League of Legends Worlds: SK Telecom T1 Sweep Origen, Advance To Finals
LoL Esports

SK Telecom T1 are back in the World Championship for the second time. SKT took down Origen in only 3 games out of a best of 5 and will now play the winner of tomorrow's match between Fnatic and Koo Tigers.

Easyhoon got the start for SKT in games 1 and 2, and played well. Origen actually had a solid grasp on game 1. They got a baron at about 24 minutes, and looked really promising in their rotations but SKT just turned little advantages into eventually large advantages. Easyhoon's Azir in game 1 was a big part of SKT coming back. 

Faker would get the start in game 3 for SKT as they would try and close it out. Faker got his Ryze pick which has been just so good throughout this tournament, and it led to SKT getting a 4,000 gold lead at 17 minutes. SKT continually dominated teamfights and even when they would lose a player at the beginning of the fight, they have an incredible ability to either come out of the overall fight even, or ahead. Rarely do they lose teamfights outright. 

One person not mentioned, who's arguably having the best performance in this worlds tournament, is SKT's MaRin. MaRin game in and game out shows he cannot be stopped in the top lane. He showed early on in the group stages that he has a strong Darius, then when teams picked Darius away, he played Renekton and dominated. He then showed he can dominate with Fiora, then pulled out the Rumble pick that used to be his go-to pick in the top lane. The ability of MaRin to completely carry from the top lane is a very interesting thing to watch. This meta in worlds is fitting right into what MaRin likes to do. The meta has multiple picks that are must-bans, and it just leaves no room to try to ban against MaRin. Faker's ability to have a huge champion pool means there's almost always an advantage out of picks and bans for SKT. 

SKT will now play against Fnatic or KOO. The rematch against Fnatic looks very intriguing but Fnatic will have to get through Koo Tigers beforehand.