Great Moments From The League
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Great Moments From The League

Some great moments and people from "The League"

Mark Lynch

After seven crude, rude, offensive (if you're sensitive), and insanely funny FX (Now FXX) show "The League" is winding down. One of the things that makes this show so good are the moments. Even when the episodes may not be as strong as expected, there is at least one moment that makes it all worthwhile. Moments that stick with us, the viewers, forever. So, let's take a trip down fantasy football past and revisit some of the great moments.

Mr. Mcgibblets:

If a mall gets Santa, they get Krampus. Taco logic
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The first time you see Mr. Mcgibblets it's funny. Every time you see him after that is down right gut wrenchingly hilarious. Mostly because it's Taco dressed in the costume at the absolute most inopportune time. Whether he's spying on someone when he's supposed to be inconspicuous (wearing a giant black fedora and glasses) or generally tormenting his brother Kevin, Mr. Mcgibblets is almost always gold.

Vinegar Strokes:

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The sinegar strokes is "Is the point during the sexual experience when a man is about to orgasm and he makes a face like someone put a spoon full of vinegar up through his nose" also "Rumor has it that when you look into a man's eyes during his vinegar stroke you can see into his soul.. Taco decided that he needed to see his own vinegar stroke. Long story short, the guys walk in on Andre's sister bent over getting plowed by Ruxin's dad. Taco and Andre were unlucky enough to catch Ruxin's dad's vinegar strokes. In Taco's words "I saw into his soul. Not good"

Dirty Randy and Rafi:


Rafi is Ruxin's brother in law. Rafi is also one of the most disgusting characters ever. The only person who comes close is Rafi's best friend Dirty Randy (played by Seth Rogan). These together are must see television. They say and do the most perverse things that are allowed on a TV-MA show. There are no sexual innuendos. They flat out say it or do it. Once upon a time they were nice and prim and proper. Unfortunate events brought them together in a mental asylum and there they became best friends. Here's hoping the cartoon they used during the final season is something that happens after the show is over.  

Worst Parents Ever:

Zipper fairies.
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Seriously, Jenny and Kevin give Al and Peggy Bundy a run for their money in the bad parent race. They have no idea what they are doing at all and sometimes it's debatable whether or not The Shiva is more important than their daughter and Chalupa Batman. There are a number of occasions where Ellie has been permanently scarred for life by her parents because they couldn't wait for Ellie to go to sleep for sex or because Jenny or Kevin only think about themselves. I mean, they call their son Chalupa Batman more than his real name and Jenny stole breast milk so Jenny could pass a breathalyzer from Kevin's mother.  

Andre In General:

When Andre picked out their clothes. They weren't happy.
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His style of dress is terrible. His taste in art usually involves something that resembles a penis. He says things and doesn't realize how it makes him sound. For all of these reasons, we love Andre Nowzik. He is normally the but of the groups jokes and nine times out of ten he is oblivious to why they are making jokes about guys coming into his man cave and why his turtleneck looks like a...never mind. Either which way, this show wouldn't have worked without it's resident punching bag.

Taco's Songs:
From episode one, Taco was singing songs that were never appropriate for the moment. Song number one was about the day Ellie was conceived. Which wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't singing it at a kid's birthday. Then there's the naginta. Guessing that everyone doesn't know what a naginta is and singing "Naginta! Naginta! You're my Naginta" around a bunch of black people isn't the best song to sing. But, hey, his jingle for Yobagoya did get him some money and some Yobagoya. Speaking of that...


When you gotta go, you gotta go. Sometimes it hits you at the most inopportune time and there's nothing you can do. With Kevin, it happens more time than most and it's usually his fault. Especially when you are dumb enough to take a cocktail of AIDS medication to get an advantage in fantasy football.