Halloween 2015 Movie Watch
"Hocus Pocus" made the list. Did your favorite? image source "babble.com"

Here at VAVEL, we do our best to keep you entertained. Since it is Halloween weekend, how about we give you ten things to watch during Halloween weekend to get you nice and scared, entertained, or just in the Halloween spirit.

1. Tucker and Dale - Evil:

Woodchipper for the win.
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This movie is not scary by any means, but boy is it entertaining. Tucker and Dale are two country boys who are mistaken as redneck killers by a group of college kids. When one of their friends gets taken away by them (Tucker and Dale were really just trying to help her), they assume the worst and decide to go after her. Too bad they are all morons and kill themselves in the process.

Funny movie. Very bloody and silly

2. Cabin in the Woods:

Jock, black guy, hot women, and a stoner? The classics never get old
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Joss Whedon wrote a stereotypical horror flick and did it on purpose. "Cabin in the Woods" makes fun of every silly thing that annoys us and makes us laugh when we watch a horror movie. The best part might be the surprise cameo at the end and the actual ending itself. The movie isn't predictable except for the parts that are supposed to be blatant.

Rating: 10
This might be the perfect horror flick. Blood, gore, good story, comedy, and a few jumpy scenes.

3. Freddy VS Jason:

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The fight many of of us waited years to see finally happened and it was exactly what you'd expect. Jason obviously goes on a killing spree as expected and Freddy is his normal psychotic and funny self. Like most Freddy Kreuger and Jason Vorhees movies, it isn't about how scary the movie is or whether or not the acting is good (it's usually not). This was all about the death count and finally seeing Freddy fight Jason.

Rating: 6
It was a very entertaining movie, but not groundbreaking at all. It does have one of the funniest deaths this writer has ever seen. Just remember "STAB STAB STAB FOLD"

4. Jaws:

Still great decades later.
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The movie that made people afraid to go in the water still holds up 40 years later. A giant shark killing people just because is a concern anyone has when they get into the ocean. While shark attacks aren't very common, because of this movie, people still take a second and think before they go scuba diving or getting into a boat.

Rating: 8
Jaws has a very solid story. The best part is that you never see the shark until the very end. This adds to the mystique of the beast. Even though Jaws does look fake, you still get the chill of seeing a giant shark.

5. Occulus:

even looking at the picture is creepy
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It's very rare that a newer movie is actually creepy and scary. "Occulus" is both. Unlike "Paranormal Activity" and movies like that, "Occulus" will give you glimpses of what is actually out there haunting the protagonists. Of all the movies on this list, if you want to be scared or creeped out, this is the one you want to see.

Rating: 9
Creepy. Scary. Clever.

6. Devil's Advocate:

This was a great scene and the first glimpse into who Pacino really is.
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Keanu Reeves plays an undefeated southern lawyer who moves to New York to join a big time law firm run by Al Pacino. As if lawyers without morals aren't scary enough (rim shot), "Devil's Advocate" is full of subtle demonic images all throughout the movie. Not just demonic images, but the creepy music that plays when something strange is happening or about to happen adds to the thrill. While the movie isn't going to scare you much, it is still has a scary vibe to it.

Rating: 10
Al Pacino is great as usual and Keanu Reeves is surprisingly very good in his role as well. If you have never seen this movie, get everything you need before you start the movie, sit back, and enjoy.

7. Bram Stoker's Dracula:

This was more than just a scary movie.
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Easily the best movie about Dracula to date. Yes, that is a biased opinion, but it has everything that personifies Dracula. Dracula is violent, scary, and intimidating, but he is also very smooth and usually calm. The opening scene you get a visual of how and why he became the monster that he is and they are not shy about showing you no matter how graphic the scene may be. This is THE Dracula movie.

Rating 10:
This is not just a bloody story about Dracula, this is also a love story. Perfect Halloween watch for couples.

8. Ghostbusters:

They look so excited.
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Which Ghostbusters? It really doesn't matter because they are both classic movies. New York is overrun by ghosts and who are you going to call? The only ghost hunting team in the city and possibly in the country. The movie is more funny than it is scary. "Ghostbusters" has its creepy moments, but this movie can't really be called scary or horror.

Rating: 8
It's a fun and funny classic that everyone should see. It's full of classic moments, characters, and quotes from beginning to end.

9. Beetlejuice:

Nice legs.
image source "cinemablend.com"

Since we are on the subject of classics, "Beetlejuice" has to be mentioned. Tim Burton created a villain so goofy that you can't help but to like. He is obviously not a good person...ghost, but you can't help but be happy to see him when he pops on screen. Also, not seeing him often makes it that much cooler when he appears. Not only Beetlejuice, but every character in this movie adds something. There are no characters in this movie just because. The only thing people might not like is the special affects not looking as good in HD. But the claymation makes the scenes with Beetlejuice look eerier.

Rating: 8
Some people may call this movie corny in comparison to the movies nowadays, but Beetlejuice is still one of the great characters and the movie is still amazing.

10. Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors:

Possibly the reason people don't like needles.
image source "bloodydisgusting.com"

While Freddy was always over the top, this was a coming out party of sorts. This is the movie where we see Freddy as the classic and creative killer love and known and have grown to love. Freddy went away from being the scary guy, the comedic killer.

Rating: 9
Enjoy the beginning of classic Freddy for the first time.

11. Hocus Pucus:


Save the best for last. Let's be completely honest, is there a movie the personofies Halloween more than this movie. Three witches and a cursed talking cat. It wasn't scary, but man was this by far one of the most fun movies that has ever been put on screen.

It is the perfect Halloween movie for the whole family. Regardless of your age, you will enjoy "Hocus Pocus"