the name Assassin's guild wasn't a good enough reason). Despite the advice given by his team member X-23, Wolverine decides to help Domino out anyway.

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On the drive to the guild, Domino calls out Wolverine for only helping her out of honor and points out that he has wanted her since their night in Japan. Wolverine denies it and is then shot and loses control of the car. After the crash, Domino gets out the car while Wolverine is unconscious and is left to fight the Guild on her own. Domino is holding her own in the fight for a while until the numbers overwhelm her. Just as it looks like Domino is about to bite the bullet, Wolverine wakes up and starts ripping through what's left of the Guild's assassin's like it was nothing. After everyone has been killed and Wolverine and Domino are out of breath, they look at each other for a couple of seconds and kiss very deeply. Before the two could really enjoy the kiss, an assassin named Razor Fist comes out and yells at Domino asking for the money she stole. Apparently, that was a part of the story that Domino left out. Wolverine was not to happy to hear this little tidbit.

Writing: 9

Christopher Yost is a brilliant writer and even though this book is all about sex and violence, that doesn't mean that the writing has to be bad. While some of the jokes may be a bit cheesy and ridiculous, they fit right in with the point of the book. It is purely about laughing at the jokes and going oooh and ahhhh when someone gets eviscerated or shot. Yost gives you exactly what you'd want from a comic titles "Sex and Violance" 

Art: 10

Gabriel Dell'Otto is wizard with a paint brush. No one makes Wolverine look as vicious and scary as Dell'Otto does and this was the perfect platform for him to do it on. That on top of the beautiful scenes he drew with Domino and Wolverine's moments of passion makes his artwork flawless. 

In Conclusion:

Don't buy this book expecting a story with a profound meaning. Buy this book for exactly what it's selling in the title. Sex and violence. 

The violence part of the title.
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