A.K.A. Jessica Jones Review
Purple Haze has a very new meaning. Image source "aceshowbiz.com"

A.K.A. Jessica Jones Review

"A.K.A. Jessica Jones" get two thumbs up and here's why.

Mark Lynch

Television binge watchers unite! Jessica Jones is here and the show is pretty damn great. Admittedly, their was some skepticism to whether or not Krysten Ritter would make a good Jessica Jones. Ritter may not be a great comic book Jessica Jones, but she is absolutely a ten for the Netflix show. The thing about the Marvel cinematic universe is completely different from the comic book universe in a lot of ways. Chief among them is the cinematic universe tries to be as close to realistic as possible. Yes, yes, there are not giant hulking monsters or super soldiers from World War Two running around saving the world from aliens invasions. But what Marvel has done is do there best to not make their characters look too cheesy with bright colors and over exaggerated powers. Jessica Jones, like Daredevil before him, has perfectly bridged the gap between television/cinema and comics.

Ritter has always played a really good b**** (Breaking Bad and Don't Trust the B**** in Apartment 23 for example) but it takes more than just being a b**** to play Jessica Jones accurately. It takes a special type of person to portray all that comes with being this kind of hero. Jessica is not your normal hero or even your normal character. Because of that, you need a special kind of person to portray her. Ritter was the perfect choice. Then there's David Tennant. All that can be said is wow. Tennant has continued the trend of the villains being just as good if not better than the heroes. Tennant as Kilgrave is the perfect combo of sadistic and comedic. Just when you think that he just a messed up lunatic, he does something so subtly funny that it makes you forget that he is a rapist and a killer. Also, not making Kilgrave's skin purple was brilliant idea. 

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Beyond all of the acting, the show is really well done. The story is told excellently and the progress and evolution of all of the characters is so well done that it is almost impossible to not get hooked in and love the characters. Each of the main characters in the show all have growth in some way shape or form and character development is essential to any story. "A.K.A. Jessica Jones" has proven itself to be a show that can continue on and hold its just like with Daredevil. This show is not binge worthy, but it could be just as good if not better in small doses. 

Rating: 7.5