South Park "Safe Space" Review
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So far South Park has tackled political correctness, Yelp "food critics", gentrification, and this episode begins with Cartman crying to the best character P.C. Principle about being made fun of because of his weight. So Cartman is in the locker room in his underwear and no shirt and for reason he thought he looked ripped (finish reading when you stopped laughing hysterically) and then he has Craig take a picture of him and when Cartman sees the picture he still thought he ooked ripped (still laughing?). So what does Cartman do next? He posts the picture on Twitter for other people to see his...ripped body. The next morning he wakes up to people calling him fat. Shocker, right? P.C. Principle sheds a tear and says he will NOT allow body shaming in his school.

Kyle has been brought into the principle's office and is asked to run Cartman's social media account and only give him the good. News. You'll never guess this but Kyle refuses. He is then threatened with detention and took the detention. And now Wendy is brought into the office because Cartman mentioned her by name with someone to help him filter his social media. She also denied it. Butters was then brought in (Cartman wanted someone hardworking and responsible)and he only agreed because if he gets detention then he gets grounded.

So you DON'T want to give money to starving kids after spending $37.83 on food for yourself while other kids starve?
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Then we see Randy at Whole Foods being shamed by a cashier for not donating a dollar to hungry kids. He is pressured over and over and then made to say over the p.a. system that he will to be giving money to hungry kids. The next day Randy is back a that evil place...pardon, Whole Foods and again, the same cashier asks Randy again if he would like ot donate money to hungry children. Thankfully, the system has been updated and he won't need to say over the p.a. system that he won't be giving money. This time all he has to do is press the belly of the hungry kid on the screen. The kid groans ouch when you press his belly and in order to get his change, he has has to pull a sandwich from a hungry kid's mouth.

Now P.C. Principle has a great idea. Let's bring in Steven Seagal to help talk about how bad fat shaming is. Of course Steven Seagal is old and fat and slow walking in. He is also crying just like Cartman did about people making fun of him for looking like "A fat turd" and says that body shaming isn't cool. His way to get people to stop shaming you for being fat? Do a stupid dance. P.C. Principle decides that Butters is going to be Seagal's social media filterer.

That smile was gone as soon as he checked his Twitter.
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This has easily the best episode since the sesason premier. The cashier at the Whole Foods was relentless in his persuit to get more and more money for starving kids. His passive aggressiveness was also hilarious. There's also Steven Seagal. How he is just being made fun of this far into the show is a mystery. He was extremely exaggerated in the way he spoke, move, acted, and looked. The episode takes a few very darkish turns like Butters' decent into madness that eventualy causes him to jump out of a window to avoid detention. Really funny episode.

Rating: 8