Growing Up and Dating. Recap of Girl Meets Texas - Part 3
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Growing Up and Dating. Recap of Girl Meets Texas - Part 3

In the weekend finale of Girl Meets World, the group returned to New York City. The only problem is, nothing will ever be the same.

Peyton Wesner

In Part 1, Riley was confused by Maya's behavior towards Lucas. In Part 2, Lucas was baffled by Riley continuing to look at him as her brother. In Part 3, everyone, including this journalist, was just plain out confused.

While the third part of Girl Meets Texas returned the friends to John Quincy Adams Middle School in New York City, the group was not the same. 

Immediately, the viewer could tell the relationship between Lucas, Maya, and Riley was different considering very little meaningful conversing occurred. Shortly after, Charlie Gardner (last seen in "Girl Meets Semi-Formal") approaches Riley and asks her, "Are you free?

Charlie, who asked Riley to the semi-formal dance earlier in Season 2, had heard from Zay that Lucas and Riley were going to be only friends. Therefore, Charlie saw an opportunity to take her on a date and did not squander it as he passed a note to his crush, which said, "Since you are free. Will you go out with me? -Charlie" Cory Matthews (father and history teacher of Riley) saw the piece of paper passed and asked his daughter, "Did something get through?" At this moment, Maya quickly starts to reveal a secret (most likely that Lucas and Maya had a romantic embrace in Texas) to her best friend. But, Riley, comprehending the news prior to it being spoken, turns to Charlie and says "Yes, Charlie. I will go out with you."

So where did the episode go from there you ask? In all honesty, it is fairly hard to explain through words. Riley is going out with Charlie as well as being Lucas' brother for the happiness of all parties involved, specifically Maya's.

Though, as the drama begins to consume his daughter and her friends' lives, Mr. Matthews steps in and compares Lucas, Maya, and Riley to the end of World War II. To simplify, he expresses his concern that they are growing up and he does not want anything bad to happen to any of them. 

In the midst of this personal turmoil, Matthews privately calls on Farkle to figure out what is going on with the three's feelings and "make everything better."

With this assignment, Farkle observes the two couples (Charlie and Riley, Lucas and Maya) and sees both are very uncomfortable in their new roles. Explicitly, Riley set guidelines with Charlie that they would not talk or hold hands at the movie theater while Lucas and Maya literally sit silently until the latter pores two smoothies over Lucas' head (in an act of pure awkwardness).

Later that evening, Farkle and Zay begin to analyze and break down the two relationships aloud (as well as in front of them) at Topanga's restaurant. That is until Riley puts her hand over Farkle's mouth to silence him before he "cracked the case."

Under the New York City sky, Farkle calls Riley a liar, not to anyone in particular, but herself. The boy genius then explains to Riley that she likes Lucas, not like a brother but a boyfriend, and despite him liking Maya to a degree, he prefers Riley. 

Through the usage of flashbacks from the first 42 episodes (tonight was the 43rd), the picture was clear as day that Riley's affection to Lucas is being ignored for the sake of Maya. 

Riley, avoiding the task of telling her real feelings to the group, explains to Farkle that she will need some time to comprehend her feelings before telling the others. 

After going on their individual dates, Maya and Riley meet at the bay window unsure how their respective rendezvouses had gone. Yet, before Girl Meets Texas - Part 3 concludes, the two girls grab each other's hand in a symbol of sisterly solidarity.

The next new episode of Girl Meets World is scheduled for November 6 at 8:30 PM EST on Disney Channel.