KEITHMCBRIEF Joins Cloud 9's League Of Legends Challenger Team
The Score LoL

Yuri "KEITHMCBRIEF" Jew has officially joined Cloud 9's challenger team, according to Cloud 9's website. Keith previously played on Team Liquid and Team Solo Mid in the 2015 Spring and Summer Split.

"I'm really looking forward to seeing Keith back on the Rift this Challenger split, especially when he'll be representing Cloud9." shared Danan Flander, Cloud9 General Manager. "In almost every Challenger split Cloud9 has fielded a roster of talented players, and we're excited to do the same this Spring, starting with Keith."

In the spring LCS, Keith was brought in to sub-in for Korean ADC Piglet. Piglet struggled with communication issuesand TL was struggling as a whole. Keith came in and palyed well for Tam Liquid. Had it not be such a highly touted Korean import in Piglet, Keith likely would have claimed that spot permanently.

He was then sought-after by Team Solo Mid, while WildTurtle was struggling. Keith came in and played decent. He wasn't outstanding, but for only being there a week with the team it was clear he was a quality player. Some of the struggles were likely because of TSM as a whole, not Keith. Keith later retired from playing professionally in League of Legends and went to school to and play in the Challenger ladders.

Currently he is at the top of the Challenger ladders, and clearly wanted to get back into the regime of professional Esports.

Cloud 9 already has Meteos, former jungler for their main team, and Goldenglue, former pro player, on their Challenger team. Adding in Keith looks like a solid lineup and one that will challenge any team in the Challenger LCS. This is exactly the type of thing the North American LCS needs. Innovation from top solo queue players into Challenger teams and sister teams from squads that are already in the main LCS.