Team Solo Mid signs new support player Biofrost
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Team Solo Mid signs new support player Biofrost

With the departure of Yellowstar, Team Solo Mid has found their new support.

Mitchell Evans

After what seems like eternity awaiting a new support for TSM, the organization has chosen. "During our three-week bootcamp in Korea, a lot of talented candidates have participated in the tryouts for the support position on our starting League of Legends roster.... Prior to the bootcamp, there were a good number of players from Asia lined up for tryouts. However, we still wanted to take a support from North America who could scrim with us during times when those players were unavailable," according to the TSM official website.

Team Solo Mid New Support

TSM then found their new support. "Over the last two weeks, we were extremely impressed by Biofrost’s performance, even in comparison to all the other candidates. He has made a lot of progress as a player during the short time we have known him, demonstrating to us that he’s a young player with the potential to the one of the best. He has excellent mechanics across multiple champions, and most importantly he synergizes quite well with Doublelift’s playstyle. To top it all off, he fits in with our goal of having a full English-speaking roster."


Vincent ‘Biofrost’ Wang has experience in the NACS Spring Qualifiers, as well as the NACS Spring season. The real key for TSM is that he fits into the team, and especially with Doublelift. If he and Doublelift gel quicker than Doubelift and Yellowstar, TSM will have good things coming in the summer split. 

“I’m very excited that I will be joining TSM. Although I’m a rookie, I hope that with hard work and the support from both the community and my teammates I can become the support that TSM needs in order to compete at the highest level.
Thanks to everyone that supported me throughout the tryout phase. I hope I can make you guys proud,"
said Vincent. 

Team Solo Mid did say they are awaiting confirmation for Biofrost to play on stage this summer, though. Assuming all that works out, welcome your new support.