South Park "Tweek x Craig" Review
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South Park "Tweek x Craig" Review

Why are Craig and Tweek being drawn as lovers in Yaoi?

Mark Lynch

Earlier this week, South Park called for their fans erotic drawings. There's no way this won't go turn into one of the creepiest episodes of all time. So where are they going to go with this? Well, first there is an assembly bringing awareness to the Asian American students. What part of the Asian culture? Art. What kind of art? Yaoi. what's Yaoi, you ask? Yaoi is a Japanese genre of fictional media focusing on romantic or sexual relationships between male characters, typically aimed at a female audience and usually created by female authors. Although yaoi is typically aimed at a female audience, the genre also attracts some male readers; however, manga aimed at a gay male audience (bara) is considered a separate genre (Thanks, Wikipedia). The subject of the art? None other than Tweek and Craig. This causes all sorts of concerns for the boys because they don't understand because Tweek and Craig aren't gay.

And then there is Cupid Me who is in love with Cartman and can't accept that Cartman doesn't like him.
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People in South Park is so proud of and inspired by the two young boys and their love and all of the art work that has everyone happy...but they aren't gay. All this attention and giant spray paintings of Tweek and Craig in love on the front of the school is just too much for the boys and they get into a fight. P.C. Principle calls Craig's dad who is excited that his son got into a fight. That is, until P.C. Principle tells him that it was a lovers quarrel and these things tend to happen. They were no disciplinary action because the two are gay and they want to be supportive so they were just sent home with some money. But then Craig has a great idea. They come out as gay and then break-up in front of the Asian girls and then BOOM no more pictures. Yeah, that plan totally backfired.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone went and told a great story here and touched on a subject that is very sensitive right now. Fathers aren't always the most accepting when it comes to their sons being gay. Even in the jokes at the end when Craig's dad admits that he may not understand what's going on (and that the Japanese choose who's gay), he still loves his son. The side story of Cupid Me and Cartman was absolutely silly. While it wasn't needed on any level, it added a little more goofiness to the episode. As did the random Asian people doing karaoke and Randy Marrsh trying to explain to everyone how Tweek and Craig are gay (and again, that it's not up to them, it's up to the Japanese to decide). 

Rating: 9
This was another really good episode that seemed to have a lot of heart put into it. It was funny, silly, and had the classic South Park life lesson. Also, if you're feeling froggy, google some of the Craig and Tweek images. The Craig and Tweek couple is apparently a thing.