Supernatural Season 11: The Road So Far
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The very lackluster season premier of Supernatural made the future of season eleven seem very disappointing. It wasn't that it was a bad episode, it was just not a good opener. Everything seemed very familiar. Chief among them, the brothers hiding secrets from each other (Dean's connection to the Darkness and Sam getting infected). With a so-so season opener, does the show pick up and return to it's normal glory or does it fall flat in it's later years? After five episodes in, the show seems like it will be as good as it normally is. Except now the show seems to be a bit darker and bloodier. Which, if you think about it, makes sense. After so much evil has been put into the world, that energy has to have some kind of affect on the world and the people in it.

This looks painful.
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After Sam is infected by the disease that is infecting humans and turning them into zombie like creatures, he does something that he hasn't done in a very long time if at all. He prays to God. He asks him/her for some sort of sign to help save Dean from the the mess that he (Sam) created. Sam gets a painful vision of him being tortured and Sam has no clue what this means. Sam eventually figures out that holy oil expels the darkness from the body. Meanwhile, the baby that was born and had the Mark of Cain turns out to be the Darkness being reborn and Crowley shows up to take the baby and use her for his own gain. Especially after he finds out that the child eats souls. After eating her first soul (the cop from the premier), she grows to what appears to be a five or six year old. Crowley finds her and entices her into a van with young children that he called candy. Yes, it's creepy, but it's also funny.

While all of this is going on, Castiel is still being held captive by angels who are torturing him for information about the whereabouts of Metatron and the Winchesters. While Castiel doesn't know where Metatron is and tells the Angels torturing him that repeatedly, he knows where Sam and Dean are and won't give them up. After a while, Hanna steps in and stops the angels, but Castiel sees right through the charade. He knows that she performed these heroics in hopes that Castiel wold give them the info they wanted. After Castiel would give them nothing, the angels resorted to a method of torture that makes angels speak the truth. After Hanna is hit trying to stop the torutre, Castiel breaks through in a beast like state and kills them all except Hanna who died by a different angel's hands. The Winchesters return to base after Sam and Dean meet up after their individual run ins to find Castiel in need of help.

Castiel being tortured for information by his own people
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After trying over and over again, Casstiel, Sam, and Dean are unable to find Metatron and it looks like the only person who can heal Castiel is Rowena. And where is Rowena? She is trying to start her new coven called, wait for it, THE MEGA COVEN!!!! And no one is going for it. Sam and Dean eventually find Rowena and force her into changing Castiel back. After healing Castiel, Rowena escapes. In Hell, Amara (the darkness' name in her human form) is being nurtured by the Crowley and the demons of Hell. Problem is, Amara has to eat. What does Amara eat? Souls. And the demons of Hell have them and she is eating them at an accelerating rate. Crowley goes and tries to tell Amara to slow down on eating his minions, but she isn't having that. So Crowley obvious obliges because he knows that if he doesn't feed her another soul, she will eat him.

They grow up so fast *sniffle*
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Episode four titled "Baby" had a very weird and cool twist. It was told in their car (Dean's Baby. Get it?). During the trip, Sam has a one night stand. Well, that wasn't important, but needed to be mentioned. What is important is that Sam falls asleep and has a vision of his dad who has a message for them. That the darkness is coming and only they can stop it. When Sam asks for help, his dad goes "God helps those who help themselves" and he wakes up. Sam tells Dean about his vision and is extremely skeptical.

During the episode, Dean and Sam are hunting something that seems to be a werewolf. But then shows signs of being a vampire. So Dean of course calls it a Werepire (Sam refuses to call it that). These things are actualy have gouls and half vampires. Guess what Dean called them? Normally these beings keep a low profile, but because their alpha needs an army to stop the darkness, some of them have been sloppy. That's right, there seems to be a war coming and it's the monsters against the darkness. After killing the alpha of the pack, the others that were turned turned normal.

The show is starting to show a lot of promise. The brothers aren't doing their classic keeping secrets anymore and the episodes have been both funny and well written. It should give fans of the show a lot of hope for the future.