EU LCS Week 2: Fnatic 2-0 sweep Unicorns of Love
LoL Esports

Fnatic started off the LCS week with a solid bang as after week one they were in the standings at a 1-0-1 record. They continued that solid play into week 2 against Unicorns of Love, defeating them twice.

Game one featured a cazy pick and ban out of both teams. Fnatic rolled out a Gragas top combined with the Khaz'ix in the jungle, and Unicorns of Love put in a Yasuo in the mid lane. Fnatic played a clean game, using their strengths as a pick team and that was led by Gamsu's Gragas in the top lane. Gamsu finished 2-1-11, Rekkles finished 4-2-11 on Sivir, and Febiven had an impressive 5-1-6 finish on Vlad.

Game two was a very easy game for Fnatic, as they took advantage of a Karma/Jinx bot lane. UOL couldn't get Jinx going in the game and Rekkles' Caitlyn got way too strong for anyone on UOL. After taking Baron, Fnatic went down mid lane and pushed down the throats of UOL. Rekkles completely dominated with Sivir, going 8-1-9, contributing to 17 out of the team's 18 total kills. It was in dominant fashion all around, Unicorns of Love only mustered up 4 total kills.

Unicorns of Love featured a bizarre pick and ban phase in both these games. First they went with Yasuo which didn't pay off in game one, then tried with Jinx but didn't get her going and essentially started the game behind from the beginning.


Fnatic have continued to play well and now feature a 2-0-1 record in the split. It's still a very small sample size but they have look much, much better than in the spring split. They are a long ways away from how good they were last season, but the fact that they replaced a jungler and top and are doing well says something about them.