LCK Week 4: SK Telecom T1 complete perfect game against MVP

SK Telecom completed the perfect game in 22 minutes against MVP in week 4, day 1. SK Telecom didn't give up a kill or a tower en route to a completely dominant victory.

Pick and ban

In the new patch in 6.11, there were some interesting effects into pick and ban regarding SK Telecom. One thing that was interesting out of MVP was they banned out Faker's Azir, in which he's shown so much dominance and even with a nerf coming onto him, they didn't want to deal with him. Instead, they had to experience the wrath of the Karma mid from Faker. Yet another mid lane that Faker can bring out, as he finished 5-0-7.


SK Telecom used some early-game priority to hurt MVP. The combo of Karma and Elise was very difficult for MVP Ian to deal with and they did a solid job of stalling a Trinity Force from ADD's Irelia. Once Faker got his kill in mid, you could visibly see the game being finished from the get-go. All it took after burning Varus' summoners spells was an ult-W combo from Faker then a follow-up from Blank with Elise. It was an incredibly poor choice for the mid lane and would have been better off with many other mids, like that of Ahri, or someone with more mobility.

SK Telecom T1 did what they normally do and start off week 4 with another win. They lead the LCK in shortest match times and combined that with a brand new LCK team in MVP. MVP was down 4,000 gold in less than 10 minutes. The meta is turning into more of a Jax and Irelia top lane mix, and that's where MVP was trying to go, but picked way too many weak early-game champions, and just completely got snowballed by SKT.