Scream Queens Season One Finale
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Scream Queens Season One Finale

The "Scream Queens" finale is here. Who was the other killer?!?!?!?!?

Mark Lynch

After killing *clears throat* Sophia Doyle, Agatha Bean, Sonya Herfmann, Tiffany DeSalle, Shondell Washington, Aaron Cohen, Mandy Greenwell, Dodger, Caulfield Mount Herman, Sam, Rodger, Steven Munsch, Jennifer, Mary Mulligan, Earl Grey, The truck driver, Boone Clemens. Gigi Caldwell, the Mall Cop, Amy Meyer, Pete Martinez, and the pizza delivery guy, the season finale of "Scream Queens" is here and we will finally get to see who the killer is. Well, we know Boone and Pete are killers, but we all knew that one of the girls had to have been one of the Red devils. And of course the Red Devil...will be revealed at the end of the next paragraph.

Right before Pete gets killed by the other Red Devil, he tells Grace that one of the Chanels was the killer. Let's be completely honest, we all knew it had to be one of them. This writer picked Zayday in the beginning of the season (She wasn't the killer). And since Pete made a deal that Grace couldn't be killed, that leaves the Chanels. So is it the head hancho Chanel Number 1, earmuff Chanel Number 3, Chanel Number 5 (no one cares about her), or is it crazy as **** neck brace Chanel Number 6? Well, here it is. The Red Devil Killer is...wait for was Chanel Number 6 all along. Sadly, we all should have seen this coming. And while it was very obvious, it was well done by the writers.

Of course Chanel Number 3 is happy to be there. 
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Sometimes you have to give the people what they want. The crowd doesn't always need some elaborate super secret reveal. Especially on a show that pretty much makes fun of every scary movie cliche possible. What makes Chanel Number 6's reveal as the killer was the breakdown of how she framed them all. Not only how she framed them all, but how she turned into a psychopath. Fun fact, living in a mental asylum and having your step mother raise you to kill people in revenge will make you crazy. Now Chanel number 6, well, Hester since there are no more Chanels, is third in charge of the new Kappa Kappa Tau with Zayday being the new president and Grace being the second in command. Even when Dean Munsch tells Hester that she knows Hester is the killer, Hester reminds Munsch that she covered up the death of a student and threatens to tell the police. This understanding lead them to all just live and let lie. Standing ovation. This episode was the cherry on top of a very hilarious sundae. Can't wait for season 2.