Captain America Trailer Breakdown
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The "Captain America: Civil War trailer was released and ,as predicted, it looks amazing. There have been speculation on whether or not the movie would be about the Superhero Registration Act (SRA) or some sort of civil war between the Avengers. That question was answered. The movie seems to be based around the SRA and all the chaos and destruction Bucky Barnes caused while he was under the cobtrol of Hydra. Now, Bucky Barnes is back to normal and Steve Rogers (Captain America) is ready to help his friend redeem himself. Unfortunately, the U.S. Government still feels he needs to pay for his crimes brainwashed or not.

A General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross official tells Cap that while he made be looked at as a hero, other people look at him like a vigilante. Because of that, the American people need something that will make them feel like he and others like him are left accountable for their actions. He then drops the SRA in front of him. While all of that makes the comic book fans happy, what made everyone happy was the amount of action sequences that were teased.

We got to see the King!!!
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We will definitely get to see Captain America and Bucky vs Iron Man. Maybe it takes two because Iron Man's armor knows all of Cap's moves like in the comics. We also know that there will be a superhero fight and the Avengers will split into two factions. Anti Registration (Captain America, Scarlett Witch, Bucky, hawkeye, and Falcon) and the Pro Registraion with (Iron Man, Vision, War MAchine, Black Widow, and T'Chahlla). While the comics books put this beyond crazy fight sequence together, it isn't realistic in the movies. On top of that, a five on five fight will look better on screen.

Obviously this is just a trailer and things could go sideways and all the action could be just to pump up the viewers. The thing to keep in mond is that both of the Captain America movies have been both box office draws and well recieved by movie goers. The big question a lot of us comic book fans are asking ourselves is will Cap meet the same fate he did after the comic book Civil War.