IEM San Jose: Origen Defeat Counter Logic Gaming 3-0 To Take Championship

Coming into IEM San Jose, Origen was one of few teams in the tournament who didn't have off-season changes directly after worlds. Now, PowerofEvil did takeover xPeke's spot in the midlane, coming from Unicorns of Love, but it was estimated for that to be an upgrade. Although xPeke is a legend in League of Legends, but PowerofEvil at this point is definitely on an incline over xPeke and the only question for Origen coming in was how their chemistry be with their new mid laner.

Apparently, the chemistry was great. Origen swept CLG 3-0 in the championship round to take home the IEM San Jose trophy.

Although Origen did win, there is a lot to be said about this CLG squad. This squad was just recently formed, and while they may not have the starpower names around them, they have the talent to do some great things in League of Legends. Huhi brings a much larger potential in mid lane than that of Pobelter, and CLG actually had him being the starting mid-laner until he had visa issues with getting into America. He has been with the team a long time, and already has built up a chemistry with them. Stixxay is a big talent and definitely looked like he belonged in this tournament. He didn't look like he should just be in challenger, or in the challenger scene, he looked like a professional ad carry and seemed to mesh well with Aphromoo. There were moments where he was caught out, but that is no surprise as he's still a rookie and it was his first big stage tournament.

Niels looked great for Origen. Niels was dominant against TSM, and solid against CLG. He consistently plays well, and more often than not, is the best ad carry in that specific game.

IEM San Jose was a solid event. We saw that TSM still has things to work out, though their potential is sky high, Origen is still dominant, and CLG is much better than people give them credit for.