Easyhoon Listed As Starter For SK Telecom T1 - Origen
LoL Esports

SK Telecom has gone 1 step further than just being an incredible game-planning team. They are now playing mind games with opponents. SKT has listed Easyhoon as the starter, with Faker in the "sub" position. Now, this obviously doesn't mean Easyhoon will start over Faker, but SKT is very smart about this.

Origen already has their hands full coming into this matchup against the Korean power team SK Telecom. The coaching staff is genius for this. If Origen spends even an hour or two going through the possibility of Easyhoon being in mid lane, then that's one or two less hours they could put into preparing for Faker. It may not seem like much, but coaches like Bill Belicick of the New England Patriots, and Nick Saban of Alabama, tend to do things like this a lot.

The other side of this would be SKT actually using Easyhoon against Origen. Now, it may sound crazy, why would you start Easyhoon over the best mid-laner in the world? SKT may find some value to a certain area of teamfight or laning phase that Easyhoon can exploit against Origen. We know Easyhoon is the best Azir in the world, and brings a strong Viktor, but maybe they feel Easyhoon can matchup to xPeke well.

This isn't a knock on Faker, because it's a given that you'd take Faker in the finals. SKT could be compared to the Patriots if they do this. In some weeks, the Patriots throw the ball 50 times, in other weeks, they run it way more than they pass. It's a week-to-week basis that they decide the game-plan. Easyhoon could be a switch-up for SKT and it would also give them a bit of a hidden advantage. We've only seen a limited amount of Easyhoon this tournament, but he's arguably a top 3 mid-laner in the world championships, so it's not really a disadvantage putting him in.

All this could be for nothing, as SK Telecom will likely play Faker the rest of the way, but what this does do is stir discussion of "WIll SKT actually play Easyhoon when it matters?" and that is all the SKT coaching staff wants in the end.