The Walking Dead: “Heads Up” Analysis And Recap
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The Walking Dead: “Heads Up” Analysis And Recap

***SPOILER ALERT*** The Walking Dead returned Sunday evening with an all new episode and gave us the closure we were hoping for about Glenn's fate.

Vahan Shakhpazyan

He’s alive! He’s alive! The world is a happier place now. Glenn is not dead, and The Walking Dead fans can now breathe easy. Maybe not.

While Glenn is alive, Alexandria is headed for disaster as a tower outside the community has collapsed, knocking over Alexandria’s walls all thanks to the major herd surrounding the place.

Are these people ever going to catch a breather? Perhaps another time.

Glenn’s Fate:

The Walking Dead fans can sleep comfortably tonight after Glenn’s fate was finally revealed. As many speculated, it was indeed Nicholas’ body that was being devoured by the walkers while Glenn was able to slip under the nearby dumpster, taking out a few crawling walkers to keep himself safe.

After the walkers satisfied their hunger off Nicholas’ body and cleared the area, Glenn was able to come out from hiding and ran into a familiar face.

Enid’s Reappearance:

In episode 2 of the season, Enid disappeared without a trace, leaving Alexandria during The Wolves’ attack. However, she resurfaced in tonight’s episode and reunited with Glenn.

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While Enid refused to go back to Alexandria, a place she doesn’t even call ‘home’, Glenn commanded her to go back with him. With Enid’s help, Glenn reached the doorstep of Alexandria only to find a large herd enclosing the place, urging Enid to continue to stay away from the community.


Why, Rick? Why would you teach this kid how to use a gun?

The feeling this author had about Ron earlier was correct. He didn't want to learn how to use a gun for his own protection - he wanted to learn so he could murder the Grimes family. And thanks to Rick, Ron now possesses a gun and is after Carl. However, Ron had to sneak into the armory to steal the bullets for his brand-new gun and is now ready to kill Carl.

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Why trust this kid? Over the course of the last few episodes, he has been bipolar, hating on Rick one day and trying to befriend him the next. Hopefully, Rick’s trust in Ron doesn’t blow up in his face or in Carl’s face.

Spencer’s Stupidity:

No fear, Spencer is here and he is about to rescue Alexandria by putting on his best spider man act to hop the walls. Not!

Spencer attempted to jump the walls to get to a car but ended up putting other lives in danger. According to him, he was only trying to help, but his attempt was pathetic and foolish.

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Morgan Is Up To No Good:

As expected, Morgan preached peacefulness to Rick, Michonne, and Carol. “All life is precious.” But Rick did not buy into it, nor did the others.

This man’s wishful thinking is going to place Alexandria in danger, like they hadn’t had enough of that already. Morgan went to Denise for help – he was looking for antibiotics to treat an infection. Whose infection you ask? Not his, but the Wolf member he has stashed in one of the cells in Alexandria.

Thankfully, Carol spotted Morgan and Denise running off to the cell and followed them. Maybe she can put an end to Morgan’s silliness before he gets himself and others killed.

It’s great that Morgan wants to save lives, but he is saving the life of a person who is harmful and dangerous. How can you save a man who was trying to kill you? It’s just hard to believe that Eastman’s therapy treatment is going to work on this particular Wolf member.

Good luck, Morgan.

Alexandria’s Walls Collapse:

The enormous herd outside the walls has battered a tower directly outside of the community and has caused it to collapse, knocking over the walls to create an opening for the walkers. With walkers spilling into the town, Alexandrians will once again be tested.

And since the next episode will be the mid-season finale, we can only hold our breath and hope that none of the beloved characters are harmed. But the real question is how are they going to fight off the biters?

It is going to take a lot of bullets, energy, and people to take down those walkers unless Abraham, Daryl, and Sasha charge into Alexandria with those newly-found RPG’s and blast the huge herd to save the day.

Otherwise, we are potentially going to witness many deaths.

What’s Next:

Walkers, walkers, and more walkers!

Alexandria is officially under attack by walkers, and it’s time for a battle. Perhaps the people outside of the walls – Glenn, Enid, Abraham, Daryl, and Sasha – are going to be the answer. There is only so much the people inside can do, so the five that are outside will be become crucial in saving the community.

The Walking Dead will return next Sunday at 9/8c for its mid-season finale.