Comic Book Wednesday: Supreme Power
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Comic Book Wednesday: Supreme Power

Marvel's version of the Superman story

Mark Lynch

We all know how the story goes. Parents from an alien planet put their son in a ship and send him off into space to start his life on a new planet. The ship crashes, is found by an older couple, and they take him in and decide to raise him as their own. In the DC Universe, this baby was allowed to be raised by the parents who found him. In this particular Marvel Universe, things happened much different and was a lot more realistic. In this universe, before the night was over, the U.S. Government was at the couple's house and they took the alien child away to a secret underground base. Let's be completely honest, this is exactly how things would have gone down if this was real.

Meet Emil Burbank. The smartest man on the planet...if you couldn't tell. A jerk and great character.
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This was by far one of the realest stories of super powered beings to date. There is no way that the government is going to let an extraterrestrial being be raised by some couple in a random Midwest city of the United States. On top of that, an alien craft would definitely carry some sort of alien chemicals, tools, weapons, and who knows what else in their craft. So after much talk, the government decided to have the alien raised by to people of their choosing and have his growth monitored and see if he would exude any powers other than just really tough skin. This was called Project Hyperion. As time went on, Mark Milton (his given name) developed super hearing, sight, and strength as well as near invulnerability, and flight and heat vision (yes, just like Superman). While Mark grew up, a couple of other people was born or developed powers as they got older. As soon as people started popping up, the U.S. Government started making it a point to find out who they are and how they could be used. "Supreme Power" is the anti-Justice League book. With the exception of Blur, the Squad is full of dysfunctional killers and they represent everything that Justice League is not. They fight the battle they are told to and kill the people they are told to kill. It's because of that reason that this book is a great read.

The entire team.
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Nighthawk is their Batman. He watched his parents gunned down in the south by racists and has dedicated his adult life to protecting black people since the police in his city won't. Unlike Batman, Nighthawk is an extreme rapist. Zarda is a Utopia Isle princess hundreds of years old who feeds off of the life force of people to keep her young and beautiful. She would be Wonder Woman. And obviously there's Hyperion (Mark Milton) who is Superman. Eventually, poop hits the fans when Mark realizes that the government is using him. Mark is not angry, but confused. He doesn't know how to react. All his life he was taught one thing and finds out that all his life, he was lied to. When someone with that much power is let loose, there is no way it can end well. The list of characters and their similarities to other DC characters goes on and on. The series is definitely worth reading. But if you are only going to pick up one book, grab volume one. You will not be disappointed. Also, if you're into the Ultimate Universe, they have a really good fight against the Ultimate’s.

Rating: 8