MSI 2016: SK Telecom T1 dominate championship, take down Counter Logic Gaming
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MSI 2016: SK Telecom T1 dominate championship, take down Counter Logic Gaming

SKT have continued their dominance and now host an MSI trophy.

Mitchell Evans

Five LCK championships, two world championships, and now, SK Telecom hosts an MSI trophy. After an incredible 2-0 start, SKT had a two day struggle going 0-4, their dominance in a series of a best of 5 showed immensely. SK Telecom took a 3-1 victory over RNG, then a 3-0 sweep of CLG

SK Telecom Members Speak After Their Victory

"I didn't know I can make it this far. And I cannot do it without everyone here," said Faker

"Thank you everyone for supporting me when I didn't play very well, and continuing supports" said SKT's jungler, Blank. 

Historically, the team's led by Faker, have been the best we've ever seen. At this point, nobody is going to beat them. Another season, another meta, and yet another World Championship. 

"Playing against SKT was pretty amazing. I'm not that sad coming out 0-3 loss. We know what we have to work on next split, and SKT is a damn good team," said CLG's Aphromoo.

This isn't the only headline. SKT has obviously been incredible, but this has been North America's best showing at an international stage likely ever. The gap between NA and Korea may not necessarily be closer than before, but the gap between NA and the other regions is much, much closer. Some thought CLG wasn't even the best representation of NA heading into MSI, and here they are playing so well as a team. 

The sky is the limit from here. SKT started this run at Staples Center in what seems like forever ago, and now we wonder who can beat them? 

Faker has been the best at the game for nearly three whole years. For Faker, this is just the beginning. He wants to be the best undoubtedly ever. He's looking on to Worlds, trying to make SKT be the first team to win two World Championships in a row.