Mooooooo! It's Cowbell Week! Recap Of Liv and Maddie's "Cowbell-A-Rooney."
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"I am the milkmaid! Hear me pour!

Tonight on Liv and Maddie, Ridgewood High School was a war zone. Not because the Porcupines were facing a hated school rival or the twins were at odds with each other, but because it was "Cowbell Week."

A week in which there are no sports, "Cowbell Week" features a very interesting game that involves all students trying to put a cowbell on one another. When a person dons it, he or she must "mooooooo" while being out of the competition. Once there are only two contestants left, the terrific two battle head-to-head on "The Night of the Cowbell." Crazy, right?! Yeah, crazy awesome!

In the meantime, Liv's co-star Josh is having trouble keeping himself entertained in Stevens Point. Used to the bright lights of Los Angeles, Josh usually kept himself preoccupied with "box-lates" (a combination of boxing and pilates). So in an attempt to bring LA to Wisconsin, Liv and Andie (mostly the latter) construct a boxing ring for the California import to work-out against the school bad boy, Dump Truck. 

As Josh begins his workout, Dump Truck thinking he was suppose to "work him over" instead of "work him out," punches his opponent in the stomach causing Josh to feel a great deal of pain. Attempt one, fail.

After Josh had a night to recover from his injury, he clarifies, he wants to get to know Stevens Point. Therefore, Liv introduces him to "Cowbell Week."

Immediately, Josh is a natural at the game as he uses disguises and gadgets to climb to the top. In fact, he even dressed up as a janitor to cowbell two girls in addition to utilizing a "Cowbell Blocker" (built by Andie) against Dump Truck to move into the finals. Who would be his opponent? "Mad Dog Rooney!"

Maddie, who is the most competitive person this journalist has ever seen (granted this is a TV series, but still), was a two-time champion of "Cowbell Week" heading in and was "licking her chops" to take the trophy home for a third straight year.

"Oh, by the way! There's one more thing!" Instead of trying to put a cowbell on one another, Josh and Maddie would have to jump on a trampoline and place it on a stuffed cow head high above.

Following a successful first attempt by both, Maddie continued her streak by placing another cowbell on the head. Could Josh counter? With the school supporting the "underdog," he soared through the air while attempting to put the cowbell on like a reverse slam dunk in basketball. Clank! Maddie was victorious once again.

Though the drama of "Cowbell Week" concluded, the drama did not as at the after party, Josh asked Liv, "Is she (Maddie) dating anyone?" Liv pleasantly surprised, squeals "You like Maddie!" Will Josh pursue a relationship with Maddie? The only way to find out is to tune into Disney Channel at 9:00 PM EST on October 25 for "Grandma-A-Rooney."

Holden Who?

Last time fans saw Andie, she was struggling to forget her ex-boyfriend Holden during "SPARF-A-Rooney." Now, there is no doubt he is starting to fade in her memory considering Dump Truck asked Andie out on a date. Dump Truck, who has many similar interests as Andie (welding and racing), is the perfect match for Liv's best friend. With Andie beginning to get over Holden, could Liv soon receive her blessing to start a relationship with Holden, her "forbidden crush?" Time will only tell.

Joey's New Identity

Joey Rooney has always been known for his love of cats. Yet, after starting to be referred to as "Cat-Shirt Guy" by Dump Truck in addition to the rest of the school, he decides to create a new image. Nevertheless, Parker's persistence and "Dr. P's Kitty Krusher" help his brother realize, he should accept who he is, resulting in a swift switch back.