The Walking Dead: “JSS” Analysis And Recap
Gene Page/AMC

Incredible. Intense. Glorifying. Gory. The second episode of Season 6 of The Walking Dead was all that and much more.

Wolves Not Far.” We’ve been seeing that message for a while now, and they have finally arrived. The Wolves bolted into Alexandria and attacked the community, showing their cruel, bloodthirsty demeanor. The episode was action packed and extraordinary, and it did not even feature Rick, Daryl, or Glenn.

Enid’s Journey

Before diving into the attack of the Wolves, the show gave us insight on Enid and how she ended up in Alexandria. Apparently, her parents were killed by walkers right in front of her eyes, and she was lonely for quite some time, hunting by herself and just surviving somehow. Luckily, she discovered Alexandria and entered the community.

Enid has been a very strange character, but we got a good glimpse of what she has been through. However, she is still very mysterious and unpredictable, especially since she disappeared toward the end of the episode.

Carol Goes Into Beast Mode…Again

Since arriving to Alexandria, Carol has disguised herself as Suzy homemaker, trying really hard not to blow her cover. But we all know that Carol is a bad ass and will do anything to protect her people.

Just like she did in Terminus, Carol disguised herself as one of the Wolves and began her onslaught. With the help of Morgan, she reached the armory to collect guns and killed multiple members of the Wolves. To be precise, we witnessed her murder six Wolf members and severely wounded one of them, who probably ended up dying (according to the "In Memoriam…" segment on Talking Dead).

To start off the episode, Carol was in her Suzy homemaker disguise, having a pleasant conversation with her friends. But when the Wolves arrived, she instantly turned into the beast we have known over the years.

Morgan’s Tactic

First of all, thank goodness Morgan arrived in the scene when he did because Carol and the rest of the community sorely needed his help. But unlike Carol, killing people is not in Morgan’s blood. However, with just his stick, he fended off the Wolves, eventually chasing five of them out of the community and brutally beating one of them, who has not been confirmed dead.

Morgan is the same beast but a different animal. He is an amazing warrior but still has his humanity, so he is hesitant to kill people, even though those people are dangerous to the group. He has a calm approach and handles situations differently. At the end of the day, he is nonetheless a huge asset and is going to be a major cog in keeping the community safe.

Ron’s Disapproval Of Rick’s Group Continues

Ron, Jessie’s oldest son, is still livid about his father’s death and blames Rick. In a conversation he had with his mother, Ron validated his disapproval of Rick, and his anger and hatred toward Rick’s group is becoming a major problem.

During the Wolves’ attack, when Ron was being chased by one of them, Carl stepped in to help him by killing the Wolf member. However, even after saving his life, Ron refused Carl’s offer to join him and Enid at Carl’s house for safety. Instead, he chose to run off on his own.

Of course Ron is going to be heartbroken over the loss of his father, but he needs to understand reason and overcome his emotions. Otherwise, he is going to get himself killed, just like he almost has in the last two episodes.

Alexandrians Feeding Off Rick’s Group

For the other Alexandrians, it has become clear to them that they do need Rick’s group around. Deanna knows it, and the rest are realizing it, too.

Imagine Rick’s group wasn’t there to protect the community from the Wolves? It would have been a slaughter. It’s no surprise that all the people who died in tonight’s episode were Alexandrians. Therefore, when there is finally peace and calmness, perhaps Rick could finally teach these people how to battle. But it seems like the enormous herd from the first episode is going to be the next obstacle in the way.

Is Enid With The Wolves?

Yes, we need to conclude this analysis with Enid. This is only a speculation, but could she be a part of the Wolves? This topic was briefly discussed on Talking Dead, and it may hardly be accurate, but there is a very slight chance.

This place is too big to protect. There are too many blind spots. That’s how we were able to…,” Enid told Carl before she was interrupted. That’s how we were able to...what? What does she mean? Is she trying to hint that she is part of the Wolves? Afterward, she disappeared, bolted out of Alexandria just like the Wolves.

This is a strange theory, and it could be blown out of proportion, but it’s worth examining rather than taking it with a grain of salt. Enid is an awkward character, and she has climbed out of those walls in the past for no apparent reason, as we observed in Season 5. Who knows what she is all about.