NA LCS Week 3: Team Solo Mid take down Cloud 9
LoL Esports

Team Solo Mid has adopted many new concepts coming into the 2016 summer split. Doublelift has taken the role of shot-caller in the sense that he's making the decision on when to fight, as well as the team has been having him play hyper-aggressive ad carries in hopes he snowballs and can lead the primary damage role. When TSM struggles is when that damage role doesn't come out from him. 

When TSM struggles

We saw in game 2 against Cloud 9 when in fact they can struggle while Doublelift can't get going on Lucian. Doublelift finished 0-3 only dealing 8.9K total damage to champions, and TSM really got crushed because of it. Credit to Cloud 9 in this game 2, really using their team composition especially behind their botlane of Smoothie and Sneaky

Cloud 9 roster moves

Cloud 9 has been doing roster moves in their support role for the whole summer split thus far. They have been trading between Smoothie and Bunny FuFuu and it hasn't necessarily showed to be paying off. Behind the scenes we aren't sure what is going down, but it's a bit bizarre especailly after a series like this where Smoothie has an incredible match with Bard in game 2, then they bench him for Bunny. It seems as though it is giving them losses but if there is a payoff, Cloud 9 definitely is in it for the long haul. 

Nonetheless, Team Solo Mid have put themselves in a dominating spot in the standings, standing tall at 5-0 on the split. They've shown resilience in that althoug hthey are 5-0, they have lost matches, but have taken control of each of their series'. It will be interesting to see how this team does do when they are really challenged, as we haven't seen them challenged other than Immortals.