South Park "Naughty Ninjas" Review
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South Park "Naughty Ninjas" Review

A review on the fun "Naughty Ninjas" episode

Mark Lynch

There's a code red at South Park Elementary. The S.W.A.T. Team is there and they are ready to go in. They send Officer Barbrady to secure the area. S.W.A.T. enters the gym and see P.C. Principal with his arms folded. Apparently he called the cops because one of the girls were talking during one of his P.C. speeches. Barbrady walks in and shoots a Latino kid and get fired. Once the lone cop in the town and he has now been fired. And THAT is only the A story.

Since the police won't come down and help them (because they can't just arrest people and beat up minorities anymore) Token and Kenny decide to be ninjas to scare off homeless people in his area (the once proud Villa at SoDa SoPa). AND IT WORKS!!!Problem is they all look like members of Isis. And to think, they've had this Whole Foods for a month and terrorists have come into town and all the scared homeless people have moved right in front of it. But the kids just think they're ninjas.

While this season has spent a good portion of their season (about ninety percent of it) making fun of hipsters and everything that is annoying about them, this episode went back to the basics. They may have touched on the topic of police brutality on minorities, but this episode wasn't as preachy as some of the prior episodes have been. Bringing back Officer Barbrady was a really nice touch too. He spends a lot of in the background and maybe only says one or two lines a season.

It was cool to see Officer Barbrady for longer than a few seconds.
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What made this episode so great was that this was throwback to their earlier seasons. The boys got to act like boys and were completely naive to why everyone thinks that they are doing something wrong. The twist at the end (that was kind of odvious but funny nonetheless) just added to how great this episode was. This looks like the beginning of the end where South Park wraps up the season in a nice bow and everything goes back to normal. Let's just hope that P.C. Principal makes the cut and stays on as a memeber of South Park. He's too good of a character to be left out.