South Park "PC Principal Final Judgement" Review
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South Park "PC Principal Final Judgement" Review

It all ends here...until next season

Mark Lynch

It's snowy outside a bar in Russia. The patrons are sitting and enjoying their food until a covered up patron comes in from the snow. It's PC Principal. He takes a drink and then beats the snot out of a group of guys drinking. But they were not regular people. They weren't human. What were they? First off, who knew PC Principal was a [email protected]$$?!?!?! He struck me as just a bully. Anyway, apparently PC Principal is out to take out whoever has been making things so PC. Back in South Park, Kyle tells everyone that Leslie told him that Jimmy was killed PC Principal and that Stan's dad was in the middle of it all. Little do they know that Leslie has been playing them all. She is actually an add trying to take over the world!!!!

So what's next? Will Leslie talk Kyle into giving a speech so powerful that it will lead the ads to victory? What about PC Principal? Will he become a regular staple on the show or will the ads kill him? None of this matters because the boys decide that the best way to protect themselves. They all get guns. And not just the boys. Everybody in town gets guns and all of them feel safer. Even Cartman's mom. Cartman actually listened to her when she pulled a gun out on him. So now on top of everything else going on in the world, everyone has a gun and there is a gun show coming to town soon! 

The family that point guns at each other stay together. Or something like that.
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This episode of South was not an amazing episode, but it was an amazing way to end the season. As always, the season was wrapped up in a nice bow and everything goes back to normal. Well, normal for South Park. All in all, this season started off insanely strong and slowly lagged off a bit. Maybe because the show has been so good for so long that expectations are classic or bust. That's not to say that the season wasn't good. It definitely was. This final episode brings everything full circle. You won't be dissappointed. 

Rating: 8