The Walking Dead: “Here’s Not Here” Analysis And Recap
Gene Page/AMC

While the entire world was hoping to get closure after last week’s intense episode, The Walking Dead returned Sunday evening with an episode that instead gave us closure on Morgan’s character and how he changed from a mental man to a peaceful martial arts expert.

All life is precious.”

When Morgan arrived at Alexandria, many were wondering how he came out of his mental state and how he suddenly became a ninja with his Bo Staff. Those questions were answered gradually throughout Sunday’s episode.

Before Morgan came to Alexandria, we remember him located at Rick’s old neighborhood, in a building that was surrounded by all sorts of traps. Morgan wanted to clear. He wanted to kill as many walkers and people as he could, and at the same time, he was hoping to die. He was basically mentally ill, a madman, a psycho, but his life changed when he stumbled into a man named Eastman.

Eastman lived in a cabin with his goat and was peacefully maneuvering through life. He took Morgan in and slowly tried to dissect his life to understand what was troubling him. Eastman found out that Morgan had lost his wife and son which is why he had lost his mind as well.

With a calm attitude and stories of his own, Eastman was gently restoring Morgan’s mentality, as he kept preaching how important human life is. Morgan soaked up Eastman’s suggestions and was trained to use a Bo Staff along the way.

Unfortunately, Eastman was bit by a walker when he was trying to save Morgan's life.

A Peaceful Morgan

This episode essentially showed us why Morgan has become a peaceful warrior in this cruel apocalyptic world. We finally learned that Eastman was the reason behind Morgan’s change of character and why he does not like killing people.

Of course Rick, over the years, has become the complete opposite of Morgan. Now, the interesting thing is if Morgan will ever try to preach the same lessons to Rick about life. Obviously, Rick and the others have been busy trying to deal with serious situations at the moment, but if there is ever a chance, perhaps Morgan will try to train Rick the same way Eastman trained him.

The Big Bad Wolf

Morgan has actually already started giving lessons to others. He has captured one of the Wolf members and was telling him the story of his encounter with Eastman. Morgan has the Wolf member locked in one of the houses in Alexandria, hoping the man would change into a nonviolent person.

But will it work? Probably not. It seems like the Wolves have made up their mind, and they are going to kill people regardless of what anyone tells them. Therefore, Morgan keeping this Wolf member hostage in one of the houses may not mold too well for the community. He is basically stashing a huge threat in their home.

Morgan’s Way Of Living - Rick's Way Of Living

Thanks to Eastman, Morgan has changed from a killer to a diplomat. But is it a safe way of living in such an unpleasant world?

Rick murders people who he believes deserve to die; while Morgan saves people and lets them live. Of course we have witnessed many people die under the guidance of Rick. But being a peacekeeper is not safe either.

For example, the five Wolf members Morgan chased out of Alexandria almost killed Rick in the RV last episode. Letting loose of people who have intentions to kill is not a great idea. Morgan is essentially letting killers run loose which could come back to haunt him.

And so far, it actually has come back to haunt him. If Morgan killed the two Wolf members in the woods before arriving at Alexandria, then the Wolves wouldn’t attack the community. Since Morgan let them loose, they were able to find Aaron’s backpack and ultimately made their attack, killing several Alexandrians in the process.

Nonetheless, now that we have figured out Morgan’s life before Alexandria, we can now proceed with the current storyline and possibly find out what happened to Glenn